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Yugi: ^^ I got a new job you guys!!

Tea: *looks up from a book* Really? What kind of job?

Yugi: I'm a telemarketer!

All: -_-U

Yugi: It's FUN! ^^ I get to call and meet lotsa people!

Joey: . . .that's great Yug. .

Yugi: ^^

~~~~Yugi's 1st Day~~~~

Yugi: *calling people* Hello, would you like to---

Person: *hangs up*

Yugi: ^^; Bye then. . *dials new number* Hi! Do you want to--

Person: *hangs up*

Yugi: : *dials new number* HELLO! PLEASE STAY ON THE LINE!

Person: *Hangs up*

Yugi: GAH! . *dials new number* YOU'RE GOING TO DIE IN 24 HOURS! Would you like to change your long-distance plan? ^^

Person: *hangs up*

Yugi: . GOD DAMNIT! STUPID PEOPLE! STUPID! STUUUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIIIIID! *throws phone at wall* *dusts off hands* There we go ^^

Reine: *Yugi's boss* Yugi. . that phone is coming out of your paycheck.

Yugi: .

Reine: ^^ So did you sell anything?

Yugi: . . . .

Reine: Oh. .I see. .well. . thats okay ^^ There's always tomorrow! Or the day after. Or the day after that ^^

Yugi: 0.0

Reine: ^^

Yugi: : I QUIT!


Yugi: Hey guys! I quit that stupid job. .

Tea: But I thought that you liked it

Yugi: V.V Tea. I have found that phones are one of the worst things in the world. That is why now I'm a DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN! ^__________________________^

Tristan: *enters* ^^ Hey guys! Guess what? I'm a telemarketer!


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