Minian: dragon owns neither golden sun nor yu yu hakusho…

Dragon: ^-^ good chao

Demons and djinn: chapter one: fever, sleet, ether and bane

One day yusuke managed to get everyone to the park

Hiei: hn

Botan: cheer up hiei! It a beautiful day!

Kuwabra: yea shorty something blue falls out of the sky, followed by a red, brown and a purple one

All djinn: X-X

Kurama: what are those

Bane: you idiots! Now were all lost!

Ether: geez, you don't need to get homicidal!

Yukina: awww, there soooo cute goes over and hugs sleet

Sleet: ^_____^

Fever: how do we get back!?!

Botan: back to where?

Fever: to weyard

Bane: baka! They don't know about weyard

Fever: ;-; I'm not stupid

Bane: oh yea

Fever: yea start casting various psynergy

Hiei: what the hell

Sleet: stop!!! Casts frost if we want to get out of here we have to stay calm… so I'm taking command

Bane: no way! I'm the leaders djinni, so I'm the leader!

Ether: rolls eyes who says Felix isn't the leader

Bane: shut up! No one asked you! All the djinni fight

Botan: will you all shut up! We'll help you!

All djinn: eyes glitter really!

Botan: yea

Yusuke: ok me and kuwabara and botan and yukina will find these peoples your looking for while hiei and kurama will watch them

Half an hour later at kurama's house

Kurama: good thing my mom's out of town

Hiei: hn

Bane: …

Ether: flies off

Hiei: counts the djinn ones missing…

Kurama: where did it go!

In the kitchen

Ether: eating ice cream when hiei walks in

Hiei: O-O

Ether: urp

Hiei: YOU ATE ALL THE SWEET SNOW!!!!!!!!! Chases after ether

Ether: eep uses psynergy to get the ice cream bucket stuck on hiei's head

Hiei: get it off

Kurama: apparently they're telepathic

Hiei: pulls bucket off his head yea

Fever: running around with a vase on his head

Kurama: hey put that down its my moms

Fever: trips and vase brakes eep

Kurama: turns all yoko-ishgrr

All djinn: eep run around in circles

One hour later

Ether: these people aren't bad

Sleet: especially that nice blue-haired girl… ahh, if only I were human

Fever: if only we had arms

Ether: too bad she's that evil short dude's sister

Hiei/kurama: O-O

Other djinn: you can read minds

Ether: it's only fair that we Jupiter djinni get all the powers of the Jupiter adepts…

Everyone else: …

Bane: then what am I thinking

Ether: easy… you don't think

Bane: err 'nother djinni fight

End of chapter one

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