*Welcome everyone, to my 2nd story. This is going to be Harry's 6th year. Ron, Hermione and Melody are back again. In this chapter, we shall be having a war. Yes, the war! Dum dum DUM! I hope it doesn't turn out too lame. If you've read "Time to make it a quartet", then you will probably have more of an advantage when understanding certain aspects. But, like I said, it's not a requirement. You should be able to catch on. Ok, people will be getting together in this too. Yay! Ok, onward with the story! *******************************************

Harry was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling with his glasses off. There were only 2 more weeks until he would be going back to Hogwarts, and he couldn't be happier. He had also turned 16 not so long ago. Something he was quite proud of. Even if it wasn't celebrated in the Dursley household. He looked out the window, looking for signs of Hedwig. She had gone out hunting for the night. All Harry could see was the blurred outline of houses and moonlight. He turned back to the ceiling. It was a relief not to be tired. This summer, he had been having nightmares. They had been bothering him to no end. Most nights, it was about a graveyard and Cedric falling down beside him. Some nights, it was he looking into a mirror to find himself looking into the face of Lord Voldemort. These ones had been the most disturbing. A hoot in the distance brought him back to reality. 4 owls were making their way towards Harry's window. He jumped up, put his glasses on and made way for the owls. 2 he recognized as Pig, Ron's owl and Hedwig, his own. The other 2 were a big Barn owl that was looking very important. Harry guessed this was a school owl. The other was a beautiful Tawny owl that was sitting on Harry's bed, looking around in interest. Hedwig went to her cage and put the dead mouse she was carrying in the cage. Pig was still flying excitedly around Harry's head.

"Stay still Pig!" Harry whispered. He grabbed Pig in mid-flight and removes the letter. He then went over to the Barn owl, removed his Hogwarts letter, and the owl flew off. The last owl was still waiting patiently. Harry stroked its head and took the letter from it. It nipped his finger affectionaly and flew off after the school owl.

Harry sat down on his bed. He opened Ron's letter first.

"Dear Harry,
How is everything? I hope your having a good summer. I got my owl results back. I got 10! Can you believe it? I thought I would be lucky to get 5! I bet Hermione got 15, maybe more. Have you heard from the girls? I owled them, asking if they wanted to come over, but they said that their parents had gone away for a while, so they had to house sit. Bummer huh? Well, mum said Dumbledore gave permission for you to spend the last week with us! Let me know you answer.

Ron." Harry smiled. He was going to the Burrow. Harry was also very proud of Ron for getting 10 owls. That was a very good effort. He went for the second letter. It was from Hermione and Melody.

"Dear Harry,
How is everything? We got our O.W.L results back. Hermione got 13. I got 10. Not too bad huh? She was spewin' cause she only got thirteen. I mean, gees. ONLY! Ron got 10 as well, how cool? He said you were going to the Burrow. That should be cool. I guess he told you we wont be there. We probably wont see you guys at Diagon alley either. Hermione and I got bored, so we've already been. I guess we shall see you on September 1st! Hermione says hi, by the way.

Love Hermione and Melody."

Harry smiled again and put that letter to one side. He then went for his Hogwarts letter. The usual letter came out, telling him what books he would need. There were 2 extra pieces of paper though. One had his O.W.L results on them.

"Dear Mr. Potter,
Please find enclosed your O.W.L results for you 5th year.

History of magic: Acceptable
Potions: Outstanding
Transfiguration: Outstanding
Care of Magical Creatures: Exceeds expectations
Charms: Outstanding
Divination: Acceptable
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding.

Well done Mr. potter. You total O.W.L's are 11.

Professor M. McGonnagal.
Deputy Headmistress."

Harry tried very hard not to laugh. He was very pleased with this. He then turned his attention to the other small piece of parchment. It read:

" Mr. Potter,
It am pleased to inform you that you have been made Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I know you will lead our team to victory. Well done.

Professor McGonnagal."

Harry grinned. This was better than he could have hoped for. He grabbed a quill, ink and parchment and told Hermione and Melody his news, and wrote back to Ron to tell him also, and that he would be coming over. He gave the letters to Hedwig and she was gone. Harry flopped back down onto his bed, still smiling. He felt he could have performed the perfect Patronus at that point.

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