Warrior Mage - Chapter 1

Starting Over

Ok, here's the deal, none of this belongs to me - you all know this by now, no? If you didn't, I don't. Well, nothing except the plot.

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Harry sat on the swings in the park, his mind carefully blank. He didn't want to think, to remember. His godfather was dead and, despite what Dumbledore said, it was at least partly Harry's fault.

Harry's head snapped up as someone approached him. In the dark, he couldn't make out who it was, so his hand instinctively went to his wand. He waited tensely as the figure approached. "Hello? Oh, I thought the park might be empty by now." Came a soft, female voice.

"Hmm." Harry replied in a non-committal way.

"What are you doing here?"

"Thinking. What about you?" Harry asked, taking in the sight of a young girl about his age as she stepped into the light. One of the first things he noticed was the wand that protruded slightly from her sleeve. She sat down on the swing next to him, watching him closely.

"Same, I guess. I just moved here yesterday. I don't know anyone yet."

"Oh. Where did you live before?"


"Cool. Why did you move here?"

"Uh...my parents got jobs over here. Pretty important jobs." Harry nodded, guessing that those jobs would have something to do with the situation with Voldemort.

"What about you? Where do you live?" The girl asked.

"Privet Drive. With my Aunt and Uncle. Oh - here comes my cousin now. I wonder which poor kid he's beating up today." There was a small gasp from the girl as Dudley and his gang rounded the corner, laughing gleefully.

"His face! Aww, D, that was the best yet!"

"Yeah. When are we going to get a shot at that freak cousin of yours? It's been a while since we seen him. Is he dead yet?"

"Unfortunately not, though it isn't for the want of trying. We'll sort him out soon, guys. Then he'll wish he was dead." Harry smirked as the gang moved away - it would take more than a group of Muggles with over-inflated egos to sort him out.

"Were they talking about you?"

"Yeah. Charming blokes, I don't think." Harry said wryly.

"Aren't you worried that they want to pound you into sausage meat?"

"No. I'm not worried. They're welcome to try, but I've faced worse and lived through it." Harry shrugged. "I'd better go."

"Wait! What's your name?"


"Harry what?"

"Harry Potter - and you might want to find a better place to hide that wand." With that, Harry sprinted away after his cousin, leaving one very stunned witch behind him.


That night, Harry slept fitfully, going from one nightmare scenario to another. He tossed and turned for a few hours before finally giving up and getting up. The rest of the house was sleeping, and the only noise was the occasional rumbling snore from either Vernon or Dudley. He sat on the doorstep and watched the sunrise, wondering who was 'babysitting' him at that moment. He could feel their presence by the rose bush. Whoever it was never took their eyes from him, and it grew rapidly irritating.

"You know, it would be a lot less irritating if I wasn't babysat by an invisible person." He murmured, glancing towards the place where he knew the person was standing. There was no answer, though the person moved to the other side of the garden. Harry followed their progress.

"Well that was a bit pointless, wasn't it?" They moved quicker this time. Harry rolled his eyes and fixed the person with a piercing stare. A small 'pop' resounded in the silence before another, smaller, 'pop'. Harry closed his eyes and located the person underneath the window.

"Aww, apparating is cheating. And mind your head when you stand up." The person paused for a moment before making their way towards Harry.

"That was pretty impressive." Came a familiar voice.

"Hey Tonks. How are you?"

"So-so, I guess. I really shouldn't be talking to you, you know."

"You keep my secret and I'll keep yours." Harry grinned. "It's handy knowing where your minders are - or are not."

"Ok, I won't tell anyone unless they ask me directly - you know I can't lie to the Order."

"Deal. So what's going on with the magical family that have just moved from Australia? One of us, or one of them?"

"One of us, don't worry about that. I hear you met the daughter last night - she's the same age as you. Her name's Daniella Houston."

"Tonks, you wouldn't be trying to match-make, would you?"

"Moi? Wherever did you get that idea?"

"Hmm, well the great big grin that I can't see but know is there is a bit of a giveaway - as is the fact that you are far too eager to give me information about them." Harry replied.

"Damn, the boy's smart." Tonks laughed. "Oh, I gotta go. My shift's over. I'll see you tomorrow at some point."

"Ok. Thanks Tonks."


