Love Always Wins

Hello! Yes, this is another Taiora Fanfic! It is written by tai'sfan and Agumon 2003! Oh, and we've ignored the fact that everyone in the world has a digimon!

Chapter 1: The Dream

Sunset, the end to a wonderful day. And indeed it was a wonderful day for Tai Kamiya, for he had just won yet another soccer match. The star player of the winning team laughed as he walked home with his childhood friend, Sora Takenouchi.

"You were great today Tai!" Sora exclaimed as the sun set behind the couple.

"Thanks Sora," Tai thanked, glad that Sora was with him. "It's too bad none of the other digidestined could come and watch."

"Yeah…" Sora replied slightly disappointed

"But I can always count on my best friend to be there for me!"

Sora beamed up at the bushy haired team. "Yep! That's me Tai. Your best friend since pre-school."

'Though I wish I was more than a friend.' Sora thought to herself.

The pair continued to laugh and talk, thankful that they had each other for company, until all too soon they approached Tai's apartment. The Two teens felt their hearts sadden as they had to say goodbye.

"Well," Tai spoke after a few brief silent moments. "This is my stop. I'll see you tomorrow Sora!"

"Oh, OK. Bye Tai!"

As Tai started walking up the stairs to his apartment, Sora turned around and started walking towards hers.

'I can't believe it's been 3 years since we defeated MaloMyotismon!' thought Sora. 'And I can't believe Tai and I are already 17! Kari has grown up too, she's already 14 and she's dating TK. Yolei and Ken are dating too. It's a shame me and Matt broke up, but we're still friends. But, I don't love him anymore, I love someone else. Oh Tai, I wish I could tell you how I feel.'

All too soon Sora reached her home. She quickly climbed up the stairs and walked down the corridor to her door. As usual, it was unlocked, meaning that her mother was home. She turned the handle and walked in, greeting her mother.

"Hi mum! I'm home."

" Hi Sora!" Mrs Takenouchi greeted her daughter happily. "Was the soccer match good?"

"It sure was. Tai's team won!"

"That's good. Dinner's nearly ready so go wash your hands."

"OK mum!"

After quickly washing her hands and helping to set the table, Sora and her mother ate their dinner, then had some sushi. Afterwards, Sora decided to watch some TV, catching the highlights from the latest Big Brother. When the clock struck 11, Sora decided it was time to turn in, and quickly prepared for bed. She fell asleep instantly. Sora was enjoying a peaceful dream, until it turned into a nightmare. . .

Sora was running through a dark, spooky forest. She didn't know where she was running, but she knew she had to find someone. Her heart was telling her that someone close to her was in Then, suddenly, she heard a voice.

"Sora, Sora!"

Instantly, Sora recognised the familiar male voice.

"I'm coming Tai! Hold on!"

"Please help, help me!" Tai screamed out, his voice echoing in the forest.

Sora ran a fast as she could, trying to find Tai. She could hear him, but she couldn't see him. Then, she heard two very familiar evil voices…

"Ha, ha, ha! You'll never find him in time, you fool!"

"Say goodbye to your leader!"

" NOOOOOO! Tai!" Sora screamed, desperately trying to run faster.



Sora woke up and bolted up in bed, her body covered in a cold sweat, her breathing heavy. Tai's scream was still running through her mind.

"It was only a dream," she told herself, "but I've been having this dream for a week now. Is it trying to tell me something?"

Sora looked at her clock. It was 1am. She decided it was best to go back to sleep, since she had a big day a head of her.


The next day, Sora woke up late. Very late.

"Oh damn it!" She cursed as she quickly got dressed, falling over as she did so. "Why did I sleep in? I'm gonna be in so much trouble!"

As soon as she was dressed, Sora rushed out her room, grabbing some breakfast as she did, and made a dash for Tai's place. She soon arrived, completely out of breath, to find Tai, Kari and TK waiting outside the apartment block.

"Sora, you're late," Tai said mockingly, pretending to tap his watch.

"Sorry Tai," Sorry apologised, trying to catch her breath. "I slept in."

"That's OK," Kari smiled, "TK Was also late."

"Yeah!" TK said bashfully, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry about that!"

Kari just giggled and kissed her boyfriend, causing TK to blush.

"How many times do I have to tell you two, no kissing in front of me!" Tai exclaimed, pretending to be angry.

"Sorry Tai!" TK and Kari giggled.

"Apology accepted. Now lets get going!"

