Really And Truly

Chapter One: Nice Of You To Drop By

All right! I'm writing a fic about my favorite couple!!!! Seto/Serenity rock!!! Well, here's Chapter One.


Serenity fingered with the pink and green flowered embroidery on her bed sheet. She often fidgeted when she was nervous.

Serenity sat with woe and worry on her bed and watched as her friend lingered around her room.

Her friend, her best friend who enjoyed all that life had to offer. Her thrill-seeking friend. Her best friend.

Serenity smiled as her friend enjoyed the simplicity of the trinkets that lay around Serenity's room, such as the carousel unicorn, or the two ceramic teddy bears that played happily.

"How cute," her friend squealed as she came to a beautiful glass swan that laid on a corner of Serenity's nightstand. The majestic swan with its neck in a somewhat S shape and it's wings spread royally as if ready to take flight. The beautiful glass swan, although nothing more than a transparent statue, sparkled and glistened like a diamond.

"Where did you get this swan?" The girl asked, curiously as she picked it up ever so gently.

Serenity stared at the shape of the small swan in her friend's hands.

That swan, it seemed so familiar, but...never mind.

"*Moan* I-I don't know," she answered, but stopped to squint to try to release some of the pain that was building up inside of her.

For Serenity, lately things hadn't been so clearly revealed...

She pressed harder against her headboard, and sighed heavily, once again.

Her friend immediately ceased fiddling with the glass swan, and looked up at Serenity.

"What's wrong?" her friend asked, immediately recognizing the sigh.

The girl with strikingly blue eyes and elegantly flowing white hair sat down across from Serenity on the bed, so now, she was sitting at the foot of the bed.

Serenity, who had her back pressed intently on the headboard, sighed.

She looked up at the girl with tear-glistened eyes, "I-I don't know what to do; I'm really and truly confused," she breathed as she hung her head down to her knees which were put up to meet her chest.

"I've had all these dreams...and-"

"Dreams?" asked the girl, "Serenity, you have told me about your flashbacks and that you've had strange visions, but never dreams."

The girl moved closer to Serenity.

Serenity frantically shook her head, "These dreams...I've had them and they-they-and well..." Serenity just could not bring herself to say the words.

"And?" the white-haired girl asked in such a soothing and calm voice, "Serenity, you must tell me what's wrong; you know that I only have the best intentions for you," she explained. "I'd never do anything to hurt you."

The blue-eyed girl looked Serenity over carefully. She jerked her head somewhat forward to indicate for Serenity to continue.

Serenity gave a disapproving look at first.

The girl gave her a sharp look, almost forcing her to confess her dreams. The look sent a message up Serenity's nerves telling her to admit to what she had dreamed.

Serenity nodded in obedience, and she looked skeptically at the girl.

Actually, Serenity was more skeptic about whether or not the girl would believe her.

"Well," Serenity started, "It all-well, the dreams all begin with this..."

**********************LONG DREAM (Flashback)***********************

$*$*$*$*$*The Outer Wall Of The Kaiba Mansion$*$*$*$*$*

Serenity Wheeler hummed to herself as she walked on the wall with her arms outstretched like a tightrope walker. She had beautiful auburn hair that cascaded down her shoulders to her waist. Her slim, sixteen year old body delicately guiding her. Her wanderlust spirit was in control of her as she continued keeping her balance. A few months ago, none of the beauty of the world around her was visible to her isolated eyesight. But now, the world's colors were at her fingertips. Everything was tangible. All that was once ambiguous was now clear. Her deep hazel eyes were a distraction when you looked at her radiant face which illuminated every time she smiled.

She had been walking on this long, gray wall for what seemed like forever. She had just been passing and she decided to improve her coordination skills. That's how she ended up mocking a tightrope walker. For about two minutes, she had been stepping flawlessly with not the single threat of tripping.

"Hey Serenity, you're pretty good at this," she bragged to herself as she strode with pride. Then she decided to become a little more daring. "I wonder..." she thought to herself "Come on, Serenity, you can do it." and then with a huge gulp, she attempted something that she knew her brother would disapprove of: she did a cartwheel on the wall.

She placed her hands to the side, and exerted her weight to her right. This was the moment. Could she do it? We'll soon find out.

She exerted her weight, and VOILA! She nailed it!

"HaHa, Serenity, I knew you could do it!" she complemented her self "That was awesome! Wait til Tea finds out!" Tea had been slightly annoying to Serenity lately. She just kept bragging about her dancing skills, and when she asked Serenity her favorite sport and Serenity answered gymnastics, Tea simply responded that "Serenity, no offense, but you must be a amateur compared to me." Serenity thought that Tea's ego would surely be deflated when she heard about this. When was the last time Tea did a cartwheel on a wall?

