Well folks, this is the last chapter of 4th of July. I hope you enjoy and I am currently writing a sequal. Thanks to all of you that reviewed.

Chapter 4: Surprises

Jamie had locked the door of the house and walked up the main stairs to tuck Brandon into bed. The night light in the corner, was on and the fish tank in his room was bubbling and making noise. Brandon was jumping into bed. Landon walked into the room.

"Okay little man did you want to listen to some music while you fall asleep?" Landon asked.

"Yeah." Brandon said. Landon turned on the little boom box that was in Brandon's room. They turned it on and on came disney music. Jamie tucked Brandon in and kissed him on the cheek. Brandon hugged his dad and Jamie and Landon headed to the door.

"Happy Fireworks Day Daddy and Mommy." Brandon said and he closed his eyes. Jamie and Landon closed the door and headed to their room. Landon smiled at Jamie as she turned on the light. Jamie headed to the bathroom and went to look at something and Landon didn't know what it was about so he just change for bed. Jamie came out in a nightgown and saw Landon sitting in bed reading a medical magizine. She crawled into the cresp white sheets under the covers and looked at Landon. She smiled at him. He was wearing a white beater shirt and a pair of boxers.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Landon asked Jamie. She closed her eyes then opened them again.

"Landon, you know what Brandon asked me earlier today?" Jamie asked Landon knowing he wouldn't know the answer.


"He asked me why he didn't have a brother or sister. "Jamie said. Landon looked at her.

"What did you tell him?" Landon asked. She shook her head. Landon was confused.

"Landon, I have to tell you something." Jamie said looking at her hands.

"What is it honey?" Landon asked patting her back.

"You see at the store today I bought a pregnancy test and I took it and it was blue." She said.

"Blue, what does blue mean?" Landon asked nervous.

"I am pregnant." Jamie said. Landon jumpped out of bed happy. He ran to her and kissed and hugged her. They were going to have a baby. A baby. Landon and Jamie fell asleep happy.


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