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Morning Meditations

A short fanfic by Sakura 12/15/03


"Bleh. Chores." Misao muttered as she propped the broom up against the wall. She crossed her arms and wandered about the Aoiya.

'Wonder what Aoshi-Sama is up to.' She thought with a smile upon her lips as she strolled outside and walked around on the outside path. To Aoshi's location we go… whee! Heh. This made her smile grow.

Aoshi let out a sigh upon those lips as a candle flickered in his room, where he sat meditating. He heard a rhythmic beat coming closer. Misao…? Of course. It stopped. He opened his eyes and watched his door. Nothing happened. But with his excellent hearing, he could hear even the tiniest sounds… like Misao's breathing.

Misao watched his door. Her hands lay at her sides. Her eyes didn't budge. But her hands twitched. The wind blew through her hair slightly. She knew Aoshi was in there. She just couldn't continue on walking, or summon enough courage to knock on the door, although she really didn't want anything.

Aoshi watched the door intently as well, until finally he made his move. From his sitting position, he held up one long arm and reached for the shoji[?] style doors and opened them. There Misao stood, with a surprised expression upon her face.

Misao blushed slightly. Gods, was this man perfect or what!? She smiled as she held up a hand and waved.

"Ano…Konnichiwa Aoshi-Sama!… I didn't disturb you… did I?" She suddenly worried. Aoshi closed his eyes as he shook his head slightly.

"Do you need something, Misao?" He asked, eyes still closed.

She shook her head, although she wasn't sure if Aoshi knew that she shook her head.

"Ano, Its nothing Aoshi-Sama." But she continued to stay there.

"Are you finished with you're chores?" He asked, although he knew the answer.

"Are you going to tell me to go do them if I say yes?" She asked nervously, still right at the entrance of his room.

Aoshi stayed quiet for a moment, thinking.

"Misao, do you ever meditate?" He asked.

"Yeah, some…times.." She stretched the truth a bit. Aoshi opened his eyes to look at her. He watched her for a moment before he patted a space next to him.

"Y-you mean it, Aoshi-Sama?" She asked, thrilled.

"Would you rather do chores?" He asked. What a simple question to answer! She most definitely spend time with Aoshi rather than a broom!!

"Hee. No." She said as she walked in and shut the door behind her, then sat right next to Aoshi, his tall form looming over her. She sat there, not really knowing what to do. Aoshi looked down at the girl.

"You have never meditated, have you, Misao?" He asked. Misao lowered her head. She didn't know what to say. She was embarrassed though.

"…Iie. I haven't. I'm sorry for lying Aoshi-Sama." She looked away from that stare…

"It's alright. Although you should meditate more often." Misao gave a small nod. He closed his eyes and continued to meditate. Misao sat there, in a sloppy meditation form. She didn't really know what to do. She heard Aoshi sigh. He then opened his eyes to look at her. She looked back.

He lightly pulled Misao's arm and pulled her over to him. She felt like she was gliding as her small body was easily pulled along.

"Now. You want to sit like this…" He wrapped his arms around her and moved her legs to the position. Misao stayed absolutely still and didn't move away from him an inch. She did exactly what she was told. Only by Aoshi, of course.

"Good, Misao, now…" He whispered in her ear. She melt as if she could melt in his arms right then and there. He then went to move her hands.

Unfortunately, Aoshi found that he could part with them. He just simply held them in his grasp. His cold eyes softened as he leaned forward and laid his head on her neck. Misao felt a wave go through her. That shiver up her spine. Bit then she was warm. Misao was being held by Aoshi and his face was practically buried in her neck.

She was about to speak when Aoshi then moved her hands into the position quickly. He then scooted away from her. This made Misao feel that all that happened above was just her imagination.

"Now what?" She asked, blushing from thinking of what just happened.

"Now, you think… of what makes you the happiest." His reply surprised Misao.

"W-What makes me happiest…? That's meditation…?" She asked. Aoshi nodded, meditating.

"That is how one finds peace within themselves." He said. Whoever would of thought that his happiest thing was sitting right next to him.

"Oh wow.." Misao mumbled. If thinking of a person that makes you happy is meditating, she meditated day and night!

She sat there, and daydreamed-- I mean, meditated about Aoshi. She now understood how Aoshi could sit here all day. But, Aoshi had been through tough times, and he needed to find his inner peace, more than anyone else needed to. That's what Misao thought. She wondered what his happiness was… What was hiding behind those icy orbs?


"Huh?" She blinked.

"Nothing." He looked away. That's when she realized she had been staring at him the whole time. She blushed strawberry red and tilted her head away as well. The two sat together is silence for a long time.

Eventually, Aoshi heard a yawn from Misao, and peeked over to see her. She was growing quite tired, it seemed, a calm expression upon her face. She always did though. She always seemed like such a happy person. He wondered what kept her going…

Soon, Misao fell over, sleeping, leaning against Aoshi. He gently looked down at her. Misao had meditated for over an hour, she deserved an afternoon nap. Besides, she looked cute when she slept. Aoshi scratched that. Misao looked nice all the time, just particularly adorable when she slept like a child. Upon his arm he could feel her soft breaths in even intervals.

"Aoshi-Sama." He heard. He looked down. Misao slept peacefully. A small smile crept upon her face. She was dreaming of him!? Was it possible that Aoshi was her happiness!? That the reason why she kept smiling, this whole entire time, was just because of him? Of how she went on day after day, taking those clear crisp breathes of air on a fall morning, those days that make you feel so alive, was he the source of all of that!? Darn right Aoshi was! He was her meditation…and vice versa. They kept each other going strong… alive…

"Ah.. Aoshi-Sama.." Misao opened her eyes. She found herself in Aoshi's arms. What a sight, he was… Aoshi continued to search within the depths of Misao's eyes. Little did he know, Misao was doing the very same.

"Aoshi-Sama, what's your… special thing you meditate about..?" She asked.

"It's a person."

"Tell me who it is!" Misao said and continued, "Is it someone you love?"

"That's right."


"Tell me yours first." He said, now holding Misao in his lap, arms wrapped around her.

"You of course. Why else would I chased you all over Japan. That's a silly question, Aoshi-Sama. Don't be silly, now. But, tell me, now."

"You're the one who is silly." He said.

"Huh?" But before Misao knew it, she felt his lips press against hers, pulling her into a sweet kiss she would have only dreamed about.

"Aishiteru, Misao." He whispered in her ear, as she blushed.

'Whoever said meditating was boring!?' She thought!

The End