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Kagome Higurashi: 17 years old, honey brown eyes, raven hair reaching her mid back, has a perfect figure, smart, healthy, and talented. Lost her parents a year ago along with her younger brother Souta in a car accident. Also rich. She is a Miko, happens to be trained.

Sango Taiji: 18 years old, brown eyes, brown hair usually in a high pony tail. Friends with Miroku, Inuyasha, Seff, and Yuna. Also Rich. She's a human.

Yuna Talez: 18 years old, long brown hair reaching her thighs, violet eyes, perfect figure, smart, and talented. Lost her parents when she was 15 years old when her house burned down. Nice and rich. She's a demon with ears on the sides of her head, claws painted usually black, hates it when you all her half demon.


Inuyasha Tashio: 18 years old, long silver hair, golden eyes, dog ears on the top of his head, smart, strong, handsome, and an ass. Lives with his friend Seff in a mansion. Rich and is a half demon, but very strong.

Miroku Houshi: 18 years old, black hair in a tiny ponytail in the back of his neck. A pervert who loves to grope girls' asses. Always get beaten up by Sango. Rich. Lived right next door to Inuyasha and Seff.

Seff: Long silver hair with green eyes, full demon. Lives with Inuyasha because they're friends. Handsome, strong, and smart and can be a total ass at times.

EPISODE 1: A New Home


Kagome sat in a jet black limousine as it drove down the streets of Tokyo. The limo drove until it stopped in front of a two story mansion. Kagome looked at the mansion.

'This is just like the old mansion.' Kagome thought as the limo door opened and she got out.

She looked around as she saw the beautiful rose bushes and beautiful sakura trees beginning to bloom.

Kagome sighed, it was the middle of autumn, which meant winter was around the corner.

'Guess I'll be by myself this Christmas.' Kagome thought as the front door of the mansion opened and appeared maids and a butler.

"Greetings Miss. Higurashi." They all said as they bowed to Kagome.

"Please, don't do that." Kagome said as she walked up to them. "You treat me the way you want to be treated." Kagome said as the maids and the butler smiled.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi." Kagome said as she bowed a bit.

They all introduced themselves to Kagome.

"My name is Shippo Shinma." The butler said.

"Nice to meet you Shippo." Kagome said as Shippo moved out of the way for Kagome to walk into the house.

Kagome walked in just in time as the trucks with her belongings came.

The maids went running out to pick up the things.

"Would you like a tour Miss. Higurashi?" Shippo asked.

"Don't call me Miss. Higurashi, call me Kagome." Kagome said with a smile, "And yes I would like a tour of the mansion."

"Okay, you may just call me Shippo; let's go look around shall we?" Shippo said as he showed Kagome around the house.

**** THE TOUR****

"Well, as you see this is the living room as you enter the door you see it." Shippo said as Kagome giggled.

The two walked to a hall and walked down it.

"These are empty rooms you may arrange it any way you'd like." Shippo said as she showed her each of the empty rooms.

"I'll use these as guest rooms." Kagome said as Shippo nodded.

They walked back out of the hall and into the kitchen, "This is the kitchen where we prepare your meals any way you'd like it."

Kagome nodded as they walked outside the back door.

"This is the garden, as you see there is a huge pool." Shippo said as he pointed.

Kagome saw flowers, a pool, and a huge sakura tree.

They went back inside and Shippo walked to a different hall.

Shippo opened the door and revealed a dojo/training room.

Kagome had a huge smile on her face. 'Perfect.' Kagome thought.

"This is the Dojo, or if you prefer it a training room where you may exercise or train in."

Shippo walked to the living room and walked up the stairs and there were lots more rooms.

"There are bedrooms and bathrooms." Shippo said as he opened the bathrooms and rooms. "This is the biggest room we have." Shippo said as he opened a door painted light blue.

Kagome looked inside, everything was blue. The curtains were midnight sky blue, the bed sheets were blue, pillows were blue, tables were white, and the bathroom door was midnight blue and the closet was painted blue.

Kagome smiled. Her favorite color was blue, red, and black. "I'll be staying in this room then." Kagome said. "Why is this room painted all shades of blue?" Kagome asked.

"The mistress that lived here before you loved blue. Everything in her room was blue and she had many other rooms painted to the color she loved. She would stay in each every night to the mood she was in." Shippo answered.

"Then I'll have the other rooms nearby painted red, black, and pink then." Kagome said as she walked out the room.

