The ancient hero is reviled to be a powerful, yet amazingly young, water apparition named after her goddess. The group is still learning about their newfound friend and her unique powers, in some cases they are even unknown to even her.

But worse happens after the first real fight, something the group does not bode well with. What could this problem be? Is it able to be solved, or is the world doomed for destruction?

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The long awaited sequel to An Ancient Battle Reborn.

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Chapter 1

Yusuke and the gang, including the newly added ancient female hero, have been in ice world for about a week and a half. They had hoped to arrive and get some information on their new recruit, but it seemed that the information was extremely hard to find. No one could communicate to her in the mean time, they relied on body movements and emotions to help them, as did the young female hero had to do to understand them. They had also tried helping her to learn their language, but she just gets perplexed facial feature every time they try.

The young hero has brown hair that is mid-back in length and has blue tips that were about four inches in length (running up from the bottom up), she also has soft blue eyes. She was wearing a sky blue shirt and dark blue pant, cloths that the ice demons had given her, and she wore her own white boots over the pants.

At this moment she was sitting on a windowsill, inside a building where everyone hoped to find any kind of legible records to help them with their ancient friend. She sat with her knees slightly away from her chest, arms wrapped around them and her head resting on knees so she was looking out the window, watching the snow fall. It seemed as if the young girl felt more at peace with herself and everyone else, more than she had since she had first met the Spirit Detectives and the two Shinobi members.

Touya, an ice demon, walked up to the girl and stood next to her. He looked through the window at the snow falling slowly to the ground.

Touya has light blue hair, his part visible but you can not see his scalp, four spike like green bangs on his left, went off to the side and they partially covered his left eye, they stopped a bit off from his jaw and piercing blue eyes. Touya was clothed in a royal blue short sleeve shirt, which was mostly covered by a white sash like shirt that came off his left shoulder and went to his right side of his waist (it did the same in the back), the sash ended slightly below his waist. On top of the sash was a light purple stone with golden trim around its bottom edge. His arms were covered is a gray fishnet like material, but one could not see his skin through it, just the gray of it. His wrists and most of the back of his hands had a royal blue material over them (the material triangle up to his middle finger were a ring held it in place). A purple sash like belt was at his waist and a stone, matching the one on his shoulder, was in the middle of it, helping to hold up his light blue, slightly baggy, pants. His feet were covered in classic ninja footwear; the black material covered most of his foot, his toes and part of the sides of his feet were only showing.

Touya sat on the piece of the ledge that was free, catching the attention of the girl before him. He looked at her then back out the window, "You like the snow, don't you." The girl gave him a confused look. Touya lightly opened the window and put his right hand (the one closest to the window) out, letting the snowflakes catch on his hand.

The girl looked at him questionably, as if saying, 'What are you doing?' The flakes easily stayed on his hand without melting because he was an ice demon. He then gently pulled his hand inside and held it out to the water demon in front of him; with his other hand he took her left one and places the snow in it.

The girl gave a small giggle as the cold substance touched her hand. She looked at her hand and smiled, she then looked at Touya showing him her delight. Touya gave a small smile in response. She quietly played with the little bit of snow in her hand.

"She seems at peace now, compared to when I first met her," Yukina said. She is a young looking ice demon, truly she was around six hundred years of age. Her hair was an aqua like color, which was tied into a loose ponytail with a red ribbon and her eyes were red as well. She was dressed in a sky blue kimono with a royal blue obi sash. She was also rather short for her age.

Jin looked at Touya, his long time friend and partner within the Shinobi, with a big smile plastered on his face. 'I 'aven't seen Touya this 'appy in a long time. He's smilin' a lot more than normal,' Jin thought to himself.

Jin looked to be in his upper teens, but he was much older than that, about a millennia old, just like Touya. He has bright red hair, bright blue eyes and pointed ears (much like that of an elf, only longer), which twitch when he is happy or excited. He also had a small white horn on the top of his head. He wore long semi baggy white pants, a blue belt that had a red stone with a golden trimmed border in the center. White material about two inches wide made an 'x' at about the middle of his chest and back. He wore no shirt underneath it, thus his chest could be seen. A tan colored tape like wrap, went around his arms from just below his elbow to his wrist, where a black rings was (nothing was on his hands). On his elbows were the same kinds of stone as on his belt and a black material held it in place (It was under the stone as well as on the underside of his arms, like an elbow guard). His footwear was the same as Touya's.

