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Really and Truly

Celestial Night

Contents Revealed

Serenity's first sight upon waking up was seeing a lobby full of people breathing a sigh of relief. It took her a moment to realize what happened, and her vision immediately darted to the staircase.

'Did I faint…again?' Serenity had to admit, that this ridiculous pattern of strange occurrences within her body was starting to get on her last nerves…But she decided to ignore the sudden sporadic activities of her body for the moment. What she was more concerned about was the fact that she had fallen a good story off of that staircase, and here she was, seated perfectly happily on the lobby's bench. Either she had mastered the agility of a cat mid-fall and landed on her feet—and yes, she knew better—or, someone had caught her.

She looked around the lobby. Amidst the crowd of people surrounding her, looking at her and repeatedly asking, "Are you alright?", there was a man kneeling beside her head. He had a black bag with him and a stethoscope around his neck.

Serenity tried to sit up, but the doctor pushed her back down. "I'm sorry, Miss Wheeler, but Mr. Kaiba informed me that this is the second time in two days that he's seen you faint," he explained, trying to keep his voice calm. "We were just about to take you to the hospital before you woke up."

Serenity nodded, having stopped listening after the words Mr. Kaiba. She suddenly remembered why she came here in the first place, and the feeling still sent the chills racing down her spine. He was the first person she remembered seeing and hearing before everything turned black.

Well, look at the bright side: Your last sight was pretty good looking!

Serenity shook her head. That voice was back! That stupid, persistent voice that appeared randomly, especially along the topics of her ludicrous boss. Serenity was now starting to have doubts about her own sanity.

"The file," Serenity said. Her eyes started darting nervously across the people around her. Nowhere in sight did she see the file she came in with, and now she was beginning to fear what would be a near-apocalyptic experience.

The secretary from the lobby pushed through the crowd of people. She carried an envelope in her hands and gave it to the doctor, who stood up and took the envelope. He read the contents over, meanwhile, Serenity sat up, completely ignoring the light headed feeling she was currently experiencing.

"Apparently, Miss Wheeler, Mr. Kaiba wants to see you in his office immediately," the doctor explained as he looked at Serenity curiously.

Seeing Kaiba was not something she wanted to do, especially after having fainted like a stupid damsel in distress into his arms. She cursed under her breath.

"Actually," she hated the scratchy voice sounded, "I'm not feeling too well." She cleared her throat. "I think I would just rather go home right now—"

"But," the lobby's secretary cut in, "he says he has some sort of important file just for you," she explained, traces of jealousy wavering in her voice.

Serenity's eyes fell to the ground.

Oh man…

Apocalypse was imminent.

Apparently, Serenity had been out for nearly an hour and a half. In this time, the broken elevators (which she believed had indirectly caused her fall) had suddenly been fixed. Life was just grand that way…Now it meant that she would have to face her boss (on the top floor) in a matter of seconds rather than climb dozens of stories, which she was actually preferring at the moment.

True, the reason she had come into work this morning she had every intention on giving her boss the file. But she wanted to give it to him in person, not have him find it, a fact she was assuming had happened.

She was pressed against the elevator's wall and felt like every level the elevator ascended, the air got hotter and heavier. In a matter of a few, short-lived seconds, Serenity felt the swift breeze of the elevator's doors upon her as she stepped out of the machine. She wished she could faint again, just keel onto the floor without a second thought. At least that would give her some time away from him.

Her office doors were already opened for her, so that time wasn't wasted in the retina scan.

But that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Serenity saw the doors that led into his office and felt a weight fall into her stomach. She walked up to the doors and leaned her weight against one. Here goes everything. And the door swung open.

It was a nice, warm spring day but the air conditioning in the room felt like arctic winds blasting onto her fair skin. Apparently, Kaiba didn't mind. He sat up straight in his big executive chair, his eyes squinted in a furious manner. The file was on his desk, and Serenity's stomach groaned.

The girl had no idea, Kaiba thought. He asked her to do him a favor, and in turn, he would repay her tenfold. However, acting on a whim yet again, she decided to ignore his offer in the most horrid of ways. She never seemed like a coward to Kaiba. Naïve, yes. Slightly odd, definitely. But a coward? Her family had always been full of stubborn hardheads that were never willing to back down, even when the odds were pitifully against them.

He had never met a girl like her—and that was no compliment. She acted so randomly. Kaiba sometimes wondered if she herself knew what she was up to. And he had discovered all of this in the span of a few weeks! He could only imagine what he would learn should he have to spend more time with her!

Kaiba shook his head. Ra forbid anything like that ever happen.

"Everything alright, Mr. Kaiba?" Her voice broke the tension that Kaiba had so evilly built in the room. He might as well start explaining to her why he wanted to shake some sense into her little mind.

As his eyes locked on hers, she backed away.


"No," her feeble voice was truly pathetic in his mind.

"Have a seat, Wheeler."

"No," she said once again, trying to back away from him as much as possible.

"There's no need to dance around the topic. Sit. We need to talk."

Nothing good ever starts after the words 'We need to talk', Serenity thought as she finally walked up the desk and took a seat. Before her body even touched the chair opposite to her boss, Kaiba shoved the file to her. Startled, Serenity immediately caught the papers before they fell.

"What is that?" He asked as his calm voice broke with anger. He watched her face turn slight shades of pink. Pink like soft, silky satin…He cringed. He didn't want to think that, but something was off when he felt her fall into his arms. He shrugged it off.

"Did you step on it?" She asked, pointing to a hardly visible shoe print across the papers in the file.

"Answer the question, Wheeler!"

"Resignation papers, Mr. Kaiba," she quickly supplied. This was enough to cause Kaiba to lean back in his chair.

"Now where in that little, little brain of yours did you think resigning was a way to avoid the offer I made to you?"

"Well, sir," her voice starting to sound aggravated, "the offer you made wasn't one I wanted to answer since I believed it to be ridiculous. I thought my resigning would surely give you the answer you so dearly desired." She leaned back in her chair as well.

"Since when was it so ridiculous? I need this deal, you need the money, what's the problem?" he stood up and towered over her figure.

Serenity stood up simultaneously, although her height was nothing compared to Kaiba's. Her cheeks started to become rosy, despite the freezing temperature in the room.

"Dammit, Kaiba! You asked me to be your wife!"

Ok, I know, short chapter. But I like this new format. I think I'll write short chapters and then update more frequently.


"But you still haven't given me your answer."

"That's because I'm still thinking about it."

"Which means you're not so quick to say no."

End Preview

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By the way, for being so patient, I included the "I Wish I May" teaser.

Serenity shook her head. "Never mind." And with that said, she started to walk away………

She reached the door to Tea's room and pulled on the doorknob. However, the doorknob suddenly burned her hand. She immediately pulled her hand away and looked at it. Sure enough, there were red burn marks all over the white skin of her hand. But amazingly, they were healing before her eyes: New skin was starting to form instantly over the burned skin.

Serenity looked at Tea and Mai with confusion and was astonished when she saw Tea holding a red stick of some sorts that was pointed directly at the doorknob.

"Your gift of self healing has returned. That means you're starting your metamorphosis," Mai explained. She took a breath and stared at Serenity as if seeing her for the first time.

Serenity's mouth dropped and her eyes were wide like a deer in headlights. "I-I don't follow. My metamorphosis into what?"

"Back into Shizuka!" Mai exclaimed.

"Who?" The auburn-haired girl asked, completely lost.

"Shizuka is your real name," Tea explained as her eyes got teary. "You're our cousin, a fairy."

Long teaser, isn't it? I felt like being generous, so I copied and pasted this whole scene from the drafts of the future "I Wish I May" chapters.