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Harry sat at Gryffindor Table a week later. He was enjoying the end of year feast, when Dumbledore stood up and indicated for quiet. Harry put down his fork and turned to face him, moving his head slightly so he could see past Melody.

"Well, another year has past. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate that this has been a year like no other. I am extremely proud of all of you for what you achieved this year, and not just in the classroom either.' Harry smiled slightly. 'Now, I have given a toast to a certain someone before, but I think he might kill me if I do it again.' Dumbledore looked at Harry, his eyes twinkling. 'So, without further adieu, I shall sit down, be quiet and finish my pumpkin juice." He finished smiling. There was applause from the Great Hall, and then everyone went back to their food. Harry looked over at Ron, who was smirking at him.

"What?" he asked with his mouth slightly full with mashed potatoes. Ron shrugged.

"Well, I was just thinking. Now you'll be even more famous. I mean, the Daily Prophet is sure to want exclusive interviews." He said in a girly sort of voice. Harry picked up a piece of carrot and threw it at him. Melody was giggling beside him, while Hermione was smiling widely.

"Its not funny." Harry said defensively, but smiling at the same time. Ron sniggered and helped himself to chicken. Harry looked around the hall. A lot of the students still had bruises and cuts on their faces. Neville was still walking around with a limp, but was smiling all the same. Harry couldn't believe that just a week ago, there had been a war just a few meters away. During that week, Harry had made a visit to Dumbledore's office to have a good talk. Although, Harry felt it was unnecessary, he went out of respect. The minute that he and the other 3 had got back into the common room, they all went to a corner and talked for hours. Harry let out everything he was feeling, and had finally convinced them that he felt nothing but relief. He knew that Voldemort was not coming back. The Auror's had all shaken Harry's hand, given him back the sword and taken the body to a "secure location".

Harry came back to the present and looked down the table. He smiled. They wouldn't be in danger from him again.


Harry looked at Hogwarts disappear into the distance. Melody slapped him in the chest with the back of her hand, making him jump. She smiled.

"Sorry. You just looked too sad that's all. First time in a week." She said. Harry smiled and shook his head slightly.

"Nah, just thinking. I'm always like this when I have to leave." He said. Melody nodded understandingly and looked over at Ron and Hermione, who were cuddling. Melody smiled and raised her voice.

"Ugh, don't couples just make you wanna vomit?" she said, trying not to laugh. Harry smiled, catching on.

"Yeah, I know. You just wanna tell them to get a room!" he said. Ron glared at them.

"Well excuse us if were totally in love. Maybe you two should worry about your own romantic selves." He said, raising and eyebrow. Melody snorted.

"What are you insinuating Weasley?" she said, also raising an eyebrow in mock concern. Hermione laughed.

"I think you know what he's on about." She said. Melody snorted again and sat back in her seat, pulling out a book. Harry looked at her, then at Ron, who was looking at him meaningfully. Harry glared at him, making him smile and turn back to Hermione. Harry looked back at Melody. He hadn't thought about her in "that way" since Ron had brought it up in the library. Harry liked her. She was a very good friend. She had been very supportive through the past week, and Harry was glad for her presence. He tried looking at her from another point of view. Yes, she was pretty. But that's not everything. Harry shook his head and went back to staring out the window, deciding to concentrate on it later.


The train pulled into London before Harry knew it. He sighed, picked up Hedwig in her cage and made his way out of the compartment, into the corridor and off the train. When he got back into the muggle world, the first people he saw were the Weasley's. Mrs. Weasley was coming over to them, waving her arms excitedly.

"Oh Ron, it's so good to see you again sweetheart!" she pulled him into a hug. Ron was patting her on the back.

"It's ok mum." He said. Mrs. Weasley had been at the castle the morning after the war. She had fussed over mostly everyone, making sure they were ok. Mrs. Weasley hugged everyone before hurrying off to find Ginny. Harry smiled and went to talk to Mr. Weasley.

"Welcome back son. Have a good week?" he asked jokingly. Ron laughed.

"Yeah, not too bad." Mr. Weasley tapped him on the back. He turned to Harry.

"How about you? You ok?" he asked. Harry smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm good." He said.

Harry spoke to The Weasley's for a while, before he left Ron with his family for a while and went to talk to Hermione and Melody, who's parents weren't there yet.

"Hey. You two have a good summer ok?" he said. Hermione nodded and hugged him.

"Yes, you too. Look after yourself ok?" she said in a bossy tone. Harry rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Ill try, but I can't promise anything." She smiled and walked over to see Ron, leaving Harry with Melody. He suddenly felt nervous.

"Er, well, what time are you expecting your parents?" he asked. Melody checked her watch.

"In about 10 minutes." Harry nodded and looked around. He saw his Uncle and Aunt standing a fair distance away from everyone else. He sighed and turned back to Melody.

"Well, that's my cue." He said. Melody looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"Yeah, definitely. But listen, don't let them get you down this summer ok? I mean, you deserve a bloody holiday." She said, half laughing. Harry smiled. She reached up and hugged him. They stayed like that for a few moments, before Harry pulled back. He pushed his glasses up his nose.

"Ill see you over the summer hopefully." He said. She nodded

"Of course." He smiled and turned to leave, but he turned back and kissed her on the cheek. He looked down at her and smiled. She grinned back.

"See you later Melody." He said. Melody laughed at he turned and walked away.

"See you later Potter!" she called. He smiled without turning around and walked over to his Aunt and Uncle.

Melody stood there and watched him leave. Ron and Hermione came up behind her. Ron laughed.

"I can't believe it! He just saved the world again, and he's going to a home that doesn't even understand what he's done." He said. Hermione and Melody nodded. They watched him get in the car. As Harry slept that night, he had no idea that for the second time in two decades, wizards and witches everywhere were once again raising their glasses "To Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived."


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