But unfortunately, her foot landed in a little or rather pretty big groove in the wall. As soon as she had turned around to continue her little march, her foot lost balance, and she tripped.


"Ohhhhhh, Serenity, that was pathetic!" she scolded as her moment in fame came to an end and she realized that she had landed on the other side of the wall. She looked like she had fallen over anime-style. She finally got up, and dusted herself off. Then she took a look around her, and was left in awe. She noticed a beautiful garden with all the flowers of the world, forming a beautiful rainbow of botanical joy. There was a serene aura to this place, so majestic. Roses riding the crisp green grass, heavenly sounds of water falling gracefully from the ponds that decorated this green masterpiece. All the flowers that she had ever seen, and more! It was....amazing.

"Who lives here?" she asked envying the occupant of the household. Then she noticed a BIG mansion in the distance behind the garden.

"I do, and on the contrary, I thought that your performance was done quite well," came a cold, sarcastic voice that Serenity knew all to well.

'You've got to be kidding me!' Serenity yelled to herself, afraid to look up at who she knew was there.

There sat Seto Kaiba. Third place finalist in Battle City. In the corner of the garden enjoying a nice ice tea with a wedge of lemon adding extra flavor. He sat with a smirk on his face as he watched from his post under a beautiful ice blue parasol. Serenity found it hard to believe that Kaiba even had the time or found the significance of coming outside. Then again, she never had anything against him, but she didn't approve of the way he treated her brother. But then again, he was also the cutest guy in town! His white trench coat was placed diligently on the chair behind him as he continued to sneer. His spine tingling blue eyes locked on Serenity, waiting for her to do another act, just like a true Wheeler mutt would.

But then again, Serenity never did anything wrong to him. But she was one of them. The peace-patrol of Domino that consisted of goody-two-shoes Yugi, the corny lecturer whom anyone would give their lives for if she stopped talking for once, Tea, the useless extra weight, Tristan, and of course, the ever popular Joey Wheeler. What Kaiba disliked most about Serenity was her direct relation to the mutt. His own sister! Not even a distant cousin or an adopted child! Despite which Wheeler, they were all the same to Seto Kaiba.

"You live here?" asked a nervous Serenity.

"As a matter of fact, I do. Do you know that you're trespassing? I could have you put in prison for that," he smugly explained.

Serenity nearly rolled her eyes at his macho bragging.

"Of course what you speak is true, I mean you're Seto Kaiba, Japan's youngest CEO. And of course I should be punished for my wrong deed, but I must admit, you have quite the astonishing garden. Probably the prettiest that I've ever seen," she sucked-up, hoping that flattery would work.

"Don't waste your time, Wheeler. I'm not bought over that easily. Now I suggest you move before I call security," he practically ordered putting his nose proudly into the air.

"Of course," she said bowing her head searching for a gate that lead out of this hidden paradise.

"Other side of the house," he impatiently told her as he got less and less amused by watching the Wheeler sister look.

"Oh right," she blushed of embarrassment as she raced to get out of the garden and away from Kaiba's glare. It took her about five minutes to run across the garden and avoid all the massive swimming pools and ponds, but she finally got to the main gate. The LARGE main gate. The beautiful gilded gate with stunning craftsmanship that gave the house it's warming elegant touch.

Then came the thing that ruined that elegance: the guard. As Serenity tried to get through the gates, a guard dressed heavily in pitch black sunglasses blocked her way.

"Name" he grunted. Serenity found this weird since guards usually ask for names when people enter a house.

"Uhh....." the dumbfounded Serenity said in intimidation to the bulky guard "Serenity Wheeler?" she asked to see if the guard would accept.

"Sorry, ya' not on tha list," his heavy New York accent responded, "Wait til Master Kaiba hears about this. He don't approve of robbas'."

"Robber? No, no, you don't understand! I didn't break in, honest!" she pleaded as the guard took her wrist and started dragging her towards the garden from where she had just come.

"Then what were ya doing here?" he asked, his grip tightening. Then Kaiba came.

He ambled up to the guard with his chest protruding and his head held up high as if the world below was to unfit to look at.

"It's ok, Kluge, she didn't break in. You can let her go now," He ordered the trembling guard as Kaiba's glare fell upon him.

"Yes, Master Kaiba, of course," and the guard immediately released Serenity's hand.

"Good, now that will be all," Kaiba said giving the guard the order to leave.

"Of course," the shaking guard managed to stutter in the CEO's presence. And he hurriedly went inside the mansion.

"Umm... thanks," Serenity squeaked as she felt embarrassed that Kaiba had to come and save her from that humiliation.