Tonks apparated back to Grimmauld Place, slightly worried about Harry. He shouldn't have been awake that early, and he shouldn't have had that world- weary and wise look in his eyes. There had been something...different about Harry that morning, she thought, as he sat on the doorstep and watched the sunrise. Something in his demeanour had definitely changed.


Harry walked back into the house moments before Tonks' replacement arrived. He walked through to the kitchen and began making breakfast for the Dursleys, making sure that he got some too. They came down just as Harry had finished plating the food. No even Vernon found something to complain about. Then again, Vernon didn't know that Harry had already eaten a sausage and bacon sandwich.


The rest of Harry's day was spent in the Dursleys' back garden, tending to the flowerbeds and the lawn. He lugged huge sacks of soil from the front garden to the back the long way until his muscles ached. When he finished, he sat down on the perfectly kept grass and looked around him, analysing his surroundings. Almost immediately, he found at least four places to hide and five escape routes.


Later that night, Harry sat bolt upright in bed, his heart hammering wildly against his chest as he realised what he'd been doing all through the day was definitely NOT normal. There was a small pop as someone apparated into his room. Without a second thought, Harry pulled his wand and pointed it directly at the invisible intruder. A rather shaky Remus Lupin appeared moments later.

"What happened in my third year under the whomping willow?" Harry demanded, not moving his wand.

"Sirius dragged Ron and Peter into the shrieking shack. You and Hermione followed. You were holding Sirius at wand point when I arrived, much like you are doing to me now." Remus replied, impressed that Harry had had the presence of mind to check his identity. Harry's wand lowered and his muscles relaxed.

"Sorry Remus. What are you doing here?"

"Tonks was worried about you. She asked me to come and check that you're ok. Apparently you didn't get much sleep last night?"

"No. But I'm fine. As long as you don't count the whole 'I-can-tell- exactly-where-you-are-even -if-you-are-invisible' thing."

"Yes, I noticed that. Tonks never mentioned that though. I assume she does know?"

"Yeah, of course she does. I asked her not to mention it to anyone though. That's not all either. I suddenly have the ability to analyse a room, and tell exactly where all the escape routes and hiding places are."

"Are you sure? Where are the hiding places in here?"

"There's a small cavity behind the wardrobe." Harry said with a frown. "Well hidden, but definitely there. There are three ways to escape - the window, the door and the wall cavity. Odd."

"How did you realise this?"

"I was out in the garden, and I just started analysing without thinking about it." Harry shrugged. "I didn't realise what I had been doing until about ten minutes ago."

"Ah. Instinct." Remus mumbled. "Harry, thanks for telling me all of this. I think I should go and see the headmaster."

"What? Wait! Why?"

"I think you may be a Warrior, Harry. If you are, I need to tell Dumbledore. I'll come and speak to you tomorrow, ok?"

"Sure. Just one question - do you have a book on Warriors by any chance, because I have no idea what you're talking about? The only warriors I've heard of are Muggle fighters, and I guess that's not what you meant."

"No, that's not what I mean. Yes I do have a book - I'll get it to you at some point tomorrow, if I can."

"Thanks Remus. And goodnight."

"Goodnight." Remus said fondly as he disapparated.


The next morning, when Harry awoke, the book was lying beside his bed. Warriors: Myths and Legends, it was entitled. Cautiously, Harry opened the book. It looked very old and quite fragile. It looked really quite boring, but Harry knew that looks could be deceiving. After all, one look at him wouldn't show that he was the world's hope to stop Voldemort.

"What a laugh." He muttered angrily as he recalled the prophecy. He was inclined to believe it, but that didn't mean he couldn't laugh at fate's cruelty. He scanned the first few pages of the book, drinking in the information.

"POTTER!" His Aunt screamed from the foot of the stairs, making Harry jump and curse silently. As per usual, Petunia Dursley seemed to have the worst timing possible. He silently padded across the room, shifting the wardrobe forward slightly and inspecting the hiding place behind it. He was glad to see that it was large enough for him to fit into easily. He slipped the book inside before climbing out, pushing the wardrobe back against the entrance and rushing down before his Aunt decided to scream again.

"Hurry up and cook the breakfast - my Diddy-dums is a growing boy and he needs his food - NOW boy!"

