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Swan Princess - Sakura Style

Chapter 4

Plans for the Kinomoto Kingdom and the Li Kingdom to marry off their children where being made. Things were hectic and people were always running about through both buildings with questions. As for Syaoran and Sakura, they just wished it was over...

Sakura sighed and leaned against Syaoran.
"How much longer?" She groaned into his shoulder. They had been made to go to a class on marriage and were being forced to watch a video. "I'm so bored." Syaoran laughed and kissed her head.
"Just be patient. It's about over I suspect." He said having much more patience than her.
"I'm sure..." She said with a sigh.
"Take a nap or something."
"How about..."She smiled and finished her sentence in a thought. 'You just kiss me instead.' Syaoran obliged her thoughts by lowering his head to hers. The moment their lips touched, the video ended.
"Our luck." Syaoran said. Sakura sighed in agreement. The two where then pulled off in opposite directions without so much as a goodbye kiss.

An few hours later, Syaoran stood looking out his balcony window, watching Sakura walk in the garden's. She looked so happy and free.
As far as anyone knew, she was there alone, so when the mystical figure appeared and grabbed Sakura, her scream wasn't unheard or her capture, unseen. For a few moments, he stood there in shock. His fiancé, his only love had just been taken from him by some cloaked, disappearing man!
He struggled to contact her through telepathy and when he failed he ran threw his castle shouting out to anyone, for help.
Sakura's father and his mother came running out of separate rooms, both looking worried.
"What? What is it boy?" Sakura's dad asked. "Spit it out." Syaoran finished catching his breath and looked at them both sternly.
"Sakura has been captured." Then realization really dawned. She was gone, taken from him. He might never see her again. So, with that thought, he hit his knees and cursed the gods.

Sakura was flying, literary. The cloaked figure that had captured her could fly and was soaring though the sky. She couldn't see what was under the cloak in full but she could tell it was a tall mad being carried by something that could...well...fly.
"Excuse me?" She asked politely. The man looked at her.
"Don't speak."
"Can you just tell me who you are? Or where we're going-"
Don't speak." The mad barked a second time. Sakura pouted.
All she wanted to do was know where she was going. And why. It was two days before her wedding for gosh sakes. She didn't have time for impromptu trips. She sighed.
Soon enough they landed by a big castle, next to a huge lake.
"This will be your home for a while." The man removed his cap, revealing a cap of blueish sliver hair. "My name is Yukito. Sorry about my rudeness on the way here." He smiled. "I had to concentrate."
"Oh well...that's okay I guess. Are you all going to hurt me?" She asked cautiously.
"I'm not really sure. Touya said-"
"Touya?" She practically screeched. "My brother?" she had heard all the tales of him from her father.
"Yea. But he said he wasn't going to. Just try not to make him to mad. You should be okay." Sakura thought over this and then smiled at the man's kindness. When he turned to go she followed and the man stopped.
"When I said this was your home for a while. I meant this lake."
"The lake?" She asked confused.
"Yea...when the moon comes up. You will turn into a swan...and this will be your home. But in the daytime try not to wander very far. There is a terrible barrier that will shock you if you get to close..." Sakura took in all this information and watched Yukito walk away. She felt faint...

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