Love Always Wins-

Chapter 2: The Search

"And our top story today," spoke the female newsreader, "a teenage boy has gone missing. Tai Kamiya was last seen by his sister at the beach but he hasn't been seen since-"

"What!" Sora jumped up in disbelief. "Tai's missing! This can't be true!"

Sora ran to the phone and quickly dialled the Kamiya's number. As the phone rand, Sora could feel her heart beating faster and faster. Soon, someone on the other end of the line answered.

"Hello?" came Kari's desperate voice. "Tai, is that you!"

"No, it's Sora."

"Oh," Kari answered disappointedly.

"Kari, is it true?"

"Unfortunately it is. Tai's missing!"

Sora stood there, frozen with shock. She couldn't believe it. The leader of the digidestined, her best friend, her Tai was missing! She had only seen him yesterday.

"Sora?" asked Kari, worried that she couldn't here Sora anymore. "Are you still there?" Sora?

"Huh?" Sora soon snapped out of her thoughts. "Oh, yeah Kari, I'm still here."

"Thank god! I thought you'd gone missing too."

"Kari I would never leave my friends, you know that. Especially when they need me."

"Yeah I know. But I can't help but worrying. Listen, all the digidestined and the digimon are coming round tomorrow to help me look for Tai. Can you come too Sora? I really need you. Apart from me, Tai was closest to you and you could really help us."

"Sure Kari. I'll come over tomorrow, if it will help us find Tai."

"Oh, thank you Sora! I'm so glad you're around. Listen I better go, the police are back and they need to talk to me. Bye."

"Bye Kari."

Kari hung up and Sora stood there for a moment, then slowly placed the phone back on the receiver. She couldn't believe what had happened. She was the last person to see Tai before he disappeared. Tears started to form in her eyes. All she wanted to do was cry. She tried her best to hold the tears back, but one single tear ran down her cheek. Biyomon, who had come in when Sora was talking to Kari, had heard what had happened to Tai and tried to comfort Sora. Just then, Sora's mum walked into the apartment.

"Hi Sora!" Mrs Takenouchi soon spotted the tears falling down Sora's cheeks. "Huh? What's wrong?"

Sora couldn't hold it in. She fell into her mother's arms and started crying. She told her mother what had happened to Tai. Sora's mum was in shock, but she knew that he daughter needed her right now, especially when she knew Sora's feelings towards Tai. She held Sora in her arms and started to comfort her.

Later that night, when Sora had calmed down, Sora had a nightmare, the same one she had the other night but this time, it was slightly different.

Sora was running through a dark, spooky forest. She didn't know where she was running, but she knew she had to find someone. Her heart was telling her that someone close to her was in Then, suddenly, she heard a voice.

"Sora, Sora!"

Instantly, Sora recognised the familiar male voice.

"I'm coming Tai! Hold on!"

"Please help, help me!" Tai screamed out, his voice echoing in the forest.

Sora ran a fast as she could, trying to find Tai. She could hear him, but she couldn't see him. Then, she heard two evil voices. She stopped running and looked up. Up in the dark sky, where two figures. Sora recognised them from somewhere but she couldn't put her finger on who they were. Then, the two figures spoke.

"Ha, ha, ha! You'll never find him in time, you fool!"

"Say goodbye to your leader!"

"NO! Tai! I won't let you hurt him!"

"AHHHHHHHH!" Tai screamed

"TAI! NO!"

Sora woke up in a cold sweat. Tai's scream was still running through her mind, like it did before. Sora looked at her clock. It was 1am. Biyomon was asleep next to her and was breathing quietly. Sora got up and walked over to her desk, where she kept all her photos. She picked up her favourite one; it was of her and Tai sitting in the park, when the digidestined (old and new) had gotten together to celebrate the anniversary of defeating Myotismon (Season 2 episode "A Ghost of a Chance"). They were sitting underneath their favourite tree. Tai had his arms wrapped around Sora and was doing a peace sign, whilst smiling his famous Kamiya smile. Sora was leaning ever so slightly towards Tai and was blushing slightly. Seeing this photo brought another tear to her eye. As it fell down her cheek, she whispered to herself.

"Oh Tai, where are you? I miss you so much."


Meanwhile, somewhere in the digital world, was a dark castle, which looked liked it has just been attacked. Thunder roared in the background, and lightning lit up the dark sky. Inside the ruined castle, all the rooms were enormous but pitch black and were only lit by a single candle. Inside this castle, you could hear footsteps. A human was wondering around the castle, looking for an exit. This human was Taichi "Tai" Kamiya.

"Where am I," Tai spoke to himself. "And how do I get outta here? I've been here for hours now but there doesn't seem to be an exit. And why do I get the feeling that I've been here before? I wonder if the other's know where I am. Knowing them, Mimi would be wailing, Joe would be having a panic attack, Izzy will be on his computer looking for Genii, Matt will be too busy with his band to help, Kari, TK and Cody would be the ones coming up with the plan to find me, Davis would be playing soccer or stuffing his face, Yolei and Ken would be too busy to even notice and Sora. Sora will hopefully look for me, like I would do for her. I hope she got my email via the D-terminal. Oh Sora."

