Pirates and Wizards

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Chapter Eighteen

After recovering from the battle, Jack and the crews visited Harry nearly every day in the Hospital Wing. Some of them had Madame Pomfrey fix teeth or other things they had been bothered with while they were there. Jack also spent time with the Headmaster. It was clear to everyone that the two of them were up to something, but no one knew what. Anamaria had also taken it upon herself to personally take care of Snape who had gotten wounded in the leg at the end of the battle. The Potion Master snarled and bit and hissed and spit, yet she wouldn't give up. They had had some very nice nights together, and she wasn't going to give up on him when what she was feeling for him went past lust which was rare for a pirate. Harry would never let her hear the end of it, but quite frankly she didn't care.

Jacqueline had gotten totally hooked on modern fantasy tales, and when Hermione had taken her and her family out into London she had bought more than a dozen of them for the money they had gotten from Isla de Muerta. Will was eagerly going through history books with his father, and Elizabeth was listening to Hermione explain all about Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, and on. Draco just followed them with a small smile and shook his head.

A few shocking revelations had seen the light of day a day after the war. Pettigrew had been captured and the story about the Potters death was finally cleared, along with Sirius Black. It also turned out that Ron wasn't a traitor, but a spy. He and Dumbledore had agreed on the plan when Voldemort had approached the red-head at the beginning of the war. Ron had smiled kindly to Hermione and had wished her and Draco the best of luck in their relationship, then had gone off to visit Harry in the Hospital Wing.

All this and more Harry was told by his family while he was in a coma. They would tell him what was going on in the Wizarding world so that he wasn't completely out of it once he woke up. Harry also got to know his mother and father while he was there, and Sirius was still his hyperactive self, though he had no shadows under his eyes and looked younger than when Harry had last seen him in real life.

Finally came the day that Harry woke up again. He was sitting with his parents, laughing over a past prank, when he felt a powerful tug.

"It's time to go back, Harry." Lily said and smiled at her son. She stood up and hugged him. "It was wonderful to meet you."

"Take care son, and make sure to prank Snape once for me." James smiled as well.

"Do me a favour," Sirius grinned, "and adopt a black Labrador and take it on your ship. And of course call it Sirius."

"Of course." Harry shook his head, but he would do what Sirius wanted. Suddenly he found himself in midair and floating away from his parents and Sirius.

"We're proud of you, Harry!" Lily called after him and waved.

Harry waved as well then felt himself crash into his own body. His eyes snapped open and he sat up, only to be thrown backwards again by something big landing on his chest. He looked down and found Jacqueline hugging him.

"'Ello lass." He chuckled and patted her back. "Think ye can let a poor chap breathe 'ere?"

The girl sat up at once. "Oh, I am so sorry, but it's been almost a week, and we were so worried and-"

Harry's chuckle cut her off. "Relax and don't hyperventilate. I'm fine. Where are Jack and the others?"

"Jack's at the Pearl as usual. Anamaria is annoying Professor Snape, though he isn't protesting too much," she giggled. "The others are just around trying to figure Hogwarts out."

Harry nodded gratefully and noticed his clothes – CLEAN!!!!! AAAARRRGGGG!!!! – placed in a chair beside his bed and stood up. Jacqueline politely went and got a screen so that he could dress in private. When he was done the two of them walked together towards the Great Hall where everyone would be sitting and eating lunch. Jacqueline told him all about what had happened, and Harry listened even if he had heard it all before.

When they entered the room went deadly silent. Then came the cheers and the clapping. Anamaria, Hermione, Elizabeth, Mrs Weasley and Ginny worked together and dragged Harry into a group hug. The men shook his hand and slapped his back. Jacqueline refused to leave his side and smiled up at Harry throughout the entire ordeal.

"So ye pulled through this as well, Green-Eyes." Jack chuckled and surprised Harry by hugging him quickly. "Ne'er do that again."

Harry chuckled. "Definitely. No more Dark Lords te get rid of."

Jack laughed and led him off towards the table set off for the pirates. "Good te 'ave ye back among us. 'Twas gettin' borin' without ye."

The rest of the day was spent with Harry being congratulated and slapped and congratulated again. The press was there and somehow got the entire tale out of him, from his first year at Hogwarts 'til now. That alone took several hours. Then Cornelius Fudge showed up at dinner time and held a long and boring speech. By the time he was half-way through his speech most of the pirates were either dozing off or chatting with each other, and completely ignoring the Minister.

When Fudge finally was done the Order of Merlin, First Class was awarded to Harry, Jack, Ron, Hermione, Draco and Snape amongst others. A few other tittles were handed out to other people, and at the end of it all Dumbledore took the speakers chair.

"Hello everyone!" he called jovially and everyone returned it. "First of all to get the important thing out of the way. And here it is: anyone care for a Lemon Drop? No? Well, more for me then!" he popped one of the yellow sweets – god knows where he had them hidden in his robes – and the audience chuckled.

"Yer dentist must be a very 'appy man, Albus!" Jack called evoking another group of chuckles.

"That he is, Captain Sparrow!" Dumbledore replied grinning and his eyes twinkling. "Now that that is out of the way, I was thinking of doing a long speech, but I think I'll skip it seeing as several of you – mostly form the pirate-section – are pointing at me with your guns, daggers, knives or wands. So other than to say a great thank-you to everyone who fought in the war, I have nothing to-" he stopped when Bootstrap glared at him.