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry replied in a monotone that he had perfected over the weeks since Sirius' death. Letting the Dursleys know that he was grieving was a very bad idea. She huffed and bustled off into the living room, leaving Harry to pull out a packet of eggs and a loaf of bread. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, he decided, that way it was all the easier for him to sneak some. He cracked all six of the eggs into the pan, adding a splash of milk, a little butter and some pepper in before turning on the heat. He hummed quietly to himself as he cooked breakfast - this was one of his favourite chores, just as long as no one was hanging over his shoulder and pestering him. Soon the eggs were ready, and he popped several slices of bread into the toaster.


Dudley came into the kitchen that morning to find a plate full of scrambled eggs and buttered toast on his plate. Potter was standing at the sink, washing up the dishes and staring at the ceiling. Dudley, grinning madly, snuck up behind him. "I wouldn't do that, if I were you." Harry said quietly, making Dudley jump with surprise.

"Wouldn't do what?" Dudley asked with a slight sneer. He was wary of Harry now that he had seen him use magic.

"Whatever it was that you were going to do after creeping up behind me."

"How did you know?" Dudley asked dimly.

"Windows reflect." Harry said sarcastically.

"But you weren't looking at the window." Dudley said, now thoroughly confused.

"Dudley, stop thinking before you give yourself a migraine." Harry said, quickly finishing the dishes and excusing himself. Dudley stared after him, his brow furrowed. Harry reached the front door before Dudley realised what he had said.

"Hey! Get back here you little runt! You'll pay for that one!" He yelled. But Harry ignored him and closed the door, knowing that Dudley's tiny brain would soon be distracted by the food on the table.


Outside, Harry knew that his guard was sitting by the gate, watching him carefully. Harry sighed and walked out to the park, feeling the other person following him. When he got there, he found that he wasn't the only one to have thought to come to the park.

"Hi again." Daniella said, watching him curiously.

"Hey. You're here early."

"So are you."

"Not as early as usual." Harry muttered. "So what are you up to today, Daniella?"

"How did you know my name?" Daniella asked suspiciously.

"I have my sources." Harry grinned, casting a look at the minder, who was leaning on the fence, looking about warily.

"You're weird, you know that?"

"Gee thanks." Harry said, "Is weird better or worse that insane?"

"Definitely better." Daniella grinned. "Now, how about a proper introduction?"

"Fine. Very nice to meet you, my name's Harry Potter."

"Likewise, my name's Daniella Houston."

"So are you going to Hogwarts after the summer?"

"Of course. I'll be sorted with the first years - you're in Gryffindor, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Just watch out for Snape - though if you're a Slytherin, he won't be totally evil to you."

"You don't like him then?"

"Now there's an understatement. Anyway, you never answered my question."

"Which question would that be?"

"The one where I asked what you were doing today."

"Staying out of my mum and dad's way. My older sister is doing the same, I guess. Her name's Rhiannon. She'll be going into seventh year."

"Right. Well have fun then." Harry grinned, walking away. Daniella stared after him for a minute before running after him.

"Hey, you don't get away that easy." She said, putting a hand on his shoulder. He tensed quickly, spinning around and out of her grip, his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Oh! Harry, I'm sorry, I never thought." Daniella said, immediately regretting startling him.

"S'ok. Just...a little paranoid, y'know."

"I'll bet." Daniella said. She had heard stories about what Harry had been through whilst her parents were in a meeting with the Order. Nothing ever seemed to go smoothly for him. Reading the look in her eyes, he scowled slightly.

"I don't need your pity." He said quietly.

"Hey wait!" Daniella called, catching up again. "No, wait. I don't pity you - I mean, I do, but...I don't...I..." She looked up to see Harry's mouth quirking up at the sides.

"Ok, just...don't look at me as if I'm about to drop dead, ok?" He asked, grinning now. Daniella pursed her lips in a very McGonagall-like gesture.

"Why do I have a feeling that you are going to be one of those incredibly annoying people?" She asked. Harry was laughing now, giving her a smile that would melt stone. She reluctantly grinned back.

"Ok, I really have to get back now. Lots of chores to do."

"D'you want to borrow our house-elf? I mean, he's been blabbering on about you since we got here."

"Your house-elf wouldn't happen to be called Dobby, would it?" He said shrewdly.

"That's the one. I'll send him over, shall I?"

"Yeah, go on then." Harry grinned.


Harry was in his room when Dobby appeared with a crack.

"Harry Potter Sir!" He squealed, hugging Harry around the legs. Harry smiled and patted his head.

