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Chapter 25: The End


Iruka tapped his foot impatiently as he woke up the blonde sleeping behind the Hokage desk.

"Iruka………" There was some mumbling before the blonde wiped the spit from it's lips then blinked a few times.

"Hokage-sama you should really get all your work done before you decide to take a nap!" Iruka sighed before he went to the desk and started organizing the documents.

"Tsunade-sama!" A pink haired young woman came running into the office before doing a polite bow to Iruka. "Iruka-sensei."

"Sakura-san" Iruka smiled as he watched the Hokage's pupil run up to her and ask her some question about medicine.

Iruka sighed as he picked up the stack of completed files and walked out of the office, he could probably finish filing this in an hour, and then he could go to lunch and wake up the Hokage again when he returns…………

An explosion behind Iruka caused all the papers to go flying around the room as Iruka sighed turning around slowly and making his way back to the Hokage's office.

"HAHAHAHA!" A loud obnoxious laughter could be heard resonating from the halls, "I have come for my title as Hokage!"

Iruka glared at Naruto causing the blonde to smile sheepishly before he found his face in the ground with Iruka's foot pressing his head down harder.


"NARUTO!" Iruka clicked his tongue before pushed down harder on the blonde's head. "How many times do I have to tell you to leave Hokage-sama alone on work days! You know how long it is going to take to clean up this mess not to mention find her now that you gave her ample time to escape from the building?"

Naruto laughed as his clone turned into smoke and he hugged Iruka.

"I have seen you in forever ni-chan!" Iruka smiled as he ruffled the boys hair even though the blonde was only a few inches shorter now that he was 18.

A group of ANBU suddenly appeared around them as Naruto 'eeped' before getting in a fighting stance.

The leader of the squad shook his head before his team disappeared and he slipped off his mask glaring at the blonde. "Dobe."

Naruto blushed a bit looking down, catching Iruka off guard before the young man glared over at the dark haired ANBU.

"Sasuke, you look as crabby as ever." Naruto got in a fighting stance.

"Only because you kept me up last night." Sasuke smirked as Naruto blushed deeper causing Iruka to sweat drop.

"Hey guys………" Iruka was about to continue until he felt another presence enter the room.

"Yo" Kakashi curved his eye as he looked around the messy office before he appeared next to Iruka pulling his lover into a tight embrace.

"HEY! Get off of Iruka!" Naruto yelled as he made his way over to them as Kakashi started to molest the chunin. "Hey stop it Kakashi!"

Kakashi just grinned as Iruka blushed.

"Hey Naruto, can you explain the scratches on Sasuke's back? He had a check up this morning and I must say I am a little concerned?" Kakashi asked very amusingly as the blonde stopped in his tracks with a huge blush.

Iruka looked over at Naruto worried, "Wait are you telling me you guys?"

Before Iruka could finish Kakashi pulled him into a cloth covered kiss only to get kicked and sent flying away from his lover by Naruto who was close to being permanently pink from all of his blushing.

"Sasuke!" Naruto glared at his former rival.

"Che, its not like it was the biggest secret in the world." Sasuke smirked before vanishing.

Iruka looked at Naruto.

Naruto avoided eye contact.

Oh, the poor fox boy had some explaining to do.


"Ah!" Iruka gasped as Kakashi nipped down on his neck.

Iruka gripped on the sheets as Kakashi's cool hands explored his body.

The jounin had been gone for over a month this time and Iruka had been surprised to find Kakashi walking into their room as he was getting ready for bed. He had just figured the jounin wouldn't come home till much later.

"You look so cute underneath me!" Kakashi laughed a bit as Iruka glared up at him tightening his legs' grip around the jounin's waist. "Ah, not so tight."

"You didn't tell me Naruto and Sasuke had gotten that serious." Iruka glared at his lover as Kakashi smirked a bit.

"It's not my place to tell you all of Naruto's secrets." Kakashi bent down to kiss Iruka only to have his lips meet with a hand.

"Yes it is." Iruka glared at the jounin.

I'm not going to get any tonight am I? Kakashi thought bitterly as he moved off Iruka and put his shirt back on.

"I will be on the couch if you change your mind." Kakashi gave Iruka a pathetic look before he whimpered away.

"Kakashi!" Iruka sighed loudly as before the said jounin appeared over him once again pinning Iruka's hands above his head and bending down into a passionate kiss.

