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Chapter 1: I AM NOT A GIRL!


"DAAAD! Do I have to?" Iruka whined as he stared at a heap of cloth on his bed.

"Iruka. You know your mom loves that kimono on you! Now put it on and go pick her some flowers from the valley. Today is her birthday and I want everything to be perfect for her. Don't you?" Iruka's father looked down at his son with his dark brown eyes.

Iruka's father was a big man. He stood almost 6 feet and had long hair pushed back in a ponytail. Even though their faces didn't look alike, everyone could tell they were related with those brown eyes. Unlike his fathers eyes though, Iruka's eyes seemed to show everything about the boy.

After a minute of thinking how much his mom would love this he put on the kimono. His mom was a happy woman and always smiled. Iruka had her facial features, which made him feel wimpy since he looked so much like a woman.

If it wasn't for the fact that his mother was an assassin he would have believed he was weak.

Iruka quickly took out his ponytail so his hair could touch his shoulders and ran outside. He had just grown his hair out long enough to put in a ponytail but he wasn't used to wearing it up yet. He preferred his hair down so he could feel the breeze going through it anyway.

The kimono wasn't anything special to Iruka but the way his mom's face lit up when he wore it made him treasure it. It was a light blue with dark blue and red water designs all over it. The designs showed the land his mother was from. Tall mountains, mist, birds, and flowers. His mom had made this when she moved to Konoha village after meeting Iruka's father.

"Here it is!" Iruka yelled as he came to a field full of colorful flowers. "Which ones would she like? Her favorite colors are blue, yellow, and red!"

Iruka started to pick some of the weirder looking flowers so that his lil' bouquet wouldn't seem so normal. He was quickly interrupted when he saw two ninjas fighting; they seemed to be slowly making their way to where he was.

/ Ninja! Wow! Look at them fight. I wonder if I should leave.but I'm not done with my mom's bouquet. I'll just move out of their way if I need to. /

"Crap! Kakashi! I thought we decided this was only going to be a short spar." A boy with a bowl haircut glared at his opposition.

"Yeah it was, but you just wont give up! Are all the people on your family this stubborn Gai?" Kakashi kicked Gai to the area Iruka had been picking flowers.

"Ow! What did I land on." Gai looked down to see he had smashed a basket full of flowers.

Gai looked around quickly to find the owner staring down at the flowers. Kakashi came running up see why Gai never returned to the sparring match to find the kid glaring at both of them.

/ Wow she is cute. / Gai looked over at Kakashi with a small blush.

/ What is Gai blushing about? He just broke this cute little girl's basket. /

"My mom's flower basket." Iruka slowly muttered and he glared at the two boys in front of him. "That belonged to my mom you jer.!"

"Sorry about that. I'm Hatake Kakashi, and this is my rival The Green Beast!" Kakashi was interrupted when Gai punched him.

"Call me Gai-kun! We will help you pick some flowers and maybe we would be able to pay your mom back for the basket." Gai smiled when Iruka nodded and they started to pick some more flowers.

"I'm Iruka." Iruka looked up when he forgot to use formalities to see if they had noticed. He stared at Kakashi for a little while until Kakashi looked up to see why the 'girl' was staring at him.


"Why do you cover your face?" Iruka blushed slightly for being so bluntly but he really wanted to know.

"Kakashi just thinks it makes him look cool." Gai smiled as Kakashi just brushed it off.

"Are you chunins?" Iruka looked at their outfits. It would appear to be that they were but they couldn't be more than a few years older than him.

"Yeah. We've been chunins for 2 years now. Are you in the ninja academy?" Kakashi tried to keep the conversation going. He hated the weird silence.

"Yeah! I just came in this year. My dad said, ." Iruka stopped for a moment. "How old are you guys?"

"I'm 9 and Kakashi is 8. How old are you?" Gai smiled at Iruka's expression. They were so young and yet they were chunins.

"I.I am 5 years old." Iruka's face turned red as he realized how he had been making small talk with real ninjas around his age.

"That's young for a little girl to be picking flowers all by herself." Kakashi handed Iruka the bouquet he had made.

/ Huh? /

"Yeah, but hey when you're a little older would you like to go out with me?" Gai blushed as he handed Iruka the flowers he had picked as well.

/ What? /

"Gai who on earth would want to go out with you?" Kakashi smiled under his mask when Gai blushed.

"I.I am not.I'm a boy." Iruka stared at them in disbelief.

