This is my first Aoshi x Misao fic. It is a WaFF/Fluff one shot. It probably has a LOT of errors in it, so feel free to correct me. If desire MORE FLUFF, I will write more WaFF/Fluff of AxM as additional chapters to this. I'll add other side stories such as this one, or I might add more WaFF/Fluff to this as a ch.2 and then add additional stories. Its all depending on if you really want me to, or else I'll leave it as it is. Please tell me your thoughts on this & my fic, please.



Misao watched as rain splattered against the window from inside the Aoiya. She could see Aoshi just sitting there, outside, on porch of the shrine, meditating.

'He's been like that for the longest time…'

She thought as her palms slid down the glass.


The rain blurred out in Misao's view of Aoshi. It almost appeared as if Aoshi was behind bars like a jail.

''I'll bust you out, I promise. I'll be the one to bring you out of your own jail.'

Her hands rolled up into fists as she closed her eyes and hit the window softly with one of those fists. She rested her head against the window and closed her weary eyes. But she wouldn't let her everlasting smiling fade.

'One day, we'll be free.'

"Misao." A familiar voice came from behind her. It was Okina.

"Nn." Misao mumbled in response.

"You've been standing at the window all morning…" Okina said. Misao turned her head to look at the old man. She nodded.

"Ever since Aoshi woke him up, of course." Okina chuckled.

'I followed you everywhere. Hours before Sunrise is nothing.

Just to see you, is all I need.

But what I want is to be with you.'

"It's past noon. Aren't you hungry, Misao?" He heard her stomach growl as she sheepishly put a hand over it and turned to Okina, sighing.

'Aoshi-Sama is my hunger. I'm starving…'

"Not really…" She lied, eyes driving to the ground.

"Well. I'm sure Aoshi is." Okina said.

"Oh! Then…" Misao started and smiled as she regained her sunny composure, "I guess I'll make some lunch for him!" She clasped her hands together. Okina left and then returned without a word, holding up a tray of a set of cups and bowls accompanied with rice and tea.

'There's two of each…' Her heart was filled of joy. She smiled as she took the tray lightly.

"A-Arigatou!" She managed and was so happy she ran out of the Aoiya and into the rain.

'Spending time with you…

Sounds like Heaven…'

She hopped from on foot to the other, carefully holding the tray, avoiding muddy puddles. Aoshi pretended not to notice the girl as she sprung up the steps and came under the porch. She shook her head so that the water droplets flew all around. It left her hair messier than usual.


"Aoshi-Sama. I brought you some food. I'm sorry for interrupting you." Misao bowed as she sat down on her knees, laying the tray down on the wooden floor.

Aoshi opened one eye to look at the girl. Misao looked back, with a hopeful smile. He then opened the other to look at her. Misao felt her cheeks warm up.

"Eat up, Aoshi-Sama. You need your strength. Here." She offered as she poured some tea into a cup and held it out to him. She watched as Aoshi took the cup from her with a strong hand that swallowed hers up. The moment seemed to last forever for Misao as she watched in amazement. But in reality, Aoshi was only taking a cup from Misao's hand.

Aoshi raised the cup to his lips and quietly sipped the tea. Misao eagerly picked up a set of chopsticks and a bowl full of rice and held it up.

"Oh! And this too!" She wanted Aoshi back to his old self. Well, not that. She wanted Aoshi to be…

'I want you to be alive again…'

"Misao." Aoshi spoke. It sounded harsh. Misao lowered her head.

"Sorry…" She laid the food down onto the tray.

'Everything seems so far away now, Aoshi-Sama…'

That strong hand reached out and squeezed the small girl's shoulder. Misao raised her head.

"Misao. I was saying thank you for bringing this." He said in that deep voice. Her whole body tingled. It tickled. So, she laughed. Aoshi never quite understood the girl's emotions, but was relieved somewhat when Misao laughed.

"May I join you, then, Aoshi-Sama?" She asked now, very, very happy. Aoshi nodded as he took his rice bowl back after he had set down his tea for the moment. Misao scooted up sitting directly next to Aoshi. His huge form seemingly looming over Misao.