Tai continued to wonder around. Soon he came to a huge, ancient door. He tried one of the handles. It was unlocked. Tai hoped that that was the way out, but he didn't know how wrong he was.

He walked into the room; it was the same as the others, only bigger. Tai was just about to walk out, when he suddenly felt someone watching him. He turned around and faced the room.

"Who's there?"

No one answered him. He slowly started walking into the middle of the room.

"I know you're there, so show yourself!"

Tai was again about to leave, when the door suddenly shut behind him. Tai ran back to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. Then, Tai heard two familiar voices.

"It's nice to see you again, Tai Kamiya!" spoke to first voice

"Who…who's there?" Tai asked into the darkness

"You should know, since we've met before." The second voice spoke

"Show yourself, cowards!" Tai shouted, fear rising inside of him

"Strong words coming from the bearer of courage."

Tai gasped "How did you know that?"

"We know many things Tai Kamiya. Things that happened in the past, things that are happening in the present, and things that are to come."

"If you do know what's to come, then tell me!"

"Don't worry, you'll soon find out! And this time, no one can help you. Not your friends, not the digimon, not even Agumon."

"What do you mean?" Tai's voice broke in fear

The two voices disappeared. Tai started to panic. He had a really bad feeling. Then, Tai heard two evil laughs. He looked up to see two figures hovering above him. Now he knew why the two voices were so familiar. But before Tai could say anything, something hit him in the chest. He was thrown towards the back of the room. As Tai tried to get up, he could here the voices once again.

"Goodbye, leader of the digidestined!"

Tai heard another attack coming. With the last of his strength, she shouted for the one person he new could hear him and help him.



The next day, the digidestined were out in the town looking for Tai. They had been round to Kari's house and had spilt up into groups. The groups were:

Matt, Mimi, Izzy, Gabumon, Palmon and Tentomon. Davis, Cody, Joe, Veemon, Armodilamon and Gomamon. TK, Kari, Patamon and Gatomon. Ken, Yolei, Wormon and Hawkmon. Sora, Biyomon and Agumon.

The groups had been searching all morning, but were not giving up. Sora and the two digimon were searching Tai's favourite park. Sora was still really upset about Tai. Biyomon and Agumon could see that and tried to help her, but they were unsuccessful. Sora was walking past her and Tai's favourite tree, where they had spent most of their childhood playing under together, when her D-Terminal started beeping. She pulled it out of her backpack and started to read it. She gasped as soon as she had finished. Agumon and Biyomon were confused.

"Sora, what's going on?" The small pink digimon asked her friend

"It's Tai!" Sore exclaimed "He sent me an email! But it says it's from yesterday, why am I only getting it now?"

"Really!" Agumon jumped up. "From Tai! What does it say!"

Sora showed the two excited digimon the email. It read:

Dear Sora, I really hope that you get this. I'm somewhere in the digital world. I'm not sure where exactly, but it's a creepy old castle. The sky is always dark and I feel as if I've been here before. Please help. Tai

Agumon and Biyomon re-read the email over and over again but didn't know where Tai was. Sora was also trying to work out where he was. Just then, she heard Tai screaming. She thought she was having the dream again, but this time, the scream was calling for her, and it sounded like Tai was hurt.

"Tai!" Sora screamed

Biyomon and Agumon looked at each other with concerned looks.

"Sora, what's wrong?" Biyomon asked

"I...I heard Tai screaming!"

"What!" The two digimon shouted

Sora knew that Tai was in trouble, she could feel it. Just then, it hit her. She knew where Tai was. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and dialled Kari's number. It rang and rang, but no one picked up. She tried Mimi's, but it was busy. She tried everyone's phone, but it was either busy, engaged, turned off or they just wouldn't answer. She tried Kari's again, but she still didn't answer, so Sora left a message:

"Kari, its Sora! Listen, I know where Tai is! Contact me via the D-Terminal as soon as you get this message."

Sora through her phone back in her pocket after she left her message and started to run home. Biyomon and Agumon ran after her, asking what she was doing.

"I know where Tai is," she told them, "but I can't contact the others to tell them, so we have to go to the digital world on our own."

"But where in the digiworld?" Agumon asked

"Don't worry, I know where he is!"

Sora raced up the stairs to her apartment, the two digimon following her. She grabbed her keys out of her pocket and opened the door as quickly as possible. The fact that she kept on dropping them didn't help. Once she did open the door, she raced inside, Agumon and Biyomon at her feet. Sora's mother was still working at the flower shop, so no one was home. She ran into her room and held up the digivice to her computer and shouted "digiport open!" There was a bright blue light, then, Sora, Agumon and Biyomon were gone.

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