AN: IS IT TRUE?! Did John and Shayera ACTUALLY KISS on Saturdays episode of Justice League? I was babysitting with a friend of mine, and I MISSED IT! The event I've been waiting for for two years and I MISSED IT! ARGHHHHHHHH!

John floated into the Watchtower's airlock, and from there into the main area before letting down his protective green bubble. He stretched and yawned. He hated flying halfway across the galaxy and back in one night, but there had been a Green Lantern call, and he had to answer it. And he didn't want to spend one minute longer than he had to in the Grikan Galaxy. He headed towards his room, passing by the room where Flash happened to be watching TV.

"Hey, GL! Is that you?" Flash called.

"Yeah." John stopped and leaned against the door jamb wearily. "What?"

"Hawkgirl was looking for you a few hours ago. Said she wanted to talk to you. Looked kind of upset. What did you do?"


"The only time you and Hawkgirl talk, hell, every time you get in the same room, you start yelling and arguing with each other. So I just assumed. . ."

"Don't." John said. "Where's Shay, err, Hawkgirl now?"

"No clue. Haven't seen or heard her since she was looking for you."

"Hmm. Thanks."

John continued deeper into the Watchtower. Shayera was looking for him? She was upset and wanted to talk? What was wrong? He was so deep in thought that he walked right into Batman's back, sending them both reeling, but neither of them fell.

"Sorry." John said with a yawn.

"It's all right." Batman said. "You should know, Hawkgirl's looking for you."

"So Flash told me. How do you know?"

"She dived into my work shop to avoid Superman and Diana, then asked me if I'd seen you. I told her no, and she left. I haven't seen her since."

"She's avoiding Superman and Diana?" John asked, confused. Shayera wasn't the type to avoid anyone. "Why?"

"That's right, you weren't here. Where were you anyway?"

"Grikan Galaxy."

"Nasty place."

"I know. Now, what happened?"

"I don't know any details. I just know that Superman, Diana, and Hawkgirl went out on a case, and something happened that really upset Hawkgirl. According to something I overheard from Superman, Hawkgirl even cried. Apparently, Superman and Diana wanted to talk to Hawkgirl, but Hawkgirl only wanted to talk to you, so she was avoiding them, and looking for you."

"Oh, okay. Thanks." John left Batman, really worried now. Shayera had cried? He headed towards the wing where his and Shayera's bedrooms were, separate from the rest of the team. John smiled at that. It seemed Shayera and he were both loners. He walked past his bedroom, giving it a longing glance, then shaking his head. Shayera was upset and wanted to talk to him. That was more important then him sleeping.

He walked up to Shayera's door and knocked firmly. There was no answer, and when he tried the door, he found it was locked. But John knew Shayera was in there. After looking around (and feeling silly once he did, he and Shayera were the only ones in this wing) John used his ring to unlock the door, then slid it open. The room was dark, but a shaft of light from the open door fell upon the bed, and revealed Shayera's sleeping form, her back to him.

Despite his tiredness, John had to smile when he saw Shayera sleeping peacefully. He was about to turn and go when he saw her stir and open her eyes.

"John?" She whispered.

"Yeah." He said, coming in and closing the door. Shayera sat up and reached over to turn on her bedside lamp, as John came over and sat down on her bed.

"Flash, and Batman, said that you were looking for me. What's up?"

"How'd you know I was in here?" Shayera asked him.

"Well, it is pretty late."

"Really? What time is it?"

"It's about two thirty Shayera."

"Really? Jeez, I went out like a light." Shayera said with a yawn, sitting up more in her bed as she did, revealing her choice of nightshirt. John smirked.

"What?" She asked, noticing his smile.

"Your wearing my shirt. You kept it?"

"Of course I did John. . . I mean, it's very comfortable."

"I'm sure it is. It looks good on you."


"Your welcome. Now, what did you want to talk to me about? Batman said you were avoiding Diana and Superman, and Flash thought you looked upset. What's wrong Shayera?"

Shayera looked away from him, and quietly told him about everything that had happened. When she got to the part about Grundy's death, and his question to her about his soul, Shayera started crying again. John moved so that he was sitting next to her on the bed and put an arm around her, letting her cry on his shoulder.

"I never believed in anything." Shayera said. "I never had a reason to believe. But now, I have every reason to believe in something, and yet. . . I still don't."

John wrapped both arms around her and pulled her into his lap, wings and all.

"Oh Shy. I wish there was something I could do for you." He whispered into her shoulder. Shayera looked up at him, then she whimpered and tore herself out of his arms. John knew that look in Shayera's eyes and dived for her. But Shayera had already panicked, and she scrambled off her bed, making for the door.

John chased Shayera into the hallway. John knew that Shayera was scared, scared of getting to close, of getting hurt, but he wasn't going to let her run away from him again. He drew closer and closer, finally diving and wrapping his arm around her, making sure he cradled her head as he slammed her into the hallway wall, only hard enough to surprise her, not hurt or scare her.

Shayera stared up at him her bright green eyes wide and scared. John leaned down, feeling himself being pulled in, and unable to resist. He stopped when they were nose to nose, their noses actually touching. Their lips were centimeters apart, and they could feel each others breath on their lips.

Shayera's heart was pounding and she was having trouble breathing. John and she were literally nose to nose. His arms were still around her, holding her tight against his chest, yet he was also using his body weight to keep her pinned to the wall. John's breath was warm on her cool lips, and she felt like she would drown in his dark eyes.

"Shayera. Don't run from me. Please." John finally whispered, pulling back and letting her go slowly. They stood facing each other, eyes wide, breathing erratic. This time, it was Shayera who made the first move. She reached up and stroked his cheek. Her hand was slightly cold as her fingers traced his cheekbone, down his jaw line to his chin, and then his lips.

His skin was warm and smooth under her fingertips. As her fingers traced his lips, his eyes slid almost closed, and he kissed her fingertips softly. Shayera jumped in surprise, and her finger left his lips briefly. But she quickly put her fingers back. John's hand came up to cup her cheek, then he began to trace the contours of her face with his fingertips, copying what she had done only moments before, and when he reached her lips, she mimicked what he had done, kissing his fingertips.

She moved her hand over his face, and he mirrored her actions, both of them trying to memorize the shape and feel of the others face. Shayera's hand slid down to the side of John's neck and he followed the motion with his own hand. His other hand came up and his fingers laced behind her neck. Shayera followed his move, her thumb stroking the smooth skin behind his ears, making shivers run down John's spine.

He moved closer and she moved to meet him. At first it was just a light touch, just the barest brushing of lips. John pulled back and stared at her. Shayera reached for him and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply. John cupped the back of her head and deepened the kiss, his other arm wrapping tightly around her waist.

Shayera finally pulled back to breath and smiled up at him. Then she frowned and buried her face in his chest.

"I can't even believe in this John."

"I'll help you believe in it." John promised. Shayera pulled back and smiled up at him, her cheek wet with tears. John reached up and wiped her tears away. Then he leaned in and pressed his lips to her again. The kiss was gentle at first, then slowly more demanding and passionate. Shayera pulled back and rested her forehead against him.

"Give me something to believe in, John." She whispered.

"I will." John promised. "I'll help you believe in love."