'I feel so safe'

Misao began to eat. She felt her strength return. She felt the energy flow through her whole body… or it could of just been her love for Aoshi.

Misao stared forward into the rain she sipped her tea. Watching the droplets fall quickly once more, it looked like bars of a cage. But at least…

'At least now I'm trapped with Aoshi. This way, we'll be able to get through this together. It will be soon.'

Misao glanced over at Aoshi. He sat there, watching the rain as well, with those ice blue eyes. She felt like she could stare at him forever. She might get lost, though. Lost in those ice blue eyes. She wondered what he was thinking. Was it about Himura? About himself? About her? She blushed as Aoshi returned the gaze. It looked questioning. Misao shrugged as she finished her tea and her was just now finishing her rice. Aoshi had finished just now. He ate slowly, but he wasn't the one with wandering mind and a colorful imagination.

The clank of Aoshi's bowl against the wooden floor as he laid it down startled Misao. She jumped a bit and silently gasped. She had accustomed to the silence as Aoshi had. Perhaps it was a positive thing, as Misao noticed something.

"Yatta! The rain has stopped. Aoshi-Sama! Let's go for a walk!" Misao stood.

'Please come with me Aoshi-Sama, please.'

Aoshi sat there for a few moments, hands on his knees as he lowered his head, as if he were thinking. Then finally…

"Alright." He said as he stood.

"Hai!" Misao happily agreed as she jumped a little, then picked up the dishes and set them aside for them moment. She turned to go but Aoshi intervened.

"Misao. Wait."

"Nn? What is it?" Misao titled to her head. Aoshi took her chin in his hand and wiped away pieces of rice by her mouth. He then released his grip and left Misao in his dust. Misao was stunned at first but shook off her silly thoughts and chased after him.

"Eeaaah! Aoshi-Sama!" The former Okashira heard from behind him. The man in the giant trench turned. He turned to find Misao stuck. Stuck in the mud.

"I'm sinking! Heeelp! Aosho-Sama! I'm becoming even shorter!" It seemed if Misao had jumped right into a muddy puddle left by the rain and the girl shinobi was sinking. Aoshi would of smiled except for the fact that he wasn't the one likely to. But inwardly--he did.

Aoshi walked back and plucked the stuck shinobi, named Misao, the current Okashira out of the mud and while holding her, removed her shoes, then carried her away.

'What… What is Aoshi-Sama doing…?'

Misao laughed. "Aoshi-Sama!" He held her bridal style. She looked up at him. His head didn't move, but those ice blue eyes did. They moved to her.

"I can't afford you having to sink in the mud every time you step in every little puddle."

"It was a BIG puddle, Aoshi-Sama." Misao corrected. It nearly swallowed her whole! But then, so could Aoshi's hand and just about everything else.

"You're just small." He said. Misao twitched as she grinned.

"No! Everyone is just tall! Especially you!"

"Perhaps." He said.

Once they two were out of all the puddles and such and onto a road, Aoshi set Misao down.

"Where to?" He asked. Misao looked around, hand up to her forehead. She shrugged.

"It doesn't matter! The point of a walk isn't your destination!" She said adventurously and threw a fist into the air as she walked down the dirt path leading through some trees.

Aoshi was left behind. He stood and watched the young girl become a woman. She had always been like this. Why wish for anyone else? One might have almost seen him smile…

"Come on, Aoshi-Sama! Don't be a slowpoke!" She waved from up ahead. Aoshi calmly walked up on ahead. Misao smiled and giggled as he walked up. The two walked side by side.

Misao looked up and saw the sky dim again.

"That's strange. I thought the sun was out now!" She said and watched the pale sky.

"Misao. There are things called clouds." Aoshi said. Misao laughed as she looked up to him in surprise.

"Was that some sort of joke or something, Aoshi-Sama!?" She laughed some more. Aoshi didn't get it. Was it that funny? Of course not, Misao just laughs a lot. It was that ticklish feeling in her heart that sent chills all over her.

"Misao, Misao." He shook his head and placed a hand on her head and directed her attention to the path ahead. He dropped his hand to his side. Misao smiled and blushed, looking forward.