"Nice to see you Dobby. How have you been?"

"Dobby has been doing a favour for the headmaster. He is to be helping the Houston's move in."

"You wouldn't have anything to do with guarding me and keeping me safe Dobby, would you?" Harry grinned mischievously as Dobby's lips trembled.

"Good boy, Dobby. I appreciate it." He said, handing the elf a piece of chocolate from his stores.

"Harry Potter is welcome, Sir. Dobby was being told that Harry Potter needed help with his chores?"

"Well...if you wouldn't mind..."

"Oh Dobby would be honoured, Harry Potter!" Harry grinned and leant forward to whisper to the elf:

"Just don't tell Hermione!"

"Dobby swears he will not tell Harry Potter's Granger!"

"She's not 'my Granger' Dobby. Call her Hermione."

"Ok." Dobby squeaked, almost bouncing up and down with anticipation.

"Can you do chores without magic? Cos the last time you used magic, I ended up getting into loads of trouble."

"Dobby can do things the Muggle way." The house-elf said, nodding fervently. Harry grinned and pulled out the long list of chores that he had been given.

"Right, well, if you paint the fence, I'll tidy the front garden. I'll do the dinner if you do the dishes and we'll split the others as we come to them, ok?"

"Yes Harry Potter. Dobby could do everything, if Harry Potter wished."

"No, Dobby. That wouldn't be fair. Besides, it's better in this place to keep busy."

"Dobby is sorry about Harry Potter's godfather." Dobby said very quietly.

"Yeah me too, Dobby. Me too." Harry sighed, heading to the door. Dobby followed him, his ears drooping a little.


Daniella watched with a frown as Harry worked in the garden with Dobby - he was smiling a little and chatting, but he looked as if his heart wasn't really in it. Dobby didn't seem to notice though, and worked quickly, beaming up at Harry, who grinned back, a tiny bit strained. Although she had only met him two days ago, Daniella felt at ease with Harry Potter - it was obvious that he wasn't the stuck up hero he was made out to be by the papers, but a fifteen year-old boy with a lot on his plate. Harry's eyebrows contracted a little at that moment, and his head snapped up with a jolt, his eyes scanning around.

"Daniella, is that you?" He asked slowly. "You might as well take the cloak off."

"How did you know?" Daniella asked, stunned that he had known she was there.

"I could sense you - hush, my minder's back."

"Minder?" Daniella whispered.

"Long story. By the bushes - oh, it's Tonks."

"Tonks is here?"

"Yeah. Hey Tonks, you worry too much." He said. His eyes moved as he watched the presence he could feel move towards him.

"Well if you'd not give me cause to worry." She returned, shocking Daniella. "Hello Daniella."

"Hi Tonks. Hey - wait, you were his contact!"

"Excuse me?" Tonks asked, obviously confused. Harry chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah, Tonks told me your name."

"Oh that - yep. Good job I did too - looks like you've got a lot to do, Wonder Boy." Harry gave a low growl and scowled in the general direction of the invisible Tonks, getting her location exactly right.

"If you call me that once more, Tonks darling, I swear that you will regret it." Harry said in a deceptively sweet voice.

"Oh? Why would that be, Wonder Boy?"

"Ok, you asked for it." Harry said, pushing her so that she fell into a pile of freshly watered soil.

"Eugh, Harry!" Tonks complained, now a floating mud stain.

"Oh just go in and wash it off - I'm sure the Dursleys wouldn't mind." It was Tonks' turn to make an angry noise as she thought of Harry's horrid relatives.

"Still as clean and clinical as always?"

"Clinical is one way to put it - not the way I'd choose, but it's still the same as it was last year. Stuck in a time warp, I swear."

"Well, I'll just go in and announce my arrival - that whale been giving you any hassle recently?"

"Which one?"


"Uncle Vernon wishes, but he hasn't managed to pluck up the courage yet. Dudley's just a bag of blubber."

"Kingsley told me about this morning's little episode - the migraine comment. Said he was nearly rolling around the lawn."

"We aim to entertain." Harry said, smiling slightly. "It was perfectly true. Dobby, are you done?"

"Yes Sir, Harry Potter." Dobby said.


Harry, feeling inordinately tired, decided that he would skip the dinner that he had made for the Dursleys. He knew that they would never allow him some anyway. So he crept behind the cupboard, slipping into the hiding place and felt his stomach leap into his throat as he slid down a slide into a large, dimly lit stone room.


