The Diamond Sutra  - A Ranma 1/2 Fanfic  By Ashoka Roque

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Chapter Four: Resolutions


Back at the Tendo Dojo, the elder daughter Kasumi was preparing dinner while her younger sister Nabiki set the table.  The television program Happy Super Newsnight Tokyo! played in the background.

 ... investors were pleased today when the Brandai toy company
announced that it has been acquired by the American firm, Plaxo.
It had been feared that the recent incidents of dangerously defective
Brandai toys across Japan might scare away potential corporate buyers.
 New CEO Larry Lilienthal said that the toymaker would operate "totally
 independently" from its American parent company, and announced a new
 line of anime-related toys and trading cards for the pre-Christmas buying season. 

"I certainly hope Ranma-kun and Ryouga-kun are enjoying themselves on their trip," said Kasumi, looking over her shoulder at her sister. "They do seem to be getting along better lately."


Ryouga leaned into Ranma, placed a hand on his shoulder, and kissed him lightly on the lips. Pulling back, he said in his husky voice, "Isn't it better this way, when I'm not unconscious on the floor?"

Ranma was quiet for a moment, his eyes looking off into the distance over Ryouga's shoulder, a blank expression on his face. This induced another near-panic in the Lost Boy. Damn - I knew it! I've gone too far. He didn't want this at all.

But then Ranma turned his head slightly to look Ryouga straight in the face.  The pig-tailed boy's blue eyes glistened as they locked on the brown eyes of the slightly larger boy, a dark flush spreading across his cheekbones.  "Hmmm, I don't know, Ryouga-kun. You might have to kiss me a few hundred more times before I can answer that question."

Ryouga pulled Ranma close to him. The cold air on his back made the warm body pressed against his chest seem even hotter.  He reached down with one hand and grabbed Ranma between the legs. He was already rock-hard.

"Hmmm - I think I've caught a koi," said Ryouga, a slightly feral smile crossing his face. 

At the first touch, Ranma gasped, and moved his hips slowly from side to side. Wow, Ranma-kun is so sensitive down there. thought Ryouga, with astonishment and not a little pride. Am I really turning him on that much?

It was true, Ranma was very sensitive. Ever since his curse, the daily changes to his sexual organs seemed to make them more responsive. Sometimes a small touch could send a violent shiver through his whole body.  And this was Ryouga holding him there! The feeling of Ryouga's hand, calloused on the fingertips yet so soft in the palm, gripping him ... it was maddeningly wonderful!

Ranma's reaction was heightening Ryouga's arousal, as well. Out of habit, Ryouga desperately wanted to maintain control of the situation.  But his body was beginning to take over.  This was nothing like the dullness of mind that affected P-chan.  His mind was unusually clear. But his body's demands were becoming overwhelming.  His rippled abdominal muscles tensed, and his hard, athletic legs felt shaky under the warm water. And between his legs - the heat and hardness was almost overwhelming.    

"Ry..Ry..Ryouga..." stuttered Ranma, "Let's go inside by the fire." Ryouga nodded.  Ranma turned his back, stood up and prepared to climb out of the tub.

Ryouga grabbed him around the waist. He rose slowly, running his chest and stomach along the back of Ranma's legs, over his firm rear and up his back. Keeping his hands on his partner's waist, he delivered intermittent kisses to Ranma's wet body as he moved - at the back of his thigh, on his right cheek, and his left cheek, in the middle of the small of his back, and up along his spine, ending with the bone at the base of Ranma's slender neck. When he was finally standing, Ryouga's head was just above Ranma's left shoulder, and his arms held the other boy tightly against him.  The hardness between Ryouga's legs was pushed downward, resting in the cleft in Ranma's backside. The curve of the muscles on Ryouga's strong forearms fit exactly into the curves of Ranma's abdomen.

Both boys stood in this position for a few moments, unwilling to move.  Eventually, the cold night air made them realize it was time to continue into the cabin.  


The next morning, Ranma awoke to the first rays of dawn shafting through the arched windows of the cabin's main room. His first impression was of the mild sake-induced headache gently throbbing between his temples, and the faint smell of charred wood from last-night's fire.  Then, he turned over to see a still sleeping Ryouga, laying next to him on the sheepskin rug on front of the fireplace, wrapped in the same brown blanket that covered Ranma.

A small smile crept across his lips. Ryouga was snoring loudly, mouth wide open, a thin line of drool running from the left corner.  He's so kawaii. I'd like to look at him all morning, just like this.  However...  Ranma gently extracted himself from the blanket's embrace. His nude body shivered slightly in the morning chill as he made his way to the washroom.

When he returned, the snoring had stopped. Ryouga was laying quietly on his back, with his eyes closed.  The blanket had fallen down to cross his body just under his hip bones, exposing his belly-button, abdomen and the top of his pubic area. Gonna sleep all morning, I bet, thought Ranma, until he noticed a slight twitch at the corner of Ryouga's mouth.

Ah so...he's awake already, but playing.  We'll see about that!

Ranma lay down on his side next to Ryouga, propping himself up with one elbow.  With his free hand he began to trace lazy circles across Ryouga's bare, muscular chest.

"Ah, Ryo-chan," sighed Ranma, softly. "You were so wonderful last night."  Ranma rejoiced to see another twitch at the corner of Ryouga's mouth.  The boy was obviously struggling to repress a grin in order to maintain his semblance of sleep.

"I guess it was pretty predictable, though.  I mean, it's an occupational hazard for a great martial artist like me  - to fall in love with his sidekick."

"SIDEKICK!" screamed Ryouga, eye's popping wide open, sitting straight up, all pretense of sleep vanishing. "Sidekick! Saotome Ranma, if you believe for one minute that I'll allow you to talk to me like that, just because I poured out my heart to you last night - and, I might add, you wasted not a minute before you took advantage of me in my vulnerable condition - arrgh!  If anyone here is the sidekick..."

Ranma laughed joyously.  He now had what he had wanted for so long, and there was no way he was going to lose it.  Silencing Ryouga's continued protests with a sudden kiss, Ranma knew that no matter how difficult the road ahead might be, he and Ryouga would be traveling it together, and that made everything just fine.



Outside the Lhasa Apso monastery lay a small glacial lake surrounded by outcrops of hard granite. Ti Xiu and Fu Ton stood beside it, making last-minute preparations for the senior monk's departure.

"It has been so long since I have done this," said Ti Xiu, as he walked across one of the granite shelves that overhung the lake. "But time is of the essence, neh?"

"Please take care, Ti-sensei," said Fu Ton. "Come back as soon as you can. You are needed here."

"I have every confidence, Brother Fu," said Ti Xiu, as he stepped off the rocky outcropping and plunged into the frigid water below.

The surface of the lake was disturbed for a few moments, then a great black eagle flew out of the water, trailing icy drops behind it like diamonds in the sun.

"Buddha go with you," said Fu Ton, shielding his eyes with his hand as he watched the bird ascend into the sky.


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