by ilukaiba

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FYI: This is a YukixTohru fic, though it might have a little KyoxTohru. Of course, if it does, it won't be a main pairing, it'll just be a little angst to create a plotline...


Chapter 1


"Ohayo Tohru!"

Tohru smiled at the tall man before her, who grinned at her cheekily.

"O-ohayo Shigure-san!" She looked behind him at a orange-haired young man whose face was hidden by his hands.

"Ohayo Kyou-kun!" she said brightly, watching as the young man stirred slightly.

He lifted his head and revealed his face. His eyes were half-closed and his orange hair fell messily over his forehead.

Tohru stifled a giggle as she waited for his muffled reply.

"Yeah yeah, ohayo t'you too." he said with a yawn.

"Young Kyo just came home at 1:36 this morning!" said Shigure happily.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Tohru. "Why were you out so late, Kyou-kun!"

Kyou growled at Shigure. "Ech, shut up you damned inu!"

Shigure shook his head reprimandingly. "Now now Kyou," he said teasingly, "you shouldn't be so irritable so early in the morning. Start the day with love, end the day with love, that's what a friend of mine always used to say."

Kyo snorted. "I didn't even know you had friends..."

"Oh Kyo, I am afraid I do have friends, don't I Tohru?"

Tohru smiled. "Of course you do, Shigure-san! I'm your friend."

Shigure grinned at Kyou. "See Kyou, Tohru's my friend..."


Tohru looked around. "Where's Yuki-kun?"

"He's working in his garden before he heads off to school, Tohru." replied Shigure.

"But he said he'd walk with me!" she exclaimed, then blushing suddenly.

Shigure looked at her with obvious amusement. "Oh my, is Tohru upset because her Yuki-kun isn't walking with her."

Tohru reddened even more. "I-i-i-iie Shigure-san..."

"Ohayo Honda-san." said a soft voice from the door. A handsome teenage boy with greyish hair and pale skin smiled at her.

"Y-Yuki-kun... ohayo..." said Tohru, her cheeks flushed.

Yuki looked at Shigure with his eyebrows raised. "Have you been hassling poor Honda-san, Shigure?"

"Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. Maybe you'll find out for yourself one day..." replied the man mysteriously.

Yuki glared at him for a moment, and then smiled at Tohru. "I'm sorry if I kept you waiting, Honda-san."

"A-ano... that's okay Yuki-kun!" she said happily.

"Alright then, let's go Honda-san, we don't want to be late for school."

"Hai... Kyou-kun?" asked Tohru, turning around to face the sleepy boy. "Are you coming."

She sweatdropped as she heard a responsive snore from the sleeping boy.

"Eh, he'll leave in a few minutes." said Shigure, with an almost mischievous glance at the boy.

Yuki held the door open for Tohru, and the two walked outside together, heading off for school.

Shigure smiled after them happily. 'Just wait 'till Aya hears about this...'


"What was Shigure bothering you about this morning?" asked Yuki, attempting to sound casual about it but failing miserably.

Tohru blushed again, feeling slightly curious about Yuki's rather cool attitude towards it. "Ano... it was nothing... I... I just..."

Yuki stared at her expectantly.

'I can't lie to Yuki-kun!' she thought desperately, 'but I can't tell him the truth either!'

He stopped walking and turned to face her, his violet eyes boring into her own blue ones.

'I must tell him the truth...'

"A-ano... Yuki-kun... I was just... anxious... and worried... because you were at your garden... and I thought you were going to... walk with me... gomen nasai Yuki-kun!" She blushed furiously and stared at her feet.

She gasped as she felt her chin being lifted up by Yuki's hand.

"I'm the one that should be sorry Honda-san. I'll never make you worry again." He moved by her side and began walking again.



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