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Chapter 2: not all blue haired girls are nice

Sleet: I wanna go to the mall

Hiei: -_- why?

Sleet: ^____^ so I can get a spiky bracelet

Bane: we don't have arms…

Sleet: starts crying nooooooooooooooo!

Kurama: …

at the mall

Hiei: why are you in my hair again?

Ether: we need a place to hide

Fever: and its nice and warm cuddles up in hiei's hair

Bane: oh! Theres the hot topic store

Fever: no! I wanna go to sanario!

Everyone looks at hiei

Hiei: points to kurama he said it

Kurama: no I didn't

Sleet: its bad to lie

Hiei: I didn't lie

Sleet: oooo!  You did it again!

Hiei: forget it…

Near the parking lot

Kurama: feeding the pigeons

Mia: walks up to them

Kurama: oh, yukina…looks closer wait, your not yukina, sorry

Mia: its ok, I kind of got separated from my friends, and I was wondering if you could help me find them, please

Hiei: why should we help?

Mia: whacks him on the head with her mace well, that's rude

Hiei: starts to pull out his katana when…

Sleet: ;-; owwww, your mean! I'm gonna tell my mommy

Mia: sleet…

Sheet: mia, your alive they hug and cheese

Kurama: okay…
Hiei: yes, we got rid of one!

Mia: no way! I don't trust you! Who knows what you'll do to the other djinni!

Kurama: so you're staying with us

Mia: yep!

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