Late at night, Cragen sat alone in his office, silently cursing Detective Olivia Benson. It was her fault. She had opened the floodgates.

Sure she'd screwed up four years ago by not believing Hillary Whatserface. Big deal. Everyone on the squad screwed up repeatedly. They were never disciplined though, mainly because it would be too difficult to find anybody else to volunteer for this job. What kind of sicko chooses to work in Special Vicitms?

My sickos, Cragen thought affectionately. For better or worse, they're a unit. But now that Olivia had tried to quit, she'd put the idea into everyone's head. Yes, it had been ridiculously easy to talk her into keeping her job. But who would be the next to defect? And would they also have the conviction of limp spaghetti? Only time would tell.