For Love or Money

A/N.This fic is totally AU. I don't own OC or General Hospital


"You done thinking," said Dillon.

"Yea," said Georgie, "and I made up my mind I'm with Seth now Sorry."

"It's ok," said Dillon, "I deserve it."

Dillon walked away and Seth turned to Georgie.

"Are you crazy," said Seth, "I know true love when I see it."

"Yea," said Georgie, "then you must be blind."

Funny," said Seth, "anyway there's a spark between you and Dillon that's not between the two of us."

"There could be,' said Georgie.

"No there can't," said Seth, "go back to him you know you want to."

"And you," said Georgie.

"I'll reconcile with Summer," said Seth, "if not there's always Anna."

"Well goodbye," said Georgie.

"Bye," said Seth.


"Dillon,' said Georgie, "wait up."

"What now," said Dillon.

"This," said Georgie kissing him, "I changed my mind Dillon you're my one and only and you always will be."

"I love you too Georgie," said Dillon, 'now lets go home."