'I'll look to the path that lies ahead of me--With Aoshi-Sama of course! There's nothing stopping us now!'


A loud clasp of thunder disrupted the air. Misao shrieked as she jumped into the air. Aoshi seemed unaffected. It wasn't long before more rain pelted down upon the two.

"Oh great! It started again! That means more puddles!" Misao panicked.

Aoshi rolled his eyes. Misao and puddles. Oh yeah, what a danger. Japan's doomed.

"This way." He instructed and took her hand in his own and lead her away. Aoshi seemed to be running to fast to be for Misao so he slowed down the pace, even at the sacrifice of getting soaked.

He lead her up a hill. At the top of the hill sat a Sakura tree going into bloom. It was spring. Love was in the air! Or it just could have been two people walking up a hill. But for the sake of a romance… Love was in the air! Especially for our dear Misao.

"Oh, it's cold." Misao rubbed her bare arms as she paced underneath the tree. Petals fell around the couple.

Aoshi stood underneath the tree at it's edge, waiting ever patiently for the rain to stop. Misao brushed up against him, leaning on him. Aoshi looked down at her from the corner of his eyes. Misao noticed.

"Cold." She said stubbornly, explaining her actions somewhat.

Misao felt something heavy drop onto her. Heavy, Dark, Sudden!

"Oh no! Aoshi-Sama!" She called out.

"The least you could do is wear the coat right, if that is, you were really cold. It's not a play tent." She heard as the heavy trench coat was properly placed on Misao via Aoshi. Misao's cheeks became warm and pink as he whispered the words in her ear. She nodded slowly.

Misao backed up and leaned against the tree, pulling the coat up cloe to herself as she slid down the trunck and sat down on the crisp green grass untouched by the rain. She slowly closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of her cheeks and breathing in the scent of Aoshi's coat. A falling petal tickled her nose as she slowly opened her eyes to find a pair of ice blue eyes staring into hers.

"Aoshi-Sama?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Hn?" Came a stolid reply. Yet his eyes kept staring, penetrating into Misao's depths.

"What are you looking at?" She smiled. Misao could of sworn she saw something warm in those icy hues.

'Warmth…from Aoshi-Sama…'

Aoshi blinked as he sat down next to Misao eyes wandering off into space.


"I see." Misao said with a smile. She giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing! Just happy, I guess!" Misao said, smiling as she looked over at him.

"For what reason?" Aoshi sure was in a talkative mood today…

"When I'm in your company, Aoshi-Sama, how can I possibly not be happy?" She admitted as she blushed.

"How can someone… like myself ever make you happy, Misao?" His voice sounded sad, almost… Misao gave a hopeful smile.

"You can, and you do. In every single way." She comforted as shelet her hand rest on his arm. Aoshi went quiet. Misao knew this type of hurt. The pain that Aoshi felt. She was more than happy to comfort the one she loved the most. She really, was the only one that could. No one else saw what Misao saw in Aoshi.

The two stayed quiet under the cherry blossom tree until Misao broke the silence as she shouted out.

"Aoshi-Sama! A rainbow!!" She shouted happily with sparkling eyes. She stood up quickly, the trench coat slipping off her shoulders. She grabbed Aoshi's hand and tried to pull him up.

"Aoooshiiiiiii-Samaaaa! Come see the rainbow! C'mon! Lets go! Auugh! You're soooo heaaaavyyy!" She struggled as she tugged on Aoshi's arm, as Aoshi just sat there.

"I rather not Misao." He said as he lowered his head.

"Well, I rather you do. It's a beautiful sight!" She insisted.

"Darkness is all I have at this moment." Aoshi said. Misao sighed a bit and knelt down next to him. She placed her hand once again on his arm.

"I'll be your light, Aoshi-Sama." Misao said and looked longingly at him. Aoshi closed his eyes, as if once again lost in thought.

"I promise, I will…" Misao said as she leaned forward and hugged him. It was a while before Misao felt Aoshi pull her closer in a tight hug.

'Free, at last…'