For Love or Money

A/N.This fic is totally AU. I don't own OC or General Hospital


He couldn't believe he was actually doing this as he stepped out of his mom's car outside of the Harbor School.

"Bye sweetie," said Tracy Quartermein to her son.

"You know I still don't get why I had to go to Newport with you mom," said Dillon Quartermein.

"Would you rather go to military school," said Tracy.

"No," said Dillon.

"Well go have fun," said Tracy, "I have an important meeting with someone."

"Bye," said Dillon as he headed into the crowd.


Later On.

Summer Roberts was standing in the courtyard with her best friend Marissa Cooper.

"Coop," Summer said looking at Dillon and Anna Stern, "who's that with Pittsburgh."

"I've never seen him before," said Marissa, "he must be new."

"Well," said Summer, "Maybe I'll ask him out."

"But what about Seth," said Marissa, "I thought you were dating him."

"Right I forgot about Cohen," said Summer.

Just then Ryan Atwood came over.

"Hey Summer," Ryan said, "hi Marissa."

He hissed his girlfriend.

"Hey so are we on for tonight," said Marissa.

"What's tonight," said Ryan.

"My mom is having a dinner party," said Marissa, "I need to go."

"Fine," said Ryan.


A few minutes later Seth Cohen, Anna and Dillon headed over.

"Dillon," said Seth pointing to Summer, "This is my girlfriend Summer Roberts."

"Hi," said Summer.

"Hi," said Dillon.

"And this is my 'brother' and best friend Ryan Atwood and his girlfriend Marissa Cooper," said Seth.

They exchanged hellos and thus began a friendship.



"So," said Tracy, "you have a daughter whose Dillon's age."

"Yes," said Julie Cooper, "my Marissa is seventeen are you thinking what I am."

"That we merge families," said Tracy, "tell Dillon and Marissa that if they don't get together they get cut off."

"I like that," said Julie, "besides I'm sure Dillon's ten times better then that Chino kid Marissa is with now."

"Trust me he is," said Tracy.



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