"Ah yes, I DO have something to say!" everyone rolled their eyes fondly at this. "Firstly William 'Bootstrap' Turner, Captain of the Stormeagle, is going to stay in our time with his ship and crew. They are going to be working as a transporting company, mostly for the findings the Gringotts Curse Breakers discover, and bring the things back to England. This way the Curse Breakers themselves don't have to travel the muggle way as everyone knows that most of the things they find can't come in contact with magical means of transportation or they will be ruined."

There was polite clapping and the journalists made notes to themselves to talk to Bootstrap later to get the details of the company.

"Oh, and one more thing!" Dumbledore said. "Bon appetite!"

A second time the tables were filled with the best that the House-Elves had to offer.

Harry laughed and talked with the people in the room. Jack was trying to hit on several witches at the same time, and he was doing very well. Jacqueline was enjoying being mothered by Mrs Weasley and other women, Will and Bootstrap were talking to the journalists and Dumbledore was offering Lemon Drops all around the place.

Hogwarts was back to its normal insanity.


Harry was overseeing the men working on his ship. They were bringing food and water on board. It had to last them for a while as they would be appearing close to Isla de Muerta once they got back to the 1600ds. Jacqueline had refused to stay in this world with her parents, and after much crying, arguing and promising she was allowed to come with Harry. Tonks was there was well and was helping the men stock.

"'Ey, Green-Eyes!"

Harry rolled his eyes at Jack's name for him. "What is it?!" he yelled back.

Jack waved him down from the ship. "Need te talk te ye, lad. Get down 'ere!"

Harry didn't bother to reply and just jumped off the ship. "What?"

The pirate smiled at him and led him towards the Forbidden Forest so that they could have a somewhat private conversation. "I wanted te give ye somethin' fer yer travels."

"Ye won't be with us?"

"No, the Pearl will take another way, but we'll meet up in Tortuga now and then, savvy?"

"Savvy." Harry nodded.

Jack opened his enchanted pocket and drew out his beloved compass. He looked at it for a second, then put it in Harry's hand. Harry just gaped at him. "Ye'll need it, and I don't – not anymore. There's somethin' I didn't tell ye when you woke up that first time in me cabin. That gypsy woman was goin' te take me soul away if I didn't 'elp ye, and that's how it started. O'er time I grew te like ye. She gave me Elemental powers so that I could 'elp ye and now that I 'ave those, I don't need it. The wind is whisperin' the way to me, and the sea is takin' me there gladly. Anyways, the compass is yers."

"Bu-but how does it work?" Harry asked. He needed some time to take all of this in.

"Ye think of the treasure ye want to find, or the place ye want te be, and it'll lead ye there. The compass may not point north, but it points ye straight to yer destination. Take good care o' it."

"I will." Harry promised and watched as the older man walked away towards the Pearl.


Dumbledore, the Phoenixes and numerous others had showed up when it was time for the two ships to leave. There were some tearful farewells, especially between Elizabeth, Jacqueline, Jack and Harry. Anamaria was also going to stay, to 'annoy the Potion Master' as she put it, though no one had seen Snape as happy as he was in the past few days. Hermione was trying hard not to cry, not that it helped, and Draco was holding her hand while he himself was trying very hard to act like the self-centred bastard he had been when he had been a student. That didn't work well either. Ron, who had decided he had had enough of this world and life for a while, had joined Harry's crew and was getting teased about the fact that he had no bloody idea what was stem and stern on a ship.

The Headmaster stepped up to Harry before the Pearl and the Raven set sail, and smiled at the young man. "You truly are a remarkable young man, Harry Potter-Sparrow." He said then hugged him. "I have something for you." Dumbledore drew out a ring similar to Jack's form his robes. "Yes, he finally did tell me about the ring, though I still haven't gotten him to tell me about the compass. Either way, this is yours. It works in the same way Jack's does."

Harry grinned and put the ring on. "Thank ye Professor."

"Think nothing of it, it was my pleasure. Come back to visit soon." Dumbledore looked around, leaned in and whispered: "As soon as things are in order here, I'm setting sail with Jack for an adventure, so we might meet each other in Tortuga soon than you think. But don't tell Minerva, she'll have my head if she knew."

Harry grinned. He couldn't exactly imagine Albus Dumbledore sitting in the Faithful Bride drinking rum. He grabbed the rope that was thrown down to him, and the crew heaved and pulled him aboard. He smiled one last time to the people who had gathered then started yelling out orders. "Weigh anchor! Set the sails! Man yer posts ye bloody scurvy cads!"

The orders were similar on the Pearl, and soon both ships were sailing away towards the lake. To the spectators the air over the lake shimmered and the ships suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Dumbledore turned to them and grinned. "Come on everybody, the students will be returning tomorrow and there's a lot of work to do."

There were several groans – the loudest coming from Snape – but everyone did as was suggested. Anamaria smiled happily to herself as she felt Severus' arm go around her and she leaned into his taller form. Life couldn't be better!

Harry grinned as he finally came back to the Caribbean in the 1600ds. This was what he was born for and this was what he wanted to do. Jack and the Pearl were sailing alongside the Raven, both crews starting up a favourite shanty.

"Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho!"


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