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Tea: -_-U *to Yugi* A . .door to door salesman?

Joey: *to Tristan* Dude, you're a telemarketer?

Yugi/Tristan: Yup ^^

Tea: . . Yugi. . maybe you shouldn't do this. . people can actually THROW things at you now.

Yugi: Tea! People would never be that mean!

Joey: *gasp* Yugi's a door-to-door salesman? *throws a brick at Yugi* Hehe. .BULLSEYE!

Yugi: : JOEY! *Throws a book at Joey*

Joey: @.@

Yugi: ^^

Tea: Jeez, Yugi, when did you become this. . angry?

Yugi: Tea, those people that I called just hung up on me. So I figure, to get back at them, I'll just be mean to everyone else!

Tea: -_-U Good luck with that. .

Yugi: ^^ Thanks. I mean: I DON'T NEED YOU TO WISH ME GOOD LUCK!

Tristan: I'm off to telemarketing!!

Yugi: *rolls eyes* Have fun. .

Tristan: ^^ Thanks!


Yugi: Hello, ma'am, would you like to--

Person: *Screams* A DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN! *throws a pan at Yugi*

Yugi: @.@ I'll. . take that . . as a . . no?


Yugi: Hey there ^^ I was wondering--

Person: Do you want me to buy something?

Yugi: Well, yes actually,

Person: : *gets out hammer* Ya sure ya still wanna sell me somethin?

Yugi: Um. . um. . .of course not!! ^^U I . . uh. .wrong house. . BYEBYE! *Runs away*


Tea: So Yugi, how was your day? You weren't gone that long. .

Yugi: I'm taking a break. *gets ice pack*

Tea: -_-U I'm guessing it didn't go so well?

Yugi: T_T I don't get it!! Why are people so mean to me??

Tea: I don't know Yugi. . I don't know. .

Tristan: *walks in* Hey guys! Guess what? I sold over $500 worth of telemarketing stuff today!! ^^

Yugi: *drops ice pack* W-w-w-what?

Tristan: ^^ Yep. They say that no one else has ever gotten above $100! And I sold $500!!

Yugi: @.@ *faints*

Tea: Poor Yugi. .

Yugi: *bounces back up* But I shall get a new job! . .what about if I'm a . . um. . a. . I KNOW! I'LL BE A WAITOR!

Tea: 0.0 Are ya sure you wanna do that?

Yugi: ^^ Yup! Away I gooooooooooo! *Runs out the door*

Tea: -_-U He's never gonna survive. .


Tsk tsk. .poor lil yugi. .again. . hehe

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