"We'll get right on it Kagome." Shippo said as he pulled something out of his pocket and wrote something down.

"You've seen everything Kagome. You may arrange anything anyway as you please."

"Thank you Shippo." Kagome said as she walked down the stairs and saw boxes laying in the middle of the living room, plasma TVs, furniture, backpacks, tables, and many other things.

"Shippo, you wouldn't mind if you took the boxes that say 'My room' on it and bring it to my room would you?" Kagome asked.

"Kagome, that wouldn't be a problem at all." Shippo said as he looked at the maids and they all brought the boxes up and came back down.

Kagome spent the whole time putting things where she wanted it. She had told Shippo and the maids to place the boxes that said 'trophies' and 'weapons' to the dojo/training room.

Kagome looked at the living room. She smiled. The plasma TV was right in the middle along with her PS2 and games placed on top of a table under the plasma. There were elegant furniture and tables there too. Pictures were hung up the stairs as you walk you would see them. The room was well lit and Kagome walked up the stairs. Kagome looked at her watch. It was 5:54 PM. 'I got to finish before I get to bed.' Kagome thought as she called down the stairs and a couple of maids and Shippo appeared and Kagome gestured them up the stairs.

They nodded and came up.

Kagome showed them where to put the things in her room at and what she didn't need would be put in the room downstairs.

Everything was done as the maids left and so did Shippo.

Kagome's room had tables on each side of her bed and her alarm clock was on the table and a night lamp too. Her closet was organized by colors and shoes too. Her bathroom had hair accessories in the cupboards and makeup also. The balcony showed a perfect view of her front garden.

Kagome took a deep breathe as she looked outside. There were a couple of people walking and talking as they laughed. Kagome sensed one of them were demons and the other two were human.

****The three walking****

"Miroku, what are we going to do tonight?" Inuyasha asked.

"I don't know, pizza sound nice?" Miroku asked.


"OW! What was THAT for?" Miroku asked as he rubbed his head.

"You only want to go there because you make us pay." Sango said as she looked at the mansion. "Hey, someone moved in already?" Sango asked.

"Oh, yeah, someone moved in, want to go see who?" Miroku asked.

"Nah, probably an old hag or some business person." Inuyasha said as he looked at his watch that said 6:48 PM.

"Why would you think that Inuyasha?" Sango asked accusingly.

"For one, the last person who lived her was an old hag, and two this place is fucking expensive." Inuyasha said.

"Inuyasha, there was also a young girl who lived here remember?" Miroku asked.

"Well, she was too perfect to even be called a girl." Inuyasha said as he looked at the balcony window as he saw a girl with long raven hair looking outside up at the stars that began to peek out. He couldn't see her face.

"Whatever." Sango said as she walked again.

"Come on, I want pizza guys!" Miroku whined.

"NO!" They yelled.

"How about go get Yuna and Seff to go to a party."



Kagome stood and heard the three who were walking by yell 'NO' and walked on. Kagome shrugged and walked back downstairs to the dojo and say boxes ready.

Kagome called the maids and Shippo again and they helped out.

After they were done, the room looked like it belonged to a swordsman.

The room was squared, really huge. The walls paralleled to one another had trophies and the other paralleled walls had weapons like spears, swords, wooden swords, bows, and other point objects.

Kagome walked back to her room and took a shower and changed into a pair of blue sweat pants and a white long sleeved shirt.

Kagome walked into the kitchen downstairs as the maids began leaving.

"Goodbye Kagome." They said as they left. "The food is ready on the table."

Kagome nodded and walked into the kitchen and she saw Shippo. Kagome smiled, "You may go home if you'd like, I don't need anything else, and everything seems to be all done."

"Are you sure Kagome?" Shippo asked as he smelled the house.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked.

"Sniffing to see of anyone else is here." Shippo said as he looked back at Kagome and smiles, "I have to make sure you're the only one here before I leave." Shippo said as he grabbed his jacket and walked out the room and went home as he locked the door behind him.

Kagome ate her dinner as she finished she put it in the sink and she went into her living room and turned on the TV screen and watched some shows.

Kagome soon got tired and looked at the clock that hung on top of the plasma TV and yawned. It was 10:45 PM as she turned off the lights and went up the stairs to her room. Kagome got into bed as she turned off the lights and soon fell asleep.


Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Yuna, and Seff were at a club dancing the night away until it was 12:00 in the morning and they went home.


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