by ilukaiba

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Chapter 3


The wind blew lightly on the two teenagers as they walked to the secret base. Neither spoke, for neither knew what to say. But finally Tohru broke the silence.

"A-ano Yuki-kun, it's so beautiful today, ne?"

Yuki closed his eyes as he walked, smiling appreciatively. "Yes Honda-san, it is indeed very beautiful today."

She looked at his relaxed face and felt glad. 'Okaa-san,' she thought, 'I really feel like he's the one. You used to tell me about true love and I never understood. But Okaa-san, when I'm around him, I feel so light and happy.'

"Honda-san, what are you thinking about?" said Yuki with a pleasant laugh.

"A-ano Yuki-kun. It was something silly. Gomen nasai."

"Nothing you think can be silly Honda-san. Tell me."

"A-ano." she stuttered.

"Is something bothering you?" he asked her softly.

"I-I-I was just thinking... of how... how..."

Yuki smiled at her. "You don't have to be afraid to tell me Honda-san."

"Of how... how beautiful Yuki-kun looks today!" she blurted out suddenly.

Yuki blushed tremendously, suddenly transforming into his rat form.

Tohru wept with embarassment. Picking up the nezumi into her hands, she cried to him. "I-I-GOMEN NASAI YUKI-KUN!!!" She blushed also, not wanting to look at him.

Yuki climbed up to her shoulder and whispered in her ear. "It's alright Honda-san. Because I just wanted to say the same thing to you. You look beautiful too. Like a princess."

Tohru's eyes widened. "Y-Y-Yuki-kun."

A sudden pop made her realize their situation.

"Y-YUKI-KUN!" She ran wildly (into a tree) while the boy picked up his clothes and put them on.

"You can look now Honda-san."

She was mumbling into the bark of the tree she had run into, obviously very disturbed by the whole thing.

"Ano, you can look now Honda-san!"

She had not heard him once again, too busy having a one-sided conversation with the tree.

Yuki sweatdropped and walked to her.

He bent over the top of her head and said, "I'm done Honda-san."

She got up in such a hurry she bumped into Yuki's chin.

Yuki rubbed it, while she spazzed out.

"G-gomen! Are you okay, are you!" She dragged him by the hand to a nearby spring.

She took a hankerchief out of her pocket and wet it in the springs clear water. She held it to Yuki's chin.

"How does it feel?" she asked him.

"Much better Honda-san."

She was staring into his expressive violet eyes, and a tinge of redness filled her cheeks.

His eyes were controlling her, suddenly she was moving towards his lips. They were centimeters apart. She could hear him breathing rapidly.

She pulled away suddenly. "Ano... ano Yuki-kun. We should get going to the garden."

Yuki stood up, with disappointment on his flushed face. Not wanting to lose his normally cool exterior, he smiled. "Of course, Honda-san."


Meanwhile, in a nearby tree, two men spoke to one another.

"Damn, they were so close!"

"But aah, dear Aya, did you see that look they gave each other!"

"Of course Gure-darling, it was a look of true love."

They stared at each other, before...

"Yosh!" they cried in harmony, before giggling madly.


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