I always hated being worthless. ((1-7-5-5-9)) My mom never thought I was worthless. ((2-3-5-7-1-3-9)) Maybe people think that because of my last name. ((5-6-5-4-7-2-2-4-4)) I mean, Zeroni sure sounds like Zero, right? ((1-4-6-4-6-4-4-5)) But I'm not useless, not worthless at all. ((3-2-3-7-3- 9-2-3))

Stanley doesn't think I'm worthless. ((7-6-5-2-9)) Ah, Stanley. ((2-7)) Stanley became the only reason I hadn't killed myself. ((7-6-3-4-6-1-5-6- 6)) Just to hear the praise on his lips, I would sing down the very moon. ((4-2-4-3-6-2-3-4-1-5-4-4-3-4-4))

He sang for me once. ((2-4-3-2-4)) It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. ((2-3-3-4-9-5-1-3-4-5)) In my delirium, I heard another, similar voice singing in a comforting language. ((2-2-9-1-5-7-7-5-7-2-1-10- 8)) I knew this was Latvian, the language my family has known for generations. ((1-4-4-3-7-3-8-3-6-3-5-3-11))

When I was returned to my mother, I sang the Latvian version. ((4-1-3-8-2- 2-6-1-4-3-7-7)) She nearly had a seizure. ((3-6-3-1-7)) Asked where the hell I heard it. ((5-5-3-4-1-5-2))

I had a seizure once. ((1-3-1-7-4)) I started shouting the numbers in my head. ((1-7-8-3-7-2-2-4)) They thought I was crazy. ((4-7-1-3-5)) Stanley doesn't think I'm crazy. ((7-6-5-2-5))

Stanley likes me.

I like Stanley, too.

Stanley doesn't think I'm OCD, either. ((7-6-5-2-3-6)) He doesn't know. ((2-6-4)) I didn't tell him. ((2-5-4-3))

I don't want Stanley to think I'm worthless. I like him too much.


A/N: It was supposed to be slash. It can be viewed as either slash or fraternal friendship. Don't care. Hope you like. Stole OCD from Camp. Don't make sense.

It gets slashier as it goes on. Yeah, it's definitely slash.