As he gulped and looked around, the lights around him flared brighter, throwing light around the room, which was completely empty of people, though it seemed full of swords, daggers and other assorted weaponry, not to mention the books that lined two of the huge walls. Harry stared around in awe, examining everything before him, analysing it. Anyone else, who had not been able to analyse it, would have been stuck there, he realised with a jolt of horror - the only way out was incredibly well hidden behind several swords which had to be removed in a certain order before being replaced in a completely different way in order to create the passage back to the room in Privet Drive. After an hour of wandering around, Harry noticed that his watch had stopped working, and made his way back to his room in Privet Drive, hoping that he hadn't been gone too long and that Remus hadn't arrived to find him missing.


However, when he climbed out of the hiding place, Harry looked at his watch to find it working again - apparently he had only been gone for about ten seconds.

"Wicked." He murmured with a grin. This would make his summer a lot more satisfactory.


Harry waited impatiently for Remus to arrive so that he could share his discovery with someone. When he eventually did arrive, Harry jumped up eagerly to greet him.

"Hey Moony, you have to see what I found." He said ecstatically.

"Whoa, wait. What are you talking about?"

"I'll show you - come on."

"Harry, where are we going?"

"You'll see."

"Harry, I'm too old for guessing games." He said tiredly. Harry turned to look at him, worried at the weary tone.

"Come on, I promise you'll like it."

"Fine. But it better not be far away."

"It's not." Harry said, pulling back the cupboard. He slid into the small space and looked back at Remus. "Right, don't worry about sliding down - the room looks perfectly safe, and if it isn't, there are plenty weapons for self-defence." Harry grinned, sliding from view.

"Harry!" Remus stared into the place where Harry had been seconds earlier, and gulped. "Fine, I'm coming." He muttered, following suit and sliding into the room.


Harry caught Remus at the bottom of the shoot, watching in delight as the man's jaw dropped considerably.

"Harry, what is this place - where are we?"

"No idea - but wherever it is, time doesn't exist here - I came earlier for an hour, but only ten seconds passed in reality - and that's accounted for by the time it takes to get in and out of the space behind the cupboard."

"Incredible. Where's the exit?"

"You want to leave already?" Harry asked, looking somewhat disappointed.

"No, I just like to know that we can get out."

"Of course we can - haven't you been listening? I've been here before. The way out is just...extremely well hidden."

"That's comforting."

"Yeah, well, if you came alone, then you'd never be able to get out. The exits change, apparently, and to find it, you need to analyse the room." Harry said. He sat down in one of the large armchairs and picked up the book that had been lying next to it. It seemed to be an instruction manual about the room. "Hey Remus!" He grinned.

"What?" Remus asked, looking up from the bookshelf he had been inspecting.

"I can use magic here - and this place is safer than Hogwarts. No one can get in unless accompanied by me."

"You know, this could be a very useful thing to have. All of these books are incredible - some of them are incredibly rare. Hermione would have a field day in here."

"Yeah, I know. Hey, there's a kitchen! Excellent. Some dinner Remus? As I haven't had any yet."

"What's on the menu? - And I swear if you are as bad a cook as your father, I'll skip thanks."

"Nah, I'm an ok cook - didn't you know I cook almost everything in this house? Unless someone's coming around, and then they're worried that I'll poison them. I would have thought I'd be more likely to poison the Dursleys than any of their guests, but anyway..."

"Fine, I trust you." Remus grinned. Harry moved towards a fridge, his eyes growing wide.

"Er...about the menu - take your pick. It seems that we have every food known to man. How about steak?"

"Now there's an idea."

"How do you want it? Rare?" Harry smirked.

"Oh very funny. Actually, I prefer my meat cremated."

"Fine. Two steaks, well done. Now, something to go with it..." Moments later, Harry was whirring around the kitchen, cooking dinner for both of them. Remus watched in shock as he managed to keep several things going at once, completely at ease in the kitchen. James would have burnt everything in several seconds - including himself. Harry plated their dinner up with a grin and passed Remus a plate. They ate in silence for a few moments before starting to talk excitedly about the possibilities - older or not, Remus was still a marauder, and still recognised the chance for sheer chaos.


"You have to drop in at least once a week - we have a lot to catch up on. When was the last time the Marauders played a prank?"

