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Fire Demon
Chapter One
By Amber eyes and Crypt chick

Kagome ran as fast her long legs could carry her through the snow covered forest. Her eyes burned with the swelling tears. I can't believe he could be that heartless, Kagome thought. As she ran the bitter wind scrapped her face. Kagome suddenly skidded to a halt before a roaring river. She fell to her knees sobbing silently.

"So you're the miko that the mutt Inuyasha cares so dearly for" said a cruel voice from behind Kagome.

Kagome wheeled around to stare into the face of a fiery youkai. "What is it that you want from me" said Kagome, her voice strong, to hide the lingering fear growing with in her. The demon smirked smelling her fear, and watched as she scoped out an escape.

Kagome jumped to her feet and dashed towards the shelter of the snow covered trees, her path blocked by the now laughing youkai.

"You really think you can escape me you worthless human being" he snapped at the now terrified girl.

"INUYASHA!!!" Kagome screamed, as she tried to scramble out of the demons grasp. Her foot catching on a mangled root as she fell helplessly into the partially frozen river.

Inuyasha sniffed his way through the forest catching faint whiffs of Kagome's scent here and there. That stupid girl shouldn't have run off on her own, he though with a frustrated growl.

Suddenly he stopped; his ears perked as the wind carried something that made his blood run cold.

"INUYASHA!!!!" came the fear stricken cry of Kagome.

"Kagome" Inuyasha screamed as he raced towards the sound of her cry.

The demon spun around, only to stare into the eyes of a very pissed hanyou.

"Where is she?" he snarled.

Amber eyes- single and looking. Black hair, elf ears, amber eyes (duh?!). She wears velvet green top, leather boots, and short tight leather skirt. Do not be deceived by this shy girl in the bed room she's a WILD CAT! Sexual preference: male. State of mentality: sane

Crypt Chick: not commitment to any one. Pink hair, green eyes, nice smile. Wears strait jacket no pants black underwear. Sexual preference: male or female Mentality: utterly insane.

Amber eyes: ha ha ha cliff hanger we'er so evil. Crypt chick: *hysterical laughter* yes evil. Amber eyes: don't mined her she's insane but she does have talent. Kagome: I cant believe you just through me in the water *concerned voice* am I goanna die Crypt chick: he he he *smiles mischievously* Amber eyes: Don't worry Kagome we won't do that to you. Kagome: Oh thank you *tears of joy* Crypt chick: WHAT?!?...what, what .. What is this insanity *stamps foot* Fire demon: *timidly asks* was I fierce enough? Amber eyes: *gently pats him on back* you were wonderful honey. Crypt chick: My GRANDMA is scarier then you. Inuyasha: *burst of laughter* Fire demon:*runs of crying* Amber eyes: damn you Crypt chick, and you Inuyasha! Kagome I am leaving. *runs after Fire demon* Kagome: Inuyasha SIT!! *storms after Amber eyes* THUD Inuyasha: *mumbles long line of curses* Crypt chick: what was that Inu? Inuyasha: Aagh nothing. Crypt chick: well I am not one for long speeches so lets get outta here Inuyasha: Ya, sounds good Crypt chick: alright see you next posting and don't forget to review.