Chapter 1:
Fearless Cherry Blossom

Syaoran belongs to a popular group across the country and it's his group's habit to spread fear among their schoolmates. Unfortunately, there's someone in the school who is not scared of them—no other than Sakura. Little did Syaoran know that he is starting to have a thing for Sakura.

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It was the first day of school after winter break and the news about the popular guys attending there quickly spread out. Everyone was so excited about the arrival. However, once the members of the popular group arrived, everyone was awestruck as these 'cool' guys continuously bully them all. They did not expect them to be that way but they had no choice but to accept it though.

Since then everyone was scared of the name "Wolves": the name of the pop group. It seemed like everyone was all trying their best not to be in their way as much as possible. But there was one girl, Sakura, who didn't care about them at all.


"So who's our target today?" asked the eager Aki.

"I want to bully a new one today," added Yamazaki.

"But everyone's like… trying not to be around us as much as possible," commented Eriol.

Syaoran was quiet on his chair, busy looking out somewhere in the far side of the room. The three noticed him and asked what he was looking at. Yamazaki saw what he was looking at and began to tease him.

"The question is not 'what is it', guys," said Yamazaki. "But 'who is it?'"

Syaoran seemed not to hear him so Aki stepped on his foot getting his full attention now. "What the hell did you do that for?" bellowed Syaoran.

"Chill, man," Eriol said. "Who are you looking at out there?"

"You seemed so far away with those eyes, you know," Aki added.

"It's just that girl," Syaoran said, pointing at the girl, reading a book on the other side of the room. "The girl with the auburn hair with emerald eyes. There's something about her."

"How the heck do you know that her eyes are 'emerald', huh?" Yamazaki asked.

"I've been seeing her around the hallways," Syaoran answered quickly. Now he knew what his friends were trying to point out and there would be no way that they could make him admit something.

"What about making her our victim today eh?" Aki suggested.

"My pleasure," Syaoran said immediately and wished that his answer lessened his friends' suspicions. Without hearing everybody's acceptance, he stood up from his seat and walked on his way to the emerald beauty.


Sakura noticed someone walking towards her and the thought came to her mind that it was her best friend, Tomoyo but it was not. It was the famous big bully in school—Syaoran. She wondered what the heck does he want from her but her first thought was, he wasn't actually going to her.

Well, she was wrong.

Her eyes were still on the book she was reading, hoping that the guy approaching her was going to someone else. She had seen people standing up when one of the Wolves was coming their way just to not get bullied but she was different. These guys were just normal people like her, how come they think they are all superior?

'Yeah right, they are superior to me financially, but not in terms of humanity in this school. We have a right to be here and besides, we pay our tuition fees to study in this school, not to run away from these show-offs. I'm staying here. I'm not scared of him.'


Syaoran knew this girl he was approaching would rise up in a second but she didn't even move a single muscle except when she was turning a page of her book. 'Maybe she doesn't know I'm coming to her or she's not aware of me being here. But that's impossible; everybody else stood up except her. It's strange if she's so stuck up reading that stupid book.'

Syaoran stopped in front of her but she didn't look up at him. 'This is not working. She's a retard.' To get her attention, he closed the book she was holding and she screamed in frustration. "What the hell!" she shouted at him. "Now I don't know which page I'm in! How dare you!"

Everybody in the room all stared at them and the three other Wolves were still sitting down, smiling, while watching the scene. "You're making a scandal, big mouthy girl," Syaoran said.

Sakura stood up in anger but realized that it was a wrong move. It just showed their big height difference. 'But oh well, still… How dare he do that?' "And you're a show off, you git!" she flashed back at him. "What are you trying to do coming up to me, huh?"

"Why are you so angry?" Syaoran said in high tone. "I just made you forget which page you are in this stupid book. What's the big deal?"

"Big deal!" Sakura shouted way more loudly. "I'm reading that book because I have to report the whole story in class orally after lunch! I was trying to finish the last chapter but you goddamn closed it! Now instead of practicing my report for the rest of lunch period, I have to waste my time looking for the freakin' page!"

"Chill, big mouth," Syaoran said in a calm voice that annoyed Sakura more. "Let me clear this out for you. That's the whole point: me closing your book. So that you're gonna fail in the report of yours later. See yah girl." He faced his back in front of her but she held him back because he still has her book.

There was something in her touch that froze his mind all of a sudden. And Sakura seemed to have felt the same way too.

"Give me my book back, you git!" Sakura said in a plain voice.

Syaoran gave her book back quietly—without any further arguments. He was still wondering what was that he just felt. His heart was beating so fast now and there was great tension between them. He walked away slowly from Sakura, unaware of Sakura's smirk behind him.

Sakura held him back once again and the feeling was there again. But a great pain followed the abrupt feeling as Sakura slapped his face so hard. He was surprised—he couldn't believe what just happened. His friends quickly stood up and went to him as Sakura strode away from them with her smirk still on her face.

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