Volacity Series

Once Upon A Time

By Jia Z.


I am the past of once upon a time
Hidden within crimson eyes
I tell of a riddled story
The tale of a broken family

There was the father that was never there
The mother that was a silent ray of light
The brother that was a hero
A perfect story they could have weaved

Yet that was long, long ago
When crimson eyes were blue
Blue as the sky and travelled as far
But they have decaded and become broken mirrors

You look at me, yet you look through me
For there is none of blue in red
And there is none of red in blue
I am simply the past that no longer exists

How I wish to be in that fairy tale
Where the gallant knight shall come and save me
But this is not a tale of great happiness
And the bitter inferno still ignites

The monster whom I am
I shall never be ride of
For he is me and I am him
Neither can live without the other

I am simply the past of once upon a time
A faded pair of siamese blue
That once looked to the hero
But once upon a time does not exist


Editor's Notes: This was a collection of very bizzare poems that Jia wrote during the Christmas after 9/11. "Once Upon A Time" is the first installment of the Volacity series. Jia has always found the character of Celena/Dilandau very interesting and has been inspired by them many times. Anyway, be kind and review.


Note: For the other installments of the Volacity series, please look into Jia's profile.

© 2003 by Jia Z.