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The Egyptian Star

Royalties up to mischief!!! Runaway!!

Written by Azzie/Az Alienna Azuani

Prince Atemu sighed in boredom as Shimon continued to talk endlessly about this certain business between the royal families and the ruling priest among the members of the court. The young prince yawned unashamedly, as he played with his food.

'Atemu-child... don't play with your food..', came a loving voice scolding him softly, beside. Atemu pouted in a very cute way as he looked up towards his queen mother guiltily. 'Haha-ue... I'm full and Shimon's speech was boring... I wanna sleep...', whined the young prince as the elderly woman chuckled in delight at her only child's antiques. The queen hugged the young prince affectionately as she called out for Shimon.

'Shimon, the prince was tired. Please escort him to his chambers....', said the queen as the pharaoh gave her and his young son a smile. Shimon, who was at the time was telling the pharaoh about the events occurring earlier that day, just shrugged and lead the young prince out of the dining hall. (Drats!! I'm making this up. How on earth I'm gonna know where the pharaoh eats!) Atemu smiled happily as Shimon led him towards his sleeping chamber...

'Shimon...! Why did you always talk so much with chichi-ue? It's so boring...', said Atemu as he pouted at him. The elderly advisor gave him a knowing look. 'It's my duty, my prince... But hey, the queen said that you're tired! You didn't look as tired or sleepy as she said... Are you up to something?' Atemu gave Shimon an innocent look. 'Wha...? Me? No... nothing. I was tired. Your speech was really boring...', said Atem again, yawning as they arrived to his sleeping chamber. 'Alright... I believed you. But don't you go running off outside again like last time...!!', said Shimon sternly as he ushered him inside.

Prince Atemu gave Shimon a dignified look. 'What, me...? No, I wouldn't do that... so don't lock the door!!! Please... what if I got to go to the loo?', begged the prince. The advisor gave the look of disbelief at the young prince.

'Good night, my prince...', drawled the old man as Shimon bowed and closed the ten feet golden door before locking it. The prince, who had promised Mana to accompany her for her detention that night at the library (coz' Mana had mistakenly dispose a 1000-year-old invisible ink scroll which she think was a piece of plain paper while she was cleaning Mahado's room) was determined not to break his promises with his friend.

The prince went to the armoire and pulled a well hidden common clothes and a robe from the heap of blankets and colorful clothes. Atem quickly changed from his royal robes into a commoner's outfit. He grinned in mischief as he blew out the candles. Atemu slowly open the door by magic and muttered a simple incantation to make the guard outside the door asleep for four hours. He crept outside, was feeling satisfied that the spell worked after he nudging a guard with his finger and the guard didn't move but snoring deeply.

There was a hidden trap door that leads to the library near the place where he stood. The young prince grinned in delight as he magically lock the door to his chambers again before sneaking off to the library...

At the library...

Young Mana sighed in exasperation as she attempted to place a thick spell book on the top of a high shelf. The stool that she used to stand on, shook as she strived to push the book in. The girl slipped over the effort as she fell on the floor. The book that she was trying to place on the shelf started to loose its balance and started to fall on her, along with some other old books. Mana cried as she was about to be bombarded with a bunch of old books. But seconds later, she stopped shouting as she realized that the books didn't fall over her.

Mana looked over her head in surprise to find the books fully suspended over her as the hovering objects flew to their respective shelves and stayed their neatly. The girl gasped in surprise as she heard a hearty chuckle from her back and turned around. Mana smiled in relief as she saw her visitor and straightened up to greet him.

Atemu smiled at her in return as he surveyed the library and the tower of books on the floor. 'So this was what Mahado asked you to do for your punishment?', said the young prince as the girl sighed in response. 'Hai... it's boring! Hey Mana!! Let's sneak outside to play!!', cried Atemu as he pulled Mana's hand to make her follow him.