Touya turned his head to look out the open window, a cool breeze came in and blew his bangs lightly. He sighed and closed the window, he then looked over at the girl who now had a small puddle of water in her hand.

The girl looked at the water in her hands and gave a weak smile as she wiped it on the bottom of her pants. She then gently put her fingers on her cheek, "Caldo," she said.

"Does that mean 'cold'?" He asked, not expecting an answer, but he got one when she touched his cheek with her fingers and said "Caldo," again.

"Caldo," Touya said lightly as he gingerly took her fingers away from his face.

The girl nodded her head and gave a, "Uh huh."

Touya had been picking up bits and pieces of the ancient language by concentrating on both what she said and her expressions or body movements when she said them. As of now he knew a couple of words, for the ancient girl didn't speak much, knowing no one would understand her anyway.

Touya stood and gave the girl a small wave to tell her he was leaving. He then walked backed to his friends to help in the search for useful information.

Time pasted by quickly and soon it was late and everyone was tired. Even the ancient hero was tired, for she had played with the children in the snow for sometime. The group decided to retire for the day and went to bed quickly and quietly.

The next day was sunny but cold. The group got up at around eight o'clock that morning and had a delicious breakfast of fruits and assorted breads, which they all ate happily. By the time nine-thirty rolled around they were in the library again.

The search continued all day and they still found nothing, "This sucks. We're obviously aren't going to find anything," Yusuke complained.

Yusuke is fifteen with sleeked back black hair and brown eyes. He's wearing blue pants that stopped half way up to his knees (where they clung), a black piece of material acting as a belt, a semi tight light yellow T- shirt, black slipper like shoes and green material around his wrists.

"Yusuke, there has to be something here because she came here before she went off to fight the evil being. If you remember we were told that before we had started looking. They know they have something on her, they just don't know exactly where it would be located," Koenma told Yusuke while looking through a shelf of books.

Koenma was in his teenage form. He had brown hair; his bangs covered all but the middle of his forehead where the letters 'Jr' were, he also had light brown eyes. In his mouth was a light blue pacifier. Koenma was clothed in a white shirt, royal blue tunic with a red belt, tan colored pants, a red scarf and blue slipper like shoes.

"Ya I know Koenma, but we've been looking for a week and still haven't found anything," Yusuke sighed and continued to look through the shelves.

Botan sighed and continued looking as well. She knew how Yusuke felt and didn't wants to say anything that would rile up the young Spirit Detective. Botan is a young girl, with long light blue hair tied in a high ponytail and light pink eyes. She is wearing red pants, a black shirt, and white boots.

She leaned to the side to look at other books and as she grabbed on she let out a yelp as she fell off the ladder. Instead of landing on the ground she fell into the arms of an un-expecting Kurama.

Kurama is a fifteen-year-old boy (though is truly about a thousand years of age) with red hair and green eyes. Kurama isn't human tough he is truly a kitsune, or fox demon, and a former demon thief whose real name is Youko. He is clothed in a white long sleeve shirt with black cuffs and a black collar (it has a yellow seem that goes around the collar and down the middle of his chest where the buttons are hidden), white pants, black slipper like shoes and a red sash like belt at his waist.

"Nice catch Kurama," Botan told him with a sigh of relief on not hitting the ground.

"Your welcome Botan, but next time warn me before you do that," Kurama said jokingly making Botan give a small a laugh before replying, "I'll try and remember that." Kurama then put her back on her feet.

"Well I think I may have found something," Botan told him as she handed him the book, "Here have a look."

Kurama took the book and quickly looked through it. He looked up and her and smiled "Indeed you have Botan." Kurama called out to the others and they cheered happily.

So what's this book going to tell them? Is it really going to help, or is it useless? And what in the seven hell's is the ancient hero's name?!

Stay tuned to find out. (I need reviews to continue)