Yes! Kakashi smirked to himself as his tongue played around in Iruka mouth and the chunin grabbed onto his shirt.

Konoha hadn't changed that much in the 6 years since Naruto had graduated into the ninja academy. Besides the whole Orochimaru and Sasuke thing but that is for another story, we focus on Iruka and Kakashi who while they have had quite a few 'bumps' in their path have still remained together in those six years.

Minus that time when Kakashi set that academy on fire causing Iruka to be so mad at the jounin that he broke up with him…………but Kakashi says it doesn't count since they made up an hour later in the Hokage's office. (Hehehe)

Rough tan hands slowly traced a pale chin, Iruka's fingers moving along the face as if to sketch every feature of the jounin he loved.

"Ruka, that tickles…………stop it." Kakashi mumble tiredly curling up into a ball on the chunin's side.

Iruka smirked as he moved into the warmth of his lover.

Good times.


The couple walked down the street, hand in hand, as the slowly setting sun gave Konoha a bright orange glow. Walking together Kakashi pulled Iruka's hand up to his lips causing the chunin to blush as they made their quiet walk.

Kakashi was still one of the top ranking ninjas in the village, some saying his knowledge and power was equivalent to that of one of the legendary sennins. He still read his infamous book and had actually passed one more team of genin since the first team he had passed.

His silver hair still flopped to the side and he still wore the same outfit he had always worn, though today he wasn't wearing his vest.

Iruka still taught classes though he was no longer found in the mission assigning room as he would often be in Hokage tower making sure Tsunade-sama hadn't ignored her tasks, which made him her very own personal assistant but Iruka didn't like being called that.

Nor did Kakashi like her referring to Iruka as 'her's', him being the jealous type and all.

Iruka was still the same Iruka, emotions and all, his hair being tied back in his typical ponytail, but today instead of his usual uniform, he wore a kimono. . It was a light blue with dark blue and red water designs all over it. The designs showed the land his mother was from. Tall mountains, mist, birds, and flowers, just like the one his mom had loved so much during his childhood with her.

Today was a special day for the two, it was the day the both first met, May 28th, as it was also Iruka's mom's birthday.

Every year since the incident that happened 6 years ago on the day occurred, both would walk to the memorial.

Not that Mizuki's name would be found there but instead it was a way for them to honor their friends, their parents, and their past.

Heidaki was always the first, being the first name carved on there. Pale fingers traced it slowly as Iruka smiled at Kakashi. Then Iruka would pray to his parents as Kakashi made dirty jokes about what he was doing to their son every night.

Iruka hardly made it through the prayer without hitting Kakashi.

Obito……then they would place a flower for Hitomi, a fond memory of Mizuki before, a dirty joke from Kakashi for Hayate………a speech of thanks for Kurenai who had died in the war protecting children.

Both would stay there for a good amount of time telling stories and giving recollections of past memories.

"Oi, Iruka-chan!" A loud and boisterous voice called out causing both the lovers to turn.

Naruto waved as he dragged Sasuke over to the memorial, being followed by an annoyed looking Shikamaru, and Sakura grabbing tightly on the Lee's hand.


"We came to give thanks too." Naruto smiled as he got on this knees and clapped his hands together.

The others followed his direction pausing when some other figures came walking up.

Tsunade smirked as she too sat, as did Anko who was glaring at Gai. Gemna held on to Sayaka's hand as they sat down, Asuma coming up next, throwing his cigarette to the ground before settling next to Shikamaru.

Kiba appeared with akamaru as did Neji holding on the Hinata's hand.

"Thank you Shino." Naruto started.

"Choji." Shikamaru leaned his head back on his former sensei's shoulder.

"Ino." Sakura smiled sadly.

"Tenten." Neji spoke as Hinata comforted him.

"Mom." Kiba bowed.

"Thank you Shizune." Tsunade patted the pig in her arms head as it made a sad squeal.

So many had lost their lives in the war, and yet because of that so many had gained life. Some even had gained a second chance.

"Hey Sasuke-kun, remember the time me and Ino………"

"Oi, Iruka remember when Kurenai tried to dye your hair?"

"Do ya'll remember when pervert sennin……" Naruto was cut off by a wack in the head from Jiraiya.

"I'm not dead yet you idiot." Jiraiya growled as the grouped laughed.

Iruka holding onto Kakashi's hand as the jounin gripped his.

This was Konoha.


This is Konoha.


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