Mana stopped him. 'Ojii-sama, I can't!! Mahado told me that I must put back all the books on their respective shelves before I can get out...', said Mana as Atemu shook his head at her before walking up towards the stacks of books. Atem held his hand together as he chanted a few spells. And like magic, the books glowed and hovered towards the shelves.

Minutes later, the floor was bare and the books were neatly stacked on their shelves as if the place hadn't been messy before. Mana gasped in awe as Atem gave her a smirk. 'Let's go!!', chirped Atem as he dragged Mana out of the library...

'Ojii-sama!! That was neat!! Can you teach me that trick?', gasped Mana as they scampered along the corridors and out of plain sight. 'Yup... as long as you don't tell people about this.', said Atemu as he added. 'And called me Atemu. I don't want my identity known while we're outside at the city...', whispered Atemu as they tried to sneak past a sleeping guard.

And as they almost thought that the coast was clear, another voice stopped them on their tracks. 'Oi!! Where are you going, Mana?', cried Seto as both of them turned around towards him. Seto was about to give Mana a stern scolding, but he noticed Atemu in his commoner's guise. He gasped. 'Ojii-sama... what are you doing? Are you going to sneak out again?', hissed Seto, partly in surprise and worry. Atemu grinned mischievously at him as he nodded. 'Yup!! Want to join me?', snorted the prince as Mana gave him a scared look.

Seto frowned at him. 'Prince Atemu, are you gonna land me into trouble again?! Last time, Shimon and Akunadin had gave me a nasty lecture about not to put you in danger!!! It's horrible!!! I don't wanna get it again! Next time they said they gonna spank me if I let you out again...'

Atemu pouted at him. 'Aah... Seto!! It'll be fun... Don't tell me that you don't want to play cards again with me and those other kids...', jested the young prince as he waved his deck in front of him. Seto whistled to himself suddenly as he took out his own deck from his sleeves. 'Ookay... I get the bait. But just make sure we don't get caught! We'll be in great trouble if we did...', hissed Seto back as he joined them on their little 'mission'. Atemu chuckled in delight as he hugged his cousin. 'Seto, you're the best!!', cried Atemu as the three scampered towards the palace grounds.

Unfortunately for the three, Mahado chose the time to emerge in front of them. The 15-year-old placed his hands at his hips as he glared at the trio. 'Mana, what are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to tidy up the library? Or did these two kids helped you out on that?', scolded Mahado as he glared at the young prince and Seto. Mana bowed guiltily at her older brother as Atemu stood protectively in front of her. 'Don't be mad at Mana. I was the one asking her to accompany me. Seto was not at fault too...', he said bravely as he looked up toward the elder mage apprentice.

Mahado looked at the child prince with mixed feelings. 'My prince... why did you do this? The pharaoh and your queen mother would not be pleased...', said the older boy. Prince Atemu pouted at him angrily. 'I'm still a kid!! I wanna go out and play too! It's no fun here... having to just study and hear Shimon's boring talk... I need to have fun too...', said the prince as he was in a verge of crying. Mahado's features softened as he knelt in front of the prince. He sighed. 'I would never win over you... Alright, I let you guys go out. But I'll be watching over you three... It's dangerous out there! What if there's thugs out there capturing you? You're the crown prince!!', said Mahado again as Atemu nodded and wiped the tears from his face.

Seto grinned at his cousin (well, he doesn't know it yet... but both of them had been very close, that it doesn't matter... -) as he wrapped his arm around his shoulder. 'Don't you worry about this guy. He's just tensed out coz' Shimon made him study ten books over these past few days...', explained the boy as Atemu kicked his foot. Mahado smiled as he escorted the three kids out of the palace gates. And what would made the scene livelier than the arrival of the said advisor Shimon!!

'Hey, you four!! What are you guys doing?!', cried Shimon as Atemu cried in surprise. 'Oh-uh... the big guy came!! Let's run for it...', cried Mahado as he carried the prince in his arms and ran away with his younger sister and young Seto. Atemu laughed in glee all the way as he watched his guardian shouted and huffed as they left him far behind...

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