Daisuke, Mastah of Smooooth
Part Three


No pick-up lines this time. Okay, there is a line. But it's mine and... Eh. Just enjoy the fluff, hm?

"What makes you think there's anything odd going on?" Daisuke's voice was a horrible and mocking combination of too-casual and offended. Across the table, Miyako was regarding him with a look which spoke of her most likely knowing more than she should.

Ken resisted the urge to fidget, but it was close. Under the table, Daisuke's hand was on his knees. The touch had lingered too long to be friendly, but the auburn-haired boy seemed to determined to keep it there as a long as possible and to deny its location for an equal lenght of time.

Miyako snorted. "I refuse to buy that innocent act, Daisuke. You've been singing sappy love songs for the past week, ever since that day you were supposed to go Christmas shopping. Don't like and tell me you're this excited because you found the perfect present for your sister."

"I'll have you know, I happened to find the perfect thing!" Daisuke grinned, the curve of his lips moving from innocent to sly. "I got everything I want this year." His hand squeezed, leaving Ken with no doubt to what he was referring to. Ken flushed and looked away from the two of them, hoping Miyako was still focused on Daisuke and wouldn't see the rise in color of his cheeks.

"And what is pretty-boy blushing about?" No such luck, it seemed. Miyako scooted her chair over and leaned across the table for Ken, as if checking to make sure she was seeing correctly. That incidentally also let her see the angle of Daisuke's arm, and she leaned back, laughing. "I can't believe the two of you. In public?"

It took a moment for Ken to make sense of her words, and his face burned brighter as he scooted away from Daisuke. Daisuke looked at him, confused, but Ken shook his head, unable to express what Miyako had just implied. Fortunately, Daisuke did understand enough to know they'd just outed themselves to Miyako, and he took that in stride as he grabbed Ken's hand and set their hands on top of the table. Now they weren't only in plain sight of Miyako, but the rest of the restaurant, as well. Ken put his hand to his face and made a mental note never to take Daisuke in public again.

"So, how long have you guys been going out? Or, let me guess. A week, right?" Daisuke nodded in agreement. "That would explain why goggle-boy over here has been glowing for the past seven days."

"I can't help it. Ken makes me... glowy."

There was a moment's pause, and then Ken risked a glance up. That "glowy" comment wasn't something he would have expected from his boyfriend, not under any circumanstance. Daisuke's gaze met his, and he could see the teasing light, the one that accompanied bad pick-up lines and stolen flowers. Daisuke, "glowy?" Maybe. Ken had seen Daisuke every day for the past four days, and each day, Daisuke was excitable and eager and happy, but it was different than how he'd been before. Now, the bouncing and twitching and need to be doing "something" had turned into touching, and hugging, and kissing, and sitting in Ken's computer chair together and surfing the internet together when they weren't kissing.

"Ken?" Miyako was looking at him expectantly, head tilted to the side. "Are you going to rejoin the living world, or would you rather return to whatever fantasy it is that has you drooling on the table?"

He reached up to his mouth, instinctively checking for the moisture she'd said was there. When she laughed and Daisuke joined in, he realized he'd been had. Instead of being upset, though, he shook his head and tried to remind himself he was the calm one. The one in control of himself and his emotions. Then Daisuke kissed him and smiled as he withdrew, leaving Ken to stare at him blankly. "Drool all gone."

Ken smiled and shook his head. Daisuke leaned in to kiss him again, and across the table, Miyako said something rude.

"Wanna glow with me?" Daisuke asked against his lips. Somehow, Daisuke ended up straddling Ken's lap and nuzzling his boyfriend's neck. "I'm going to worship at the alter of Ken." Ken laughed, both from the comment and the fact that Daisuke was tickling his neck with his lips.

"What is with you guys?" Miyako asked. The insults were gone, and now she just sounded exasperated. Ken didn't blame her. He and Daisuke were making quite a scene in the restaurant. Nothing like a little public display of affection to get you thrown out, Ken thought somewhat blearily.

"Let's go get ice cream," Daisuke said suddenly, sliding off Ken's lap and sounding too normal and unaffected for having just kissed his boyfriend. Ken couldn't work up the energy to be upset, though, because Daisuke was drawing him to his feet. "You get vanilla, I get chocolate, and you and me can swirl, baby."