"Oh, about sixteen years ago." Remus said sadly. Harry's eyebrows shot up into his hair, and he looked shocked.

"Sixteen years? You haven't played a prank in my lifetime? Ok, so we need one hell of a welcome back prank."

"We do indeed. What were you thinking, Prongs Jnr?"

"I'm not sure. I'll get back to you."


Remus and Harry stayed in the room for a long time, chatting about everything from pranks to Warriors, and most things in between. Both Remus and Harry were certain that Harry was a Warrior now, though they weren't sure what that would mean for him. Soon, Remus decided that they should probably get back to Privet drive, even if no time had passed. Harry agreed, somewhat reluctantly, and they made their way back to Muggledom. Remus decided not to point out that Harry was seemingly capable of seeing in pitch-black conditions, such as the ones around the exit.


That night Harry wrote to Ron and Hermione, telling them that he was ok and that his summer seemed to be looking up for once. He knew that this would drive them crazy, just as their lack of information the previous summer had driven him mad. After sending both letters with Hedwig, he went back into the room behind the cupboard, slipping in just as Uncle Vernon loomed in the doorway.


As soon as Harry entered the room, he knew that something was different - someone was there, but he couldn't see them. Panic began to bubble from his stomach, but he pushed it down forcefully. There was no time for fear, just time for action. He drew his wand and silently cast a heat-seeking spell. Apparently the person was at the exact same temperature as the surroundings, as no heat spots showed up. He stopped the charm and looked around carefully. He could sense the same presence in three different places. One was sitting on a chair, while another stood by the exit, and the final one stood by a pair of wall-mounted samurai swords. To most people, Harry assumed, would believe the chair to be the least likely place for someone to be when hiding, out of the three options, but to Harry it made sense that someone would be there - after all, with two decoys in more likely places, there would be little chance of anyone thinking to look there. The exit was simply too obvious, and the person certainly would not just be standing beside it, as still as stone, when they could get away. The swords on the wall were a slightly less obvious place to be standing, but still, to Harry's mind, unlikely. The person had been standing there since he arrived, and hadn't moved at all. Harry moved quietly to the lounge area, recognising that the presence didn't seem at all hostile. Still, he was wary, and with good cause - after all, Voldemort did want him dead very badly. His eyes were glued to the invisible presence, wondering who it could be.


"Very good, child." Came a light, warm voice. Harry bristled at the fact that the invisible woman had called him a child, but overlooked it in favour of asking who she was.

"I am your trainer, of course."

"My trainer for what, exactly?"

"Are you a warrior or not?"

"How d'you know that?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Ah, you aren't like most of them. I'm impressed, child. There are others, older than you, that haven't considered the fact that I may not be friendly - because I am a woman, I'm not seen as a threat." Harry thought about this for a moment, and shook his head.

"Women are capable of anything that a man can do." He said, shuddering as he remembered Bellatrix - no, she wasn't a woman, she was a Deatheater.

"Too true. Well - almost everything."


"So, how did you come to be so streetwise?"

"Are you kidding me?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Kidding you? What are you talking about? Why would I kid on?"

"Do you live on Earth at all?"

"Of course I do - most of the time anyway." The woman said.

"You don't know anything about me at all?"

"I know some stuff - like you're a warrior, and you're friends with a werewolf. Anything that you two talked about earlier, I heard. Apart from that, I know nothing about you."

"Wow." Harry grinned.

"I know when you're lying, you know."

"I won't lie." Harry said - he would simply omit some of the more annoying details of his life. "Well, I'm fifteen. I'm an orphan and live with my mother's sister, her husband and her son. They're Muggles."

"How did your parents die?"

"Long story. Anyway, I guess I'm streetwise because I get into a lot of 'adventures' at Hogwarts."

"What's your name? The werewolf called you Prongs Junior?"

"Prongs was my dad's nickname. My name's Harry. And the werewolf has a name - it's Remus."

"Harry what?"

"Harry Potter." Harry said, not seeing the point in lying. The woman materialised in front of him, without any recognition flashing in her eyes. Harry cheered inwardly - finally someone who would see beyond the legacy.

"Well, Harry, we have a lot to do." She said, tucking two strands of brown hair behind her ears and grinning impishly. Harry couldn't help but smile back, having a feeling that his summer would be very interesting indeed.


