Illusion of Innocence

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Illusion of Innocence

A Yami's Suspicions

I will sing for crescent moon

Dancing with the castanets

As the end has come so soon

In the land of twilight

Yami reached under the dresser, feeling around for the pieces of gum he had stashed there. It wasn't safe to leave out in the open. But instead of finding gum, Yami's fingers grazed the binding of a book. He grabbed it and slowly pulled it out. It was a small, leather-bound book with the word "Diary" scrawled across the front cover. Yami flipped it open to a random page and started to read, though the date was a few years old.

"Dear Diary, nothing much happened today. Mom was fine and in a good mood for once. Yugi"

Yami shut the book and slid it under the dresser. He thought that had just been a complete waste of time. But that phrase "mom was in a good mood for once" seemed to press into his mind. Oh well. He'd ask Yugi later.

Yugi was on the phone with the "Snake-girl" Nazura. She said somethings and said that she was going to stop by. Yami *hated* her. She was his only superior, the master of games, and beating him several times without even breaking a sweat was something to be bitchy about.

"Ok Nazura, I'll see you two in a few." *click* Yugi bounced out front to the shop and waited for her. Yami was there already.

"Hey Yami, Nazura is coming over." Yugi chirped, happy as could be.

"Great. Yay. Couldn't be happier." Yami said sarcastically and put his head down on the glass display case. There went his good mood.


"I'm here!" Nazura said, stepping in wearing a cobra tank top and jeans. Her blue-tipped white hair was tied back in a ponytail and she held a container under her arm. Yami sat up in a moment's notice, red eyes glaring daggers at her.

Nazura set the container on the display case and opened the lid. She stuck her hand in and a cobra slithered up her arm and off onto the display case. Yami cringed.

"It's ok Yami. He won't bite/spit poison at you." Nazura said as Yugi began playing around with the snake.

Yugi laughed as the snake slithered up one arm, behind his neck and down his other arm. Yami backed up, gathering a "slight' fear of snakes. Nazura laughed and put her hand on Yami's shoulder. She took his other hand and moved it towards her cobra. Yugi gave her some help.

"At least touch it Yami."

After ten minutes, they got Yami to trace his hand along the back of the snake. Yugi soon had it crawling up his arm again. Nazura laughed to herself and ruffled Yami's hair. He glared at her, but she just smiled.

"No." Yami said. The two looked over at Yugi, amusing himself watching the cobra slither from one hand to another.

"Yugi put that disgusting thing down before it bites you!!"

The four looked at the doorway of the game shop to see a woman, maybe in her late thirties, in the doorway. She had long red hair and violet eyes. She wore a yellow sweater and jeans and carried several bags in her arms.

"Um...Hi mom." Yugi said.

"I said put it down."

The cobra slithered off of Yugi and spread its hood, hissing at Mrs. Muto as if to say "Don't call me disgusting you hag". Nazura glared as well. She seemed to take the insult personally. Yami saw one of the snake tattoos on her arms begin to turn liquid. He grabbed her wrist and shook his head. Nazura sighed and looked back at Yugi's mom.

"Mom, this is Nazura, the snake girl."

"Nice to meet you. I'll see you later Yugi." Nazura gathered her snake and container and left the shop.

Mrs. Muto set her bags down and walked over to Yugi and hugged him. Yami looked away and leaned on the display case. He had heard nothing about Yugi's mother, and could barely remember his own.

"Oh, Mom, this is Yami, he' to put this...he's me, but also not me..." Yugi said, trying to explain it. Mrs. Muto didn't really seem to care.

"Anyways...I'm glad you're back home." Yugi said.


"Nazura...pick up the phone..." Yami hissed.


"Nazura, it's me. I need help."

"You need to stay the night?"

"I might need to stay for quite a while."

"Yugi's mum doesn't care to know who you really are?"


"Bring your stuff. I'll send one of the Nazure to lead you. No one but you will see him. He'll take you to my house."


Yami hung up the phone and began packing. He took his black sketchbook (hidden joke [in 'I don't understand']), some clothes, his deck, his toothbrush and hairbrush, random little stuff and the diary under the dresser. He hugged Yugi and left the game shop. As the snake-girl said, one of the Nazure was waiting for him.

Nazura opened the door and welcomed Yami inside.

"I warned them that you were coming. They'll try not to get in your way." Nazura said.

"Arigato." Yami said.

"You're privileged to have my room if you so choose. I'll keep the snakes out here with me on the couch."


"It's late, let's go to bed."





Snake: Hisssssssss. Hiss hissssssssss.