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AUTHORS NOTE: This is my first Blue Gender fan fic. I'm all for the Marlene and Yugi paring. I think they make a cute couple. I just wanted to see what would happen if instead of Marlene, a young girl from his past was his partner in battle. Marlene is married in this fic. The high council arranged it for her. The sleepers are allowed too pick who they want to marry but it has to be another sleeper. Any Q's or A's then e-mail me at goofball396@hotmail.com

Remembered past

"Hey, Rebecca." Marlene yelled as she walked into one of the sleepers' rooms. She looked around for the young girl, but did not see her. 'Where is she? She's going to miss the shuttle to Earth!' Marlene left the room and went down to here own. She opened the closet door and got out her space suit. She slowly started to put it on. 'What am I doing? This isn't my job anymore. This is Rebecca's job. She's supposed to be Yugi's partner. not me. Besides, I need to stay here. with my husband.' She continued to put the suit on anyways. 'I can't let Yugi down. I just can't. If Rebecca doesn't show up then I'll be his partner. and if she does. then I have a free ride to Earth. Besides, I'd like to see that girl in action.'

"Yugi! We're going to be late. They just called for the sleepers and we aren't even in our suits yet." Rebecca scolded her partner. They had been wondering around the station for a while. Rebecca was new there and Yugi was to show her around. "Shit! That is right isn't it? C'mon let's go!" Yugi grabbed Rebecca's hand and stopped for a minute. He had never felt this way before. He felt. happy. He laced his fingers with Rebecca's and smiled. They had only just met, but it felt like they had known each other for forever. He pulled Rebecca into a hug and kissed her on top of the forehead. "It's alright. If we can just make it to the shuttle, I'm sure they'll have extra suits." Yugi allowed Rebecca to pull from his embrace. He grabbed her hand again and they started running for the shuttle.
"SHUTTLE DEPARTURE IN 5. 4. 3. 2." Yugi and Rebecca jumped in the doors of the shuttle right before they closed for take off. ".1. Blast Off!" The ship began to shake and rumble. "Oh no!" Rebecca yelled as she began rolling toward the back of the shuttle where they kept their trash from the missions. If she rolled into there, she would probably be dispatched into space. She began to cry. "Oh no you don't!" Yugi yelled as she lunged after the girl. He tried to grab onto her hand, but missed. "REBECCA.!" Yugi whisper/yelled. He wasn't about to give up now. He wouldn't loose her. again. Again? Maybe Yugi knows something we don't. Maybe he knows something about Rebecca that he just isn't willing to share with anyone else. Maybe he remembers his past.

((Well, there ya have it, the first chapter. I know I kinda left ya on a cliff hanger, but that makes you want read the next chapter doesn't it?))

Blue Gender-----Next Chapter: "Yugi!" Rebecca yelled as she stood in front of one of the blue. She was scared, very scared. 'What's going to happen to me? Am I gonna die?' He thoughts rambled on and on until she heard about five gunshots. Then someone put there arms around her waist and began to carry her off. She began to cry until the thing put her down under a tree. It was Yugi, "I'm not about to loose you now. Not when I need you the most."