"After you raced off, I realized that there is always a guard positioned at the gate. And seeing as how he didn't see you enter, and the fact that you're a Wheeler and have no logic reasoning..."

Serenity stared in disbelief at the man standing before her. One minute he was insulting her, the next he was helping her, and now he was insulting her, yet again.

"Umm...yeah. Thanks again, Kaiba," she mumbled as she knew that she had no right to speak up to him about the insult he just gave her since he did just save her too.

Kaiba was amused at how easily he had played with the Wheeler. It seemed fun. One minute, he was insulting her, the nest, he was saving her from a guard, and now, he was insulting her, yet again.

He motioned for Serenity to follow him.


Kaiba and Serenity walked only about five yards when they had reached the golden giants that were the Kaiba Mansion gates.

"Now leave before I really do call security," he chillingly snapped as punched in a few numbers on the gate's security system. And automatically, the golden giants opened, revealing Serenity's path to leaving the embarrassment she had just endured.

Serenity stared at Kaiba, only for a second this time, and immediately responded to his command.

And of course, Serenity took quickly to his command. And Seto Kaiba watched her leave, amused at the entertainment he had just received.

"Time to fire someone else," he said to himself as she went inside the mansion to make his imbecilic employees pay for their screw ups.

$*$*$*$*$*Outside The Kaiba Mansion$*$*$*$*$*

"Smooth, Serenity, real smooth. As if falling straight on your face in front of Japan's most powerful CEO, (and not to mention the cutest too) wasn't enough. Then you go making a blabbering fool out of yourself in front of him and his freaky guard."

Serenity started walking away towards the bus stop down the corner where she would catch a ride home, cook dinner for Joey, and then tell him about her day, if he asked, and exclude the part about the Kaiba mansion (Of course).

Joey could never find out because what would he think when he found out that his little sister was walking on gates, and not only ANY gates, Kaiba's gates. And we mustn't forget the part of the little rendezvous of Seto Kaiba and Serenity Wheeler.

If there's one thing that Joey stressed to Serenity, it was the cruelty of Seto Kaiba, and how important it was for her to stay away from him.

'Joey never has to know..." she hummed to herself as she started triumphantly walking away.

But as you readers will learn later in this story, the Wheelers will often congratulate themselves on victories, even though they have not officially left the forest yet...

"Hey, Serenity," called a voice from behind her.

Serenity froze in her tracks as she heard this voice. This rather familiar voice.

"," she gasped to herself, afraid to turn around, fearing who it was.

She gracefully turned around, and to her luck...

Tristan Taylor was standing expectedly behind her.

I'll let you readers in on a little secret: Serenity, she likes Tristan. But why would she be afraid of being seen by him? Easy, 'cause how would you feel if your crush found you outside your crush's best friend, and your brother's, enemy's house?!

Not too peachy...

"Oh hello, Tristan," she warmly greeted after she mentally kicked herself. "What are you doing here?" she asked through a forced smile.

"I was just taking a walk, but I should ask you the same thing. What were you doing in the Kaiba mansion?" he suspiciously asked raising an eyebrow.

"You were taking a walk past Kaiba's house? Is that part of your normal routine?" she asked quietly to herself as anger of bad luck rose up inside of her like a volcano.

"What was that Serenity?"

"Nothing," she sweetly replied, giving Tristan her Grade A smile, making him blush terribly.

'Great, now what do I do? I can't tell Tristan I was at the mansion, he'll tell Joey and my curfew will be restricted to 3:00 p.m., not to mention the fact that I'm probably gonna be isolated from the rest of the world, but he already saw me come out from the gates!'


"Uhh...." 'This is not my day' she thought to herself feeling a little light headed once gain.

"Hey, Tristan, slowdown!" came the Wheeler brother's voice as he panted his way over to Tristan, who was still waiting for Serenity's reply. "Hey, Serenity! What are you doing here?" he asked noticing his little sister standing nervously in front of Tristan.

'You've got to be kidding me!' Serenity exclaimed as she started cursing out her brother and his darn walking path which happened to go around Kaiba's house. 'This is insane, mad, mean, bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD luck!' she hissed.

"That's exactly what I asked her after she stepped out of there," Tristan explained pointing a finger towards the grand manor.

"What were ya' doing at Kaiba's place?" Joey asked a little aggressively as his angry glare fell upon Serenity.

'Oh no!' Serenity's mind kept repeating 'What do I tell them now?'

"Well," she started, "*heh heh* It's a funny story..."

Joey looked at her crossly, Tristan mimicked.

"I've got time," Joey explained as he and Tristan both folded their arms across their chest.


Ok, that was kind of stupid, I'll admit. But this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fic. Please R/R!


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