Swan Princess - Sakura Style.

by:Ashley a.k.a ChibiMangaAngel

ChibiMangaAngel:This is my first CCS fic. It is based Swan Princess. I hope you all enjoy it.....OH! I want to meet someone....

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Prolouge:Once apon a time.

Once apon a time, in the Kinomoto Kingdom, a very sad and lonely King Fujitaka paced the foyer. He was getting old and needed a heir. When suddenly a miracle happened and his wife, Nadeshiko, gave birth to beautiful baby girl. They named her Sakura. They had a huge ceremony for her. Many people attend, one being the Queen of the Li kingdom, Yalen and her 3 year old son, Syaoran......

Prince Syaoran Li walked across the hall. At the end of the hall were two people and a crib. He came here today to meet the new princess. All eyes in the hall watched him as he walked to the crib. He glanced to his right,his amber eyes glaring and stuck his tongue out. He reached the crib and stuck his head in to look at her. A baby with brown hair and green eyes stretched her hand out and pulled a lock of his hair.
"Ow!" he pulled his dark brown hair out of her reach and scrunched up his nose in distaste.

From across the room King Fujitaka's eyes and Queen Yelan's eyes meet in the same thought, 'These two would one day be wed.'

In a dark corner of the hall stood a lone figure. Touya hated the King. He used to be the kings son. But was disowned for saying things that were inappropriate and rude to his fathers new wife and because of the fact that he was a wizard. His mother had been one to but she had died in a war 7 years ago. He wanted revenge on his father for remarrying. He planned to attack. He snapped his fingers and was gone in a mere snap.But things didn't go as planned. That night his father sent his warriors to his cabin were him and his assistant Yutiko lived. They warriors destoryed all his belongings but most of all, all his magic. He was banned from his fathers kingdom that night.
"I will return father. You best belive it. I'll get all my power back and I will avenge my mother. Everything you love will be mine." And with a swish of his cloak him and his assistant disappeared from sight.

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