Bad by the Lady Arianrod

Disclaimer: I don't own RK!

Summary: Sanosuke musings.


My symbol is "bad".

Yeah, I've been branded and singled out by that damn Imperialist government, but now.... I've come to accept that name. Acceptance comes with time, as does letting go of grief...

Tell me, how the hell do I get rid of my sadness and keep the dreams of the Sekihoutai alive at the same time? Got any ideas?

Didn't think so.

I know the way you think, all you lying, cheating Imperialists. Liars with the front of being kind, foxes behind the image of an innocent lamb. You can't fool me. Believe me, I've seen a lot. To you, I'm probably just another warrior for hire. I'm one of those stone-faced warriors with a swift blade and a heart of steel.

I've heard that story many times. And yet for some odd reason, I'd bet that you've never heard mine.

At the mention of the name "Sekihoutai", a few words may come to your mind.




Ever think of loyal? Deceived? Gone?

I sometimes with they'd taken me with them, all of those guys and Captain Sagara himself.... those faces of long-gone days of glory and nights laughing around the campfire.

That's enough about me. No one understands the Sekihoutai anyway, especially Imperialists. To you we're still foolish, or now just a memory of some false dreams.

You were the ones who fooled us and fueled these dreams. Betrayal is the most bitter when it is disguised under a promise of cooperation, support, and trust.

You said you'd give us all these things... why the hell did you take them away? Why the hell did you ruin what I could have had, my future? You took my purpose away with the lives that were unjustly stolen. You were all cold, colder than the steel bullets that tore through Captain Sagara's flesh.

Don't sneer at me, Imperialists, for the Sekihoutai lives on. I will carry on their dream for equality among all people into the future, even if I am the only surviving member.

I promise.

And you, Battousai..... you've defeated me.

I failed the Sekihoutai....

Damn you, Himura Kenshin! Damn imperialist. Stop pretending to understand me. Stop talking about that plan you have for making all equal and protecting the weak with your one sword...

Stop sounding like Captain Sagara.

I don't see why I somehow listen to you, even believe you. Quit making me believe an Imperialist, Himura Kenshin! Quit it already!

Oh, and if you continue on this quest, you'll never know that Captain Sagara also had these dreams. And I won't fight along with you, Imperialist.

At least not yet.



End notes: Please note that this is just when Kenshin first fights Sanosuke... that is what I tried to capture-- his POV at this point. Also note that this was done around midnight and quite quickly, making it slightly incoherent and a bit choppy, but hopefully Sano-ish nonetheless.