"WHAT?" Both Kakashi and Gai stared down at Iruka. Iruka the cute little boy.

"HAHAHAHA! Gai you just asked a boy to go out with you!" Kakashi started laughing, as Gai turned even redder.

"I'm so sorry Iruka-chan I mean Iruka-kun." Gai kept stuttering trying to save some dignity.

"You have to admit though." Kakashi now bent down directly in front of Iruka. "You are the cutest boy I've ever met."

At this Iruka's veins twitched.

/ Were they only talking to me because I was cute? Only cause they thought I was a girl. /

"I AM NOT A GIRL!" Iruka yelled as he pushed Kakashi over and threw his flowers to the ground.

Iruka ran away as quickly as he could, leaving behind two chunins staring at his back.

"Kakashi! You shouldn't have made fun of him. He is probably really embarrassed now." Gai looked down at Kakashi who just kept staring in the direction the boy had ran.

"I better go apologize and give him the flowers he had picked for his mom." Kakashi looked down at the basket that was left behind. "Gai, can I borrow some money to buy a new one of these?"

"You know where we could find them?" Gai looked over the basket.

"Yeah, my mom has one. If we switch the baskets and give my mom's to him then we can go buy mom a new one in the mist village." Kakashi looked over at Gai who thought it was a great idea.


Iruka ran all the way to his house. He even past his dad who was shocked to see the boy so mad. Iruka went into his room and jumped on his bed to smother his face in his pillow while he screamed.

"What happened son?" Iruka's dad sat down beside the bed.

"Iwaspickingflowerswhentwochuninsbrokemom'sbasketandthentheywerereallyniceto mewhenifoundouttheythoughtiwasagirlandoneevenaskedmeoutonadate!" Iruka blurted out everything as quickly as he could. He turned over to see his dad smiling at him.

"People make mistakes. You do look a lot like your mother." Iruka's dad stopped when he noticed that wasn't helping. "But you also remind me of myself when I was your age."

"Really?" Iruka smiled at his dad.

"Yes." They smiled at each other before Iruka's dad got up. "Who knows maybe one day you'll be a better man than me." Was the last thing he said as he left the room.

Iruka slowly got off his bed and dusted off his hands. He looked around his room as if he had forgot something when it hit him.

/ Mom's flowers! /

Iruka heard the door in his house open and ran around the corner to see his mom had just arrived from her mission. Her and his dad chatted for a little while before she winked over in Iruka's direction. He slowly came out from the corner with his eyes downcast.

/ I forgot her flowers. I hope she isn't mad. /

"Why Iruka! You're wearing my favorite kimono! Oh thank you honey. I love seeing you in it." She laughed as she knelt down to hug her son.

"I'm sorry mom." Iruka hugged her really tight.

"Sorry for what?" She held on to him and gazed up at her husband with a confused look.

The doorbell rang.

"Who on earth could that be? I don't think anyone knows your home yet. Maybe they are some of Iruka's friends." Iruka's father opened the door and turned around to smile at Iruka.

"Iruka its for you," he turned to his guest, "why come in come in! Kakashi- sensei! Gai-sensei! It's been awhile what business do you have with our son?"

Kakashi and Gai seemed to be shocked. They didn't realize that the boy from the valley was related to their chunin exam teacher. In fact they didn't even know the guy could smile. Through the whole exam the man yelled and beat everyone to a pulp especially Gai and Kakashi.

Iruka glared at them. He was 5 after all and knew how to show people when he didn't want to see them. Iruka's mother smiled until she saw the look Iruka was giving them.

"Iruka! Mind your manners." She hit him on the back of the head.

"No, its okay. We had a misunderstanding with your son earlier this afternoon, and we wanted to return this." Kakashi showed her the basket full of beautiful flowers.

"You mean you're the boys who thought Iruka was a girl?" The dad glared at the two chunins. "Which one of you hit on him?"

At that the mother broke out laughing. Iruka turned bright red and grabbed the basket from Kakashi. Gai turned bright red and tried to laugh but only a squeak came out. Iruka's father was intimidating when he wanted to be.

"Oh Iruka! Are these the things you were sorry about? Well the flowers are beautiful. You should thank your friends for returning them." Iruka's mom wiped away a tear then pushed him over towards Kakashi and Gai.

"Th.Thank you Kakashi-kun and Gai-kun." Iruka bowed then walked away to his room so his embarrassment could end.

"No prob! Iruka-kuuuuuun." Kakashi smiled when he saw Iruka flinch at the kun part.

