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*Sarah POV*

I looked down at the letter my mother had just sent me. A feeling of horror moved down my spine. I numbly dropped the letter, somehow managing to sit down. I sighed deeply and then fell unto my bed. The letter floated to the floor.

My darling Sarah,

Hello dear. I am glad you decided to start writing in Ben's newspaper. Maybe it shall help to get the perspective of those loyal to the crown out. I am glad also that you have seemed to find friends among Ben's people, Moses, James, and Henri.

I have some wonderful news! You remember that nice boy you used to play with? Uddony Greyson? Well, he's coming over to visit you in the colonies! He wants to court you. I suggest you say yes. You are of age to be married, dear.

Anyways, tell me how it goes. He's now a day away from Philadelphia. Don't worry, he'll come find you.

- Your loving mother

I scowled. Uddony Greyson. How I despise him. And he was to be here in a day. How long must mother have hidden this from me? I got up quickly. I had to do something. I did NOT want to be courted by Uddony. What excuse could I use though?

I walked out into the hall, thinking about my dilemma. I did not want to wind up as Lady Sarah Greyson. I heard talking, which was rather surprising, considering the time of day. I recognized the voice of Moses, but I couldn't guess about the other's. Suddenly, James ran up the stairs. I gave him a curious look.

"Sarah, a man named Ugly's here to see you," James replied, an odd trace of an emotion I couldn't detect in his tone.

I winced.

"Is his last name Greyson?" I asked worriedly.

James nodded and my eyes widened. I pulled James into my room with me. James looked curiously at me, seeming nervous about being in my room. I briefly pondered why, but stopped immediately. I did not have time for such ponderings.

"Sarah? Somehow, I think whatever you're doing is completely un-proper," James said, pulling nervously at his collar.

"Improper," I immediately corrected.

James sighed and I locked my door. He looked at me, appearing slightly frightened.

"Sarah? What are you doing?" James asked, biting his lip.

I sighed and peeked out my window. The coast was clear. I looked at James beseechingly.

"Do you know of a single story we could cover? Anywhere? I need one, desperately," I pleaded.

James looked at me, suspicious.

"Why, Sarah?" James asked curiously.

I did NOT want to go into this with him. Especially now. I had to go somewhere. Fast.

- Loren ;*

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