"Sometimes I hurt."

He sat on the small bunk, knees pulled against his chest, and stared at the wall. It

had no decorations; all four were padded with white. The floor was concrete, though. A

tiny Plexiglas window was hidden at the top right of the wall to his left, and across from

it was a white door he couldn't open. There was a strange pulsing in his chest cavity, and

he couldn't quite understand what it was.

"Sometimes I forget."

He couldn't quite remember why he was in such a room all the time. After all, he

didn't like white, and he loved large windows. And the area was much too small. But

there was nothing he could do about it, and he was fine. Food was always pushed in an

inward-swinging trap door in the wall when he was hungry. He tilted his head the other

way, trying to get rid of the nagging feeling that he was missing something important.

Very important. But the feeling had been there for as long as he could remember anyway.

…Although that wasn't very long, of course.

            He sighed, running now-pale fingers across his white sheets. He didn't know his

own name, but it didn't matter. That's not what he was missing, he knew it. But

something, something… Sighing again, he turned to look out the window, to a tiny

rectangle of blue skies.

"Sometimes… I miss you."

            Yoh stood outside, leaning against the door. He's been listening to the dispirited

phrases from inside. The last one was strange, it sounded like… Well, frankly, like

whoever had said it had no idea what it meant, even though their soul was screaming it. A

soft, sad smile adorned his lips as he turned to leave, whispering softly. "Sometimes I

miss you too, aniki."


Well, there you have it. It's either friendship or

love or one-sided love, or whatever you want it

to be. It's your choice.