Dreams of a Journey

Was he alone in that place?
Was his heart lonely as he looked up
his face lit by starlight
and a fearful longing?
Had his thoughts yet begun to wander
in distant directions
never to return
to where they might comfort

A question outspoken
in distant lands
where the sky is coloured by blood
and the ground by the ashes
of his beloved
The mountains rise
high above
he crouches and limps
as to establish their power

Why this wrench?
Why this loathing and hatred
a wave of hate and sorrow
floods through his thin veins
his features ache
comfort by tears
and not by the arms
that are so far away

Almost as far as the star twinkling
with renewed power
his copper brown hair glitters
he suddenly remembers
how His face looked in these lands
and the slow hum of His voice
when they searched for consolation
in the shallow graves
He lowers his curly head
can not stand
as the memories swallow him

He falls to the ground
a soft murmur
escapes his dry throat
The Star in the Sky
No longer visible
Behind the thick, red clouds
Why did he have to leave me?

Why did he have to go?

As the world darkens around him
he fights his way
the rocks are hard and sharp
make his feet bleed
the branches tear holes
in his already torn cloak
The air is poison
in his lungs
The black shadows
surrounding his very thoughts

You were never alone
even how dark
and frightening
The world might have seemed
behind blood stained clouds
the Star lights your path
makes your thoughts
a little easier to bear

You stumble in the dark
drunk with sudden loss
and despair
Not knowing what it might keep
in its lair
His words in your recollection
The only ones you carry

"If I was to choose, me dear
I would choose you"