{A/n: I made up the email address and the questions. That's it for the disclaimer thingamajig.}

*On a random day, Bowser goes into his room to use the PC. He checks his inbox and spots an email from some person he doesn't know... or does he? The sender's email address is "n10do_n_animA_otaku@hotmail.com", which puzzled Bowser. How did this person get ahold of Bowser's email address and who is this "n10do_n_animA_otaku"? The subject line of the email read "Take this mondo-kewl email survey!!! XD". Bowser opened the email and decided to fill it out, since he had nothing else to do.*

SUBJECT: Take this mondo-kewl email survey!!! XD
FROM: n10do_n_animA_otaku@hotmail.com (Unknown)
TO: