Infinite Shades of Grey


Disclaimer: Do I really need to say it?

Summary: Post-Voldemort; Harry disappears from the wizarding world
and starts a new life known only to a chosen few. (HPDM)

Notes: Constructive criticism welcome. Flames will be
shredded and used for kitty litter. If you don't
like slash/yaoi, you shouldn't be here.

Chapter length varies depending on how I thought it should
be broken up. The viewpoint changes frequently, but it
shouldn't be too difficult to follow.


~*~ Prologue ~*~

Bloodied, exhausted, but finally free, the wizarding world celebrated with unbridled intensity. As before, they were not quite as careful as they should have been, but as before, no one was truly called to task for it. As before, things eventually settled down as people began to once again dream of a peaceful world, where they could live, and love, without the oppressive fear they'd been living under for so long.

Most people never knew what happened to the Boy Who Lived. Only the closest of his friends, those who had earned his undying trust, were ever told where he'd gone. Most people just assumed he died in the titanic battle against Lord Voldemort, succumbing to the wounds he'd received in defeating the Dark Lord. But that was exactly the way he wanted it, and no one who cared for him for saw fit to disagree with his choices.