Hours and hours later, Harry lay down on a couch, completely exhausted. Leona, the woman, had spent the last few hours teaching him everything about the room, showing him how to get the best out of it. She confirmed that time wasn't an issue there, and told him that if he wanted anything, he'd only have to look for it. She told him that she would come three times a week at six o'clock in the morning, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She also told him that she expected him to train himself on the other days. Harry nodded, deciding that between a choice of being trained to the point of exhaustion in the hidden room was much better than spending all day doing exhausting chores for the Dursleys. He smiled as he drifted to sleep, deciding that Malfoy would be in for a shock at the start of term.


Leona watched as Harry slept, the content smile fading from his face as his body began to twist. Beneath his eyelids, his eyes darted to and fro in a panic. His pulse was racing and he was sweating.

"No!" He cried, "Sirius! Come back! No! I'm sorry." His body stilled for a moment before going rigid again. "You!" He hissed, hatred plain in his voice. "You complete cow! He was your cousin! Oh, I forgot, the Dark Lord comes above everything else!" He woke up with a start, tears running down his face. Leona sat next to him, putting her arm around him.

"Are you all right?"

"Fine." Harry said shakily. He was lying - he had just seen Sirius die all again - only this time, his face twisted to Harry, watching him accusingly. Then Bellatrix had come to congratulate him. Harry gulped, shaking in horror and guilt.

"No you're not. Here, take a drink." Harry took a sip of the offered water, and closed his eyes. He hated himself then - he had taken away Moony's best friend, he had all but destroyed the Marauders. He shied away from Leona's comforting embrace, wanting to get away from everyone.

"Harry, what's wrong? Who is Sirius?" Harry froze in place, wanting to ignore her question. But he couldn't. That would be like saying he was ashamed of Sirius.

"He was my godfather." Harry said, putting the emphasis on 'was'.

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Why? It's not your fault." 'Just mine' he added silently. Tears were still falling, but he didn't notice. He didn't care anymore. Leona was frowning at him, pulling a wand from somewhere.

"Legilimens." She muttered. Harry whirled around, his eyes alight with anger and pain.

"No." He growled, putting up barriers around his mind, remembering the previous year. Used...by Voldemort...Sirius had died because of Harry's stupidity...no, that wouldn't happen again. Leona was massaging her temple, watching him in confusion. She had no idea that he would know what Legilimens was, let alone know how to block it. She was concerned as Harry sat in the corner furthest from her, curling himself as small as he could. Leona was getting more and more worried at her charge's odd behaviour. Then she had an idea - the werewolf may be able to help. She cast one last worried glance at Harry before disappearing in search of the werewolf.


Leona found his presence easily enough, it was just the small fact that she couldn't find any way of getting to him. Time had been paused as Harry was still in the room, and she couldn't find any way in to the building. Eventually she found a weak point of the structure and forced her way in. After that, finding Remus was easy. She clicked her fingers to release him from the time freeze.

"What's going on?" He asked, looking from Leona to the frozen Tonks, whom he had been talking to.

"You are Remus, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's me. Why do you want to know?"

"Harry's in a state. I can't get any sense out of him - I thought you might be able to." Leona watched as the man's eyes narrowed.

"How do I know that you're not one of Voldemort's followers?"

"Who? Oh, never mind. I'm Harry's warrior trainer. Look, Harry just had a nightmare about someone called Sirius and now he's freaking out. I tried to use Legilimens on him..." She trailed off as a strong hand gripped her wrist. The man's eyes were wide with horror and anger.

"You used Legilimens on Harry? Are you mad? Don't you know anything? No wonder he flipped out!"

"Why? What is going on?" Leona was dimly aware that she probably shouldn't be as attached to Harry as she was, but at that point, it didn't seem very important.

"Voldemort used Legilimens to get into his mind last year!"

"Who is Voldemort?"

"Oh never mind, just take me there."

"Thank you." Leona breathed, making them both disappear.


When Remus saw Harry huddled in the corner, his heart broke. He glared at Leona before hurrying over and wrapping an arm around the boy's shoulders. Harry tensed immediately, drawing back from Remus, but the werewolf wouldn't allow it. Harry needed to know that people cared for him, and wouldn't be pushed away. Harry stopped trying to pull away, but remained tense.

"What happened, Harry?" Remus asked quietly. Harry didn't answer, just stared at his hands through blurry eyes. Under his gaze, a small cut appeared in his palm, growing larger and larger. His hands were covered in blood.

