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Chapter 17

Touya and Era, who had cleaned her face so her friends would not know that she had been crying, walked out of the cave. They saw their friends sitting around, either in the water or on the shore, chatting softly. As they walked back to them Era mentally prepared herself for what was about to come; she had asked Touya to tell the others what she had told him, as he could explain it better.

When they had come up to the group, Yusuke asked, "You alright now Era?" Upon which he got no response from her.

Touya spoke up though, "There's something important you all should know."

The group gathered together in front of the duo, some sat and some stood. Touya took in a breath of air before telling them what he had been told not too long ago, leaving out what was not necessary for the group to know.

When Touya had finished everyone was in shock and Era looked even more scared then she had before she had run away from them. Yusuke was the first to recover.

"So you're saying that we might be doomed?"

"Yusuke!" Botan cried in horror before smacking him on the back of his head making him yell "What was that for!?"

"You know perfectly well what that was for," Botan growled. "You could be a bit more positive, she didn't have to tell us you know." She turned and looked at Era, "Era dear don't mind him, he can be a jerk at times," this made Yusuke give Botan an angry look.

"Is there some way that would ensure your victory," Yukina asked.

Era began to shake her head but stopped a moment and thought, "I tink so."

"Think so," Suzuka corrected.

"SHUT UP SUZUKA!" half the group yelled at him, making him flinch. All attention was then turned back to Era and she laughed nervously before continuing.

"When I was little my... um... muder..." the group laughed at her miss pronunciation of the word 'mother'. Era laughed nervously, "Sorry, no good."

"It's no problem Era, at least we can understand you," Botan said cheerfully, "Just know that it's 'mother'." Era nodded, "Mother tell me about a item that can hurt dark demons."

"An item that can hurt demons of darkness, particularly shadow demons," Koenma said half to himself. "I have head stories of such an item myself."

"But let me guess, you don't have it," Yusuke said already knowing the answer.

"Bingo," Botan said regretfully.

"Figures," Kuwabara said.

"Where would this item be?" Shishiwakamaru asked. When Era shrugged her shoulders he sighed.

"It said that my... er..."Era pointed upward.

"Goddess?" Touya questioned after a moments thought.

Era nodded her head happily, "It said that my go-goddess had it."

"Had?" Hiei said questioningly.

"Uh huh," Era said with a nod of her head, "She gave to my kin long ago. So it put in her shrine, but I no know if it there still."

Suzuka 'huffed', "Or if it even existed," he said to himself aloud. Everyone glared at him, "What!" he said as if he had said nothing.

"It did," Era declared, "My mother say she seen it, but I no remember what it is."

"I doubt anyone has ever found the shrine after your kin died Era," Koenma told her causing all attention to turn to him. "It was said that when your people died the shrine just disappeared. Now a jungle lies where the shire was said to once lie. Some Demons say that it is haunted, others say it is guarded."

"You're the prince to the bloody Spirit World, shouldn't you know what it is," Yusuke said agitated.

"No Yusuke I don't," Koenma replied just as agitated. "But I do know one thing for sure..."

"What's that?" Rinku asked.

"I was getting to that," Koenma snapped. "Anyone who has entered that jungle has never returned."

"The forest of my goddess has... things to keep her safe," Era explained.

"Guardians huh, sounds like fun," Suzuka said sarcastically.

"So now we have to find this item to defeat Van-Gareth," Rinku said crestfallen.

"Sounds like it kid," Chu said.

Era sighed in despair, "I'm sorry."

Jin, who had been sitting quietly through the whole thing, smiled. "It's no problem Era," his ears twitched happily, "We're just goin' to 'ave another adventure."

"A quest within a quest," Yusuke said. He threw his right fist in the air, "Sounds good, let's go!" he half yelled.

"A sub quest does sound entertaining, yet dangerous" Kurama said.

"Who cares what it's called, lets just go find that item, and maybe this time I'll get to fight," Yusuke declared.

The others either laughed or sighed at their friend's eagerness to fight. The group got to their feet and left the ancient home of the water demons, re-sealing it behind them.

With Era in the lead they headed off to the forsaken lands of Eralasea, the water goddess.

This quest of Era's was taking many detours on the road of fate and destiny, which seemed to be under a lot of construction lately.


What obstacles lie in her way now? Will Era ever find this item? More importantly, what is it? Will Van-Gareth find them before they get the needed item?

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