Volacity Series

Not Human

By Jia Z.


I am not human
I repeat those words to myself
For it all seems like a dream
And I cannot believe its real

These memories in my mind
They are simply a desolate dream
Just like I
A false image

And in the dark moments of the night
I find myself asking the fireflies
Why am I here
Why am I here, for its such a toture

He is real
The one with a past
The one who watches me through my eyes
My other self

All those memories before
They were not real
But since the day I met you
I have found what it means to be alive

You are the sole one I survive for
The one who looks at me with those eyes
You are all that I know
The one who says those words

I am not human
But you do not seem to care
I am not real
But with you I am everything


Editor's Notes: This was a collection of very bizzare poems that Jia wrote during the Christmas after 9/11. "Not Human" is the eighth installment of the Volacity series. This poem was inspired by TamChronin's CCS fic of the same title. "Not Human" is one of the best CCS fics and must be read by all. Anyway, be kind and review.


Note: For the other installments of the Volacity series, please look into Jia's profile.

© 2003 by Jia Z.