Author's Notes: This is a short one-shot piece written as a writing exercise in 15 minutes with a list of 7 words I was required to use.

The characters included aren't mine... but I hope you knew that.



A mace careened down, sending a spray of grit and dust into the air. Filia shook her head to clear her hair from her eyes and swung again.

"Come back here you stinking Mazoku! *crash* I'm gonna kill you! *crash*"

Xelloss dodged each wild swing easily, with the precision of a ninja. He smoothly sidestepped another wildly-flung smash and poked Filia in the forehead.

"Maybe you could catch me if you didn't have a peanut for a brain." He smirked and sleazily dropped his voice, "Or maybe I should try and catch you."

Filia stumbled back, looking slightly confused. "Wha?" She refound her footing and raised her mace again, giving him a stern look, "What are you saying, monkey-boy?" With another loud crash, she dropped the mace as he continued to stare at her.

Ignoring the small crater she left behind, she backed up slowly as he advanced on her. Slowly. Sexily. [is that a word? Hell, was "sleazily"? Gonna stop questioning this.] She put her hands up to push him away, and he grabbed her wrists, pulling her forward. Their faces fell within inches of each other.

Filia closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. It was the sort of situation she'd only imagined ever happening. Xelloss leaned slightly closer to her ear, their cheeks just barely brushing across each other.

"Sore wa..."


Xelloss hit the ground like a ton of bricks.

"And *that*, Mazoku-pest is what you you get for touching me!"