"Great Merlin." Remus muttered quietly, pulling Harry's hands towards him.

"That's not good." Leona muttered from behind them.

"What's going on? His hands just started to bleed."

"He's punishing himself." Leona said very quietly. Meanwhile, the more blood that seeped from both of Harry's hands, the paler he got.

"Punishing himself?!"

"It's what happens when a warrior feels guilty for someone's death - they see blood on their hands, and it...well...happens."

"Oh no. Harry, no one blames you for Sirius dying."

"They should." Harry murmured in a hollow voice that made Remus nervous.

"No, Harry. You did what you thought was right. You didn't know that Sirius wasn't at the Ministry."

"I should have checked properly - I should have used the mirror."

"You were worried for Sirius - we do silly things when we're worried."

"Exactly. If I had been a little more sensible, Sirius might have been alive."

"No! You can't think like that! Harry, it wasn't your fault. Listen to me - I've lost your parents, Peter and Sirius to Voldemort. I don't want to lose you too. Please, Harry. It wasn't your fault." Remus pleaded. Harry looked up at him with empty green eyes.

"I need you - we're going to start the Marauders again, aren't we? For Sirius? He'd like that. He wouldn't want you to be sitting here almost killing yourself. It wasn't your fault. We'd all have done the same." Harry looked away, closing his eyes as his breath hitched slightly. The blood stopped running, but remained on his hands. Remus hugged Harry tightly, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Thank you." Harry whispered, his voice rough and quiet. Remus managed a weak smile.

"You're welcome." He replied.

"Would someone be kind enough to tell me what's going on?" Leona asked pointedly. Harry looked up at her blankly.


"What?" Leona looked quite taken aback at his blunt answer.

"You heard." Harry said. "And I do not appreciate anyone trespassing into my thoughts."

"I didn't. You stopped me."

"Harry, did you do it?" Remus asked excitedly. Harry nodded a little.

"Yeah, I did it. I've been practicing since - well - anyway, I'm not very good at it yet, but...well...I'm getting there."

"That's great!"

"Ok, if you don't tell me what's going on, I'm going into his mind to see what's going on." Leona warned, pointing her wand to Remus.

"You do it, and training or not, I swear I will make you pay." A fleeting look of hurt played across Leona's face for a moment, but it was gone before Harry saw it.

"Haven't you been listening to anything I've said since you met me? I am not going to hurt you. At least not intentionally. I'm sorry if you have been through some bad stuff, but I can't help if I don't know anything about it."

"I don't want help with the 'some bad stuff' that I've been through, I want something to put my mind to. You don't need my past to train me."

"No, but it helps if I know where you're coming from."

"Fine, I'm coming from the death of my godfather, the closest thing, along with Remus, that I've ever had to a father - a death that could have been prevented. Now, how does that help you?"


"Right, well, if that's all, I'll go shall I?"



"That's not it, is it? The bad stuff - there's more."

"No." Harry said softly. "But I don't think that I could handle explaining everything just now."

"All right." Leona nodded. "Can I just ask one question?"

"Sure, but I promise no answers."

"Who is the Dark Lord?" Remus goggled at the woman - was she for real?

"And you say that you live on Earth. Well, the Dark Lord is a rather mean person..." Remus coughed slightly.

"I never knew you had such a talent for understatement, Harry."

"Ah, ok then. How would you put it, my dear Moony?"

"Well, how about - seriously evil, merciless, homicidal maniac with a wand?"

"Hmm, yeah ok then. That works too."

"You two are kidding, right?"

"Yeah, we just call him the 'Dark Lord' for fun. He's really a friend of ours." Harry said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Sounds like such a nice person. When can I meet him?"

"With my luck, probably within the year." Harry said dryly. Leona had meant it when she said she would know when he was lying, and at that point, she knew that he was telling the truth.


"Oh relax, for goodness sake. I was kidding." Harry said with a laugh. Both Remus and Leona raised an eyebrow, but didn't argue.

"Let me see your hands." She said, covering the tense atmosphere. Harry obediently held out his arms, his palms turned upward so that they could see the thin zigzagging scar that ran down the centre of each.

"Why didn't you let it heal without scarring?"

"Because it's a reminder to use my head before rushing into things." Harry said, meeting her eyes defiantly.