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This is my first Artemis Fowl, a.k.a "Artykins", fanfic so do be kind (glares at everyone). This story emphasizes mostly on romance but I try to add in some action and humor just to make it more interesting.  Oh and another thing, I try to update at least twice a week so you don't have to wait too long for a chapter J

Chapter 1 Rise & Shine

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Artemis Fowl awoke to the sound of someone scurrying in his room.

"What's all this racket about?", he asked to no one in particular.

As he tried to shake the last bit of sleepiness he opened his eyes to see his mother making quite a fuss for him to get up.  Suddenly cold reality dawned upon him. This was the day he was dreading, the day he started his first year at Harvest High School Academy.

"Get up now Arty, you're going to be late for school", Angeline Fowl said in a motherly tone while trying with a lot of effort to open his oversized window curtains.

Artemis noted that his mother never used that tone unless she was excited about something. What could be so exciting about him becoming a freshman, Artemis wondered.  In fact he wasn't excited at all. Like every other teenage kid that dreads being woken up for the first day of school, Artemis stood and slumped to the restroom to get cleaned and dressed.

"What is this grubby clothing they call a uniform?", remarked Artemis while heading down to the diner room with Butler.

"Actually Artemis, it doesn't look half as bad compared to the other one you used to wear", replied Butler.

In the diner room Artemis tried to drone out his mother's chattering while eating his omelet.

"Arty, aren't you excited about going to school? I read that Harvest is one of the top high schools' in Ireland. You'll be so happy for they have resource facilities and a laboratory to which you can use in your spare time...but I know you'll probably be to busy, what with all the friends your going to make. I do wish I could accompany you but I have a very important hair appointment that I just can't reschedule. Nevertheless I know you'll do just fine, chattered his mother noisily."

Artemis grimaced at the ridiculous amount of attention he was getting this morning just because he agreed to go to this school instead of the 'all boy's school' he had last attended.

"Yes, I can't wait to find out what horrible means of torture they have in store for me", he thought to himself sarcastically, and wondered if he dare say it aloud.

He managed a small nod to his mother dismissing the idea from his head. He glanced slowly towards his father, Artemis Fowl I, who was concentrating on the "Stock Market Page" in today's newspaper. Mr. Fowl could feel his son's intent gaze and he lowered his newspaper to face him. He knew very well that Artemis wasn't really fond of this school or any school for that matter but after he had a talk with Arty last night, about the importance of education, Arty seemed to give in to his mother's suggestions.

"I could accompany you to your school Arty if you like", suggested Mr. Fowl fumbling a bit for the right words.

"Oh...", said Artemis disappointment etched all over his tone. He hoped his father would say that he didn't have to go to this school.

"Well, that won't be necessary father, I'll be fine with Butler", replied Artemis, regaining his original composure.

Feeling that all hope was lost he stood and left to his study to prepare his things for school or rather to plan an escape.

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