"I'm soooooooooo sorry!" Gai called out after Iruka had slammed his door.

"I'm watching you Gai-sensei." Gai turned into stone and slowly looked up to see Iruka's father staring directly at him.


"Iruka I wanted to thank you! This was by far the most interesting and funniest birthday I have ever had." Iruka's mom played with his hair before putting it back in a ponytail. Iruka just sniffed as if he had cried.

"Are you okay dear?"

Iruka turned around and hugged his mom sobbing in her stomach.

"I ruined your birthday! I broke you basket, I forgot your flowers, and I ripped the bottom of your kimono when I was running!" Iruka's mom looked down and sure enough there was a little rip. She smiled.

"Iruka I have my basket and my beautiful flowers. Your kimono can be fixed with some needle and thread, but most important to me Iruka is that I got to spend my birthday with my son. You don't have to worry about anything son because I love you and I know your intentions were sweet." Iruka stopped crying and smiled at his mother.

"Now how about we go get some cookies." Iruka jumped down and grabbed her hand. "Your father made his specialty!" at that Iruka turned around and went back to his bed as his mother laughed.


"Kakashi!" Gai held a bag in his hand.

"What is it Gai? I was just about to chose which book I wanted." Kakashi glared at Gai who came running up with a really happy look in his eye.

"You read too much. Soon you might read all the books in here and have to settle for the perverts books." Gai pointed over to an area behind the curtains.

"I'm not a pervert Gai." Kakashi walked out of the bookstore flowed by Gai. "What's in the bag?"

"My new training suit!" At that Gai pulled a green skintight suit. He grabbed Kakashi's wrist and took him to the training hall.

"Gai what's the point of this. That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen." Kakashi stood outside in the hallway when Gai came running out.

"This will make me the strongest person in the world! Now I can beat you Kakashi!" Gai pointed at Kakashi and started laughing. "This will be the source of all my power!"

"You need to wear the chunin suit. Its kind of a must so they can distinguish between the beginners and the elite." Kakashi stared at his friend and had an annoyed tone in his voice.

"I challenge you Kakashi!"


"And we shall make this interesting. Since I now have a secret source of power!" Gai did a pose.

"Fine, what do you want to do?"

"If I lose then I can never wear this outfit again but if I win, then you have to read one of Jaraiya-sensei's books!" Gai smiled.

"WHAT! NO WAY! That stuff is nasty! He let me peak once! HE'S A PERVERTED OLD MAN!" Kakashi backed away.

"Then I hope you win." At that Gai started to spar with Kakashi.


Iruka had been sent to go buy some 'real' cookies from the bakery. Iruka loved that place; the owner was a nice old woman who always gave him free snacks and the atmosphere of the place made you want to stay there forever.

"Why Iruka! It's been awhile. No parents with you I see. You are just growing up into a nice young man aren't you." The woman smiled showing all her laugh wrinkles. Even if you didn't eat sweets you would have to visit just to meet this woman.

"How many cookies would like?" She pulled out a bag.

"I would like a 5 dozen please." The woman looked surprised.

"Why so much Iruka?"

"It's my mom's birthday and they are going to have friends over." He smiled brightly.

"What will you be doing may I ask?"

"I have to go shopping with my babysitter." Iruka's smile vanished with a huge frown on his face.

"Kurenai isn't so bad now is she?" The old woman laughed as she handed Iruka the bag full of cookies. Iruka just sighed then flashed the woman a smile before he ran outside.

/ Today has been a busy day. I get mistaken for a girl. Mom returns home and we threw a small party for her. I met two rude ninjas who are only a few years older than me. Man I want to take a nap and not have to go with Kuren./

Iruka's thoughts were interrupted after he bumped into an object. He slowly opened his eyes to see the outline of a boy with spiky hair.

"Man Iruka fancy meeting you again today. Maybe its fate." Kakashi laughed as he helped Iruka onto his feet and grabbed the bag.

"Fate?" Iruka gladly took the bag from Kakashi.

"Yeah see I didn't want to suffer alone so can I show you something?" Kakashi's eyes curved as he went through his pack.

"Suffer? No thank you I would rather ." Iruka's eyes went wide as Kakashi pulled out a book and opened it to a certain page that showed pictures.

"What do you think they are doing in this picture?" Kakashi chuckled as Iruka looked disgusted.

"Pervert!" Iruka yelled and Kakashi turned the next page.

Iruka's vision went black.


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