Illusion of Innocence

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Illusion of Innocence


You're giving me too many things

Lately you're all I need

You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you

But does that mean I have to meet your father?

When we are older you'll understand

What I meant when I said "No,

I don't think life is quite that simple"

Nazura and Yami ran as if they had wings on their feet. They had to find Yugi. The stabbing pain in Yami's heart had escalated in the past few minutes. Twice he tripped and nearly cracked his head open because it was so great.

This world is...

"Yami! Come on!" Nazura shouted. Her voice was panicked and urgent. She could sense something bad. fragile...

Yami's heart was being stabbed and torn. He needed Yugi. He needed Yugi just to be there. He needed to be there for Yugi as well. Like he had been...when Yami had his memories return...and his horrible tainted past descend upon him like a hawk.

Even if we do nothing...

Nazura needed Yugi there as well. The two were closer than any sibling relationship in the world. It wasn't passion love, it was pure love. Plain and simple. Simple and clean. She needed Yugi's smile and his laughter. could shatter all by itself...

The two turned the corner and dashed into an apartment building. The elevator was useless, and they raced up the stairs, to the fifteenth floor. Tiredness and fatigue pulled at them, and they both nearly passed out. Their lungs screamed for air and their legs cried for rest.

I smile...

Nazura pushed all of her muscles to their limit and sprinted down the hall and flung open the door to their apartment. Yami ran under her arm and towards Yugi, but Nazura was faster, despite her worn out start.

Yugi didn't move. pretend everything is fine...

"Yugi! Yugi talk to me!" Nazura cried.

Yami whirled, hitting Mrs. Muto in the face, tears streaming from his dangerous, enraged red eyes. hide my pain from others...

"If it was me, I'd have hit you ten times harder! I would have done that a long time ago!" Yami shouted. Mrs. Muto looked away.

"I...I love him...he's my son...he's all I have...sometimes...I can't help myself..." she whispered.

"Yugi! Are you all right?! Yugi!" Yami could barely hear Nazura now.

His rage and fury was focused on the woman.

"That's not love!!!! Yugi...won't hit you back because--!!!"

Yami was cut off by two small arms wrapping around his chest. Nazura was helping Yugi sit up, and his arms were around Yami. His voice was so weak...

"Yami...thank you...both...for rescuing me..."


Nazura came into the hospital room for the fourth time that day. Yami hadn't moved an inch. Verdy sat on his shoulder, motionless.

"I thought you didn't like snakes."

"Well...I'll make one exception."

Nazura pulled up a chair and rested her head on Yami's shoulder. He smiled and put his hand on hers.

"His mother got sent back to prison. I guess that means you can move back in with Yugi." Nazura said, looking at the sleeping boy.

"Yes. I'm kinda looking forwards to being back home."

There was a brief silence.

" what do we do?" Nazura asked.

"I don't know...maybe we can...still be friends?"

Nazura laughed a bit and stood up. She kissed Yami on the cheek and walked out of the room.

When Yugi and Yami returned from their respective places, back to the game shop, they found a pendant sitting on Yugi's bed. With it sat a note.

"Yugi and Yami, I'm sorry to have to say this...but I have to leave. I can't stay in Domino anymore. There are...complications with my life now. I'm leaving on a plane to America. I might not see any of you ever again. I leave the Nazure with you...they asked for it. You can summon them with the pendant. Good-bye. ~Nazura"

The two smiled and glanced out the window, at the serpent-shaped clouds drifting by. Yami flicked on the radio and the two were soon immobilized with fear.

"...jet leaving from Tokyo to America crashed about ten minutes ago. We already have audio clips of some of the passengers in their final moments..."

The two waited...and they heard...

"...*static* Gomenasai...Yugi-kun *static*...and Yami-kun...*static* Sayonara...*static*"

The two felt tears sliding down their cheeks. Yami looked at the clouds and smiled weakly.



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