Memories of the Dead, Souls of the Living
A Transformers Armada/Yu-Yu Hakusho story


I credit the Transformers franchise as property of Hasbro & Takara, Cartoon Network, Aeon
Inc., and SD Entertainment has dibs on the Transformers Armada show. Yu-Yu Hakusho is
owned by FUNimation, who also do Dragonball-Z (basically those two shows are
FUNimation's only good work).




"Oh my God! Someone call 911!" A crowd quickly gathered around the car crash. Already,
sirens could be heard in the distance. At the center of this human circle was a little
girl with shoulder-length blonde hair. She was dressed in a red shirt, bluejeans and

"No, it can't be!" A boy burst through the crowd. He had blond hair too and green eyes.
He knelt by the girl. "Marcy. Marcy, open your eyes. Marcy, this isn't funny. Please
open your eyes... Marcy, Marcy!" Two bystanders took the boy. As much as the boy tried,
he couldn't break their grip. When they finally let go of him, he dropped to his knees,
crying. "Marcy, no, please don't die, please don't die!"

Almost 10 years later.

Rad shot out of the door, harnessing his backpack on his right shoulder. "See ya', Mom!"
He called out. As Rad ran down the street, a riderless mountain bike rode along side of
him. "Highwire! Thanks for the ride!" Rad leaped onto the Minicon bike and together,
the two dashed off towards school.

Rad wasted no time. As soon as he was within ten feet of the school building, he leaped
off Highwire. "Thanks, Highwire, I'll see you after school!" Highwire did a u-turn and
zoomed off back to Rad's house.

Rad ran into the building and almost skidded past his classroom. He entered to the
staring faces of his classmates and the scowling face of his teacher.

"Rad, so glad you could take time off from your busy schedule to join us," she said sarc-

"Sorry, Miss Haylend," Rad said.

"Just take your seat." Rad complied and took his seat in the back corner of the room.

Sitting kiddy-corner from him was Alexis. She sighed and put her hand on her head. Even
after all they've been through, Rad was still the same. It seemed like he treaeted everything
as if it was a game. On the other hand, she admired his optimistic attitude. Even after
Starscream stole the Skyboom Shield and turned it and the Star Saber over to Megatron, Rad
retained his positive outlook. Alexis both respected and resented him for that. Alexis
turned her attention back to Miss Haylend as she lectured on crime.

Rad wasn't paying attention however, he was doodling the Autobot symbol in his notebook while
humminhg a nameless tune. Miss Haylend's lectures always bored him. Besides, he's seen
more in real life than you could ever teach at school. Like about giant alien robots, comet
destroying weapons and finding miniature robots that do nothing but beep.

"Crash." Rad's ears perked up as Miss Haylend said that word. Something about that word sent
a chill down his spine. The last time he felt like this was when he first saw Megatron.

Alexis could tell that Rad was only half paying attention so it looked like she would have to
save his butt again. She raised her hand. "Miss Haylend, can you repeat what you just said?"

"Of course, Alexis. I said that there are over 500 crashes in our country alone every year.
About a tenth of them are crashes that involve children."

Rad's pencil point broke off. He emotionlessly raised his hand. "Excuse me, Miss Haylend,
can I use the restroom?"

"Sure, Rad, just hurry up." Rad got up and left the classroom. Alexis wondered what caused
Rad's attitude to go from cheery to grumpy in one second flat.

Alexis met Rad and Carlos outside the building after school. Carlos was telling Rad about how
he "accidentally" gave Nikky Carlyle an atomic wedgie. Their Minicons were sitting on the
ground quietly like always. "Hey, guys," she called out.

"Oh, hey, look who decided to join us," Carlos said mockingly. "Miss Perfect 2003."

"At least I'm trying," Alexis told the shorter boy.

"Knock it off, Carlos," Rad said then turned to Alexis. "Hey Alexis, we're going to Autobot
Headquarters. Wanna come along?"

"I wanted to get my homework done first," she began.

"You can get it done there. It's not like there are any distractions there or anyting," Carlos

"But I want to see if they have a plan for stopping the Decepticons and getting the weapons
back. Let's go."

"All right!" The Minicons transformed into their vehicle modes and they took off. Alexis
noted that Rad's personality had gone back to his normal can-do self. The kids mounted their
Minicons and took off towards the mountain headquarters of the Autobots.