"Yeah!" The group cheered

Kari, TK, Sora and Tai spent the whole day together. First, they all went ice-skating. Sora wasn't very good, so Tai helped her by holding her hand. Sora blushed but Tai didn't seem to notice. Then, after a quick lunch they went to the mall. TK and Tai had to carry all the bags! After they dumped their bags, all 4 of the friends had a picnic on the beach. TK and Kari wondered off down the beach, leaving Tai and Sora on their own.

"Tai…" spoke Sora

"Yeah Sora?" Answered Tai, throwing his empty drinks can into the nearest bin.

"I…I need to tell you something…"

"What is it Sor? You can tell me. I'm your best friend!"

"Well… erm…" Sora began to panic.

'Oh man now I've done it! Quick, think of something!'

"Well you see Tai, I had this dream last night…"

Sora quickly explained to Tai her nightmare, which had haunted her these last few days; how she was running; that she could hear Tai screaming and the two evil voices.

"…And this dream has got me really worried cause I've been having it every night."

"…" Tai remained silent

"Oh Tai," Sora exhaled, "what do you think?"

"Well," said Tai, choosing his words very carefully, "I know it's only a dream. But if something did happen to me, I know my best friend will always help me!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm worrying over nothing. Thanks Tai!"


Meanwhile, somewhere evil in the digiworld, two very familiar evil digimon were watching Tai and Sora on a screen…

"Fools!" spoke the first digimon. "They have no idea what we are planning for them!"

"They are humans," spoke the second digimon. "What did you expect from the digibrats?"

"Calm down my friend, we will strike soon, when the time is right."

"Good, I'm tired of waiting!"


Back at the beach, Kari and TK had returned…

"Where did you two go?" Tai asked curiously

"Nowhere, why?" Kari answered innocently

"Never mind," said Tai, not wanting to stick is nose into his sister's business. He checked his watch. "Well, it's getting late, I think I'll go home."

"Me too," said Sora, standing up

"TK and I are gonna stay out for a bit longer," said Kari, winking at TK. TK began to blush.

"OK, just be careful," Tai said in his protective brotherly voice. He said goodbye to the two younger teens and looked around for Sora, who had disappeared. He soon spotted her a short distance away. He ran to catch up with her.

"Hey Sora! Wait up! I'll walk you home." Tai shouted after his friend. He soon caught up with her.

"Oh, you don't have to do that Tai" blushed Sora

"But I want to. Besides what are friends for?"

Tai and Sora walked through the streets, talking about sports, and their digimon. Soon, they were at Sora's house. They said goodbye to each other, then Tai walked home. Sora's eyes followed Tai as he walked down the street. 'I have to tell him soon', she thought. Then she went inside.

Tai walked down the road, humming slightly. He was almost home.

'Wow, today was such a blast!' he thought. 'Too bad I didn't tell Sora how I feel. I wonder if she feels the same?'

As Tai was walking down the empty, dark street, a shadow ran in front of Tai.

"Who's there?" Tai shouted out, stopping in his tracks.

No one answered

"I must be imagining things," Tai reassured himself.

Tai started walking again, little did he know that a shadow was following him. Tai felt someone watching him and began to walk faster. He still felt like he was beginning followed, go he ran. He hid down an ally. He waited a few minutes, then thought it was safe to come out of his hiding place. As he walked out into the street, something creeping up behind him and grabbed him.


The next day, Sora woke up to the sound of her mother saying "Wake up Sora! I'm going to work no. See you later!"

"I'm up, I'm up! Bye mum!"

Sora got dressed then ate some breakfast. She saw a list of chores her mother had left her and began cleaning the house. It took her the whole day to clean the house. When she was done, she watched the TV. The news was on.

"And our top story today," spoke the female newsreader, "a teenage boy has gone missing. Tai Kamiya was last seen by his sister at the beach but he hasn't been seen since-"

"What!" Sora jumped up in disbelief. "Tai's missing! This can't be true!"

Sora ran to the phone and quickly dialled the Kamiya's number. As the phone rand, Sora could feel her heart beating faster and faster. Soon, someone on the other end of the line answered.

"Hello?" came Kari's desperate voice. "Tai, is that you!"

"No, it's Sora."

"Oh," Kari answered disappointedly.

"Kari, is it true?"

"Unfortunately it is. Tai's missing!"

What happened to Tai? Will the others be able to find him? Read the next chapter to find out!