Dream Shock

My head didn't hurt, which was curious indeed. I rolled over and realized I was alone, then remembered waking up earlier and what had happened. He must have done something, I assumed. Sitting up was easy enough and allowed me to see a piece of parchment on the bedside table. Hmm. Well, I certainly wasn't going to tell him to stay away, so I stood and discarded what little remained of my clothing and headed to the bathroom.

Refreshed a little later, I'd kicked around the apartment listlessly, wondering what on earth had possessed me earlier to act the way I had. A long soak in the pool was soothing, but it also had the effect of replaying the early hours of morning in my head in a loop.

What in Merlin's name had possessed me to come on to Draco like that? Well, it didn't matter, I hoped. Maybe he'd do the gentlemanly thing and let it slide. Honestly, where had my self-control gotten to? I groaned and lifted myself from the pool and wrapped a towel around my waist, then carefully maneuvered down the stairs to the flat just in time to see Draco apparate in.

Draco took one look at me and blinked.

I smiled sheepishly and said, "Er, hello. I didn't expect you to pop in just yet. I was upstairs and must have lost track of the time."

He flicked his eyes over me quickly. "Upstairs?"

"Yes, the garden. You've never been up there before." I rolled my head around to snap some of the tendons and release the pressure. "I came down here to grab some snacks. Did you want to come up, or would you prefer to stay down here or go elsewhere?"

"Up is fine. I'll just go grab some towels while you get food."

He padded off down the hall so I moved into the kitchen to rummage up finger foods and a variety of beverages. When I walked back to the living area Draco was waiting, so I adjusted the wards the staircase so he could see it and led him up.

I was surprised to realize, after I'd put everything I was carrying in places which would be easy to reach from the pool, that Draco was still standing near the door with an utterly blank look on his face. In point of fact, he looked rather like he'd seen a ghost, to use a muggle turn of phrase.

"Draco?" I asked softly. "Is something wrong?"

When he didn't respond I moved closer and grabbed his wrist gently, pulling him to a bench near the pool and guiding him into a seated position.

"Draco?" I asked again. "Come on," I cajoled, "please talk to me. What's wrong?"

He finally looked at me and his eyes narrowed. I confess I didn't know what to think at that point.


"I've been here before," he said accusingly.

"I'm sorry? I only just changed the wards when you said you'd come up. There's no way you could have been in my garden before. You wouldn't have even noticed the staircase existed," I protested.

"Then how the hell do I know this place? I've dreamed about it, Grey."

My brow arched reflexively in surprise. "I don't—but. . . ."

"We came up here and y—never mind."


His eyes glittered dangerously at me and a smirk twisted his mouth. "I'll show you." Then he stood and walked back to the door, then opened it. "I'll show you exactly what happened in that dream." He crooked his finger at me. "Now come here," he commanded.

He was incredibly sexy when he was like this. I felt like pouncing on him. Instead I stood up and walked over to him and waited.

"You, Grey, will be me, and I will be you. Turn around and face the garden. Pretend you're seeing this place for the first time."

After I turned around, he took action. I heard the door close a split second before I was slammed into the wall and felt his mouth on my neck, felt stinging bites and wet flicks of his tongue. I was barely processing what he was doing when he kicked my legs apart and pressed one of his thighs between mine, then shoved his hand into the hair at the nape of my neck.

I know my eyes fluttered shut and I moaned. I was aware enough to comprehend that much, but I felt like I was falling, spinning, and I sagged against the wall under his onslaught. It was only a minute, or maybe forever, when I felt myself being led away from the wall. I didn't care, I was willing to be led anywhere by him at that moment.

I was pushed down into the pool, onto the seating within, and straddled a heartbeat later. His lips and teeth were back on my neck teasing and taunting me, driving me insane at the feel of his body shifting against mine. He lifted his head and whispered huskily in my ear, "I thought forever would never come."

And then it was over and Draco was sitting across from me in the warmth of the pool, his face perfectly composed. I gaped at him as I tried to stem the tremors running through me. How could he be so calm? As I watched a smirk start to form on his lips it hit me. I knew what to do.

"So that was the dream you had? I thought you liked to finish what you started, Draco," I said challengingly.

That was all it took, and I barely had time enough to smirk myself before he straddled me again and I felt like this dream forever had indeed come.

— Fin —