Pirates and wizards

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Authors Note: A new story once again. I must be crazy. Hope you enjoy.

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. Jack groaned and sat up. What the hell had he been drinking last night? It couldn't have been rum as he never got such a headache out of it. It had to be something new that Will had introduced him to. He really hated the whelp sometimes, and this was one of them. He looked around and scratched his head. This wasn't his cabin on the Black Pearl, neither was it any room in the Turner household.

The room was completely bare except the bed he was laying on. Right opposite him was a door and by the door hung his coat, sword and hat. Jack jumped up and grabbed his things before trying to open the door. Nothing happened.

"Blasted!" he mumbled to himself. There were no windows in the room either. "Where there hell am I?" he asked no one not expecting an answer.

"Sit down and I'll answer everything." The voice belonged to en elderly gypsy woman and Jack obeyed at once. He had had several run ins with these people, and none of them had ended too good for him. "Good to see that you are awake, Jack Sparrow." She said and sat down on a chair that appeared out of nowhere. "Ask your questions."

"Where am I?"

"Currently in the place in between present, past and future. There's no time here, nothing else but grey."

"Why am I here?" Jack asked.

"You're here because I summoned you here."

"But why?"

"Your future heir, Jack, needs your help."

Jack blinked. "Huh?"

She rolled her eyes. "You heard me right, Jack. Your future heir needs help. Here's the story. There's this evil wizard called Voldemort running around and causing serious trouble, the Wizarding world is at the brink of war. Now, 16 years ago this evil wizard killed another of your heirs, the mother and father of little Harry Potter who is the last in the Sparrow line." As she spoke a hologram of a boy that had to be Harry Potter appeared. The boy was thin, too thin, and scrawny apparently not yet in the growth stage. He had shaggy black hair that refused to stay in place, nice features and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. The boy's eyes suddenly snapped open and revealed that they were the most amazing colour of green the pirate had ever seen. They looked similar, the same structure, the same pose, the same hair.

"What's this got te do with me?"

"Let me finish speaking, Sparrow!" she barked. "After Voldemort killed the young one's parents, he tried to kill Harry but the spell that would've killed the baby re-bounced and killed the Dark Lord instead. For fourteen years he was gone, little Harry was sent to his aunt and uncle. Two of the most horrid muggles I've ever had the displeasure of hearing of."


"Non-magic people." She explained, then proceeded to give an outline of Harry's life with the Dursleys. Then she told Jack of how Harry had been told he was a wizard and his first year at Hogwarts. She continued with his second and third and fourth followed. She finished off with his fifth year and looked closely at Jack. "You see now why you must help him? He has lost everyone he ever held as a family - not unlike you. He has nothing to live for, and if Voldemort takes over the world both the past, present and the future are going to suffer."

"Sorry luv, but I'm not 'bout te interfere with what's meant te happen." Jack stood up. "Now, if ye'd be so kind te show me the way out?"

"I'm warning you Jack Sparrow, if you don't agree to this of your own free will I will have to force you"

"Still doesn't change anythin', luv. 'E has his problems, I 'ave mine, savvy?"

The woman glared and Jack began to wonder if it had been such a good idea to make her angry. "Now you listen to me!" she exploded. "You'll help Harry or I am going to take your soul!"


"Yes, I damn well will. And you know I'll go through with it."

"Ye can't do that!"

"I can and I will if you don't help him."

Jack sat back down. "How are we supposed te meet? 'E's in the future, and I'm here." He pointed out while glaring.

"Easy. I'll give you a charm that will enable you to go to the future and get him. It will also enable you to travel from your time to his once his training is over." She drew out a small pouch from the tresses of her dress. She opened it and a ring fell out. It had two stones, one was a diamond and the other an emerald. "The emerald represents the past, things that have already happened. The diamond represents the future, things that are about to happen. To go to the future press the diamond and say 'Diamanto'. To return press the emerald and say 'Smeraldo'. Got it?"

"Yeah." Jack took the ring and put it on one of his fingers along with the others he had. "Where do I find the whelp?"

"Yes, I can see how that's going to be a problem as the Order of the Phoenix doesn't let him - or the house - out of their sight. Hmm, ah, I tell you what. I'll give you certain Elemental powers, you won't be a real wizard, but you will have powers over Fire, Water, Earth and Air. What do you say? This way you'll be able to hide yourself and your ship, and it'll help when robbing and pillaging as well."

Jack quickly thought it over. "Alright, we 'ave an accord."

She smirked. "Hang on tight then."

The pirate-captain barely had time to blink before he was assaulted with pain worse that he could've ever imagined. It didn't last long, but long enough to make his muscles ache as hell. He groaned and blinked trying to make the spots stop dancing. "Ouch."

"Yes, it tends to be a bit painful." The gipsy woman said. "Now lie down and I'm going to send you back to your cabin aboard the Black Pearl. And if you as much as think of running away from this task, I'll take your soul before you can blink!"

"Yeah, luv, no need te hammer it home. I don't wanna become like Barbossa." Jack groaned as he laid back down on the bed.

"That's better. Close your eyes and I'll do the rest." She raised her hands and clapped twice. A light formed around the pirate and a second later he was gone. "Good luck, to both of you." She smiled then disappeared herself.


Jack groaned and looked around. Yep, this was more like it. His cabin, his ship, his freedom. He settled back into bed then remembered the promise of having his soul taken away and jumped up. He grabbed his compass and pistol and ran up on deck.

"Good mornin' Capt'n." Anamaria said as he came up to the helm. "Where are off to this time?"

Jack blinked and smiled at her. "S'cuse me luv, but what did ye say?" he asked her. He had been listening to the water and the wind whispering to him. Whispering secrets of treasures long lost, of things happening at the other side of the world. It was a wonderful feeling.

"Where are we off to?" the woman repeated again looking slightly annoyed.

"The future." Jack replied.


"That's exactly what I said," he grinned at her. "Would ye mind gatherin' the crew on deck, luv? There are some things we need te discuss."

She stared at him, shook her head and left him. "GIBBS!!!! COTTON!!! Get down 'ere, we 'ave to assemble the crew. Jack's orders! Where the devil are ye, ye great fat lumps of lazy goo?!"

Jack shook his head and smiled. She was impossible. The whole crew had probably heard her and were on their way to the deck. He looked at the new ring on his hand. It was glittering in the Caribbean sun. The emerald shone like Harry's eyes, while the diamond looked like a little star as it absorbed the light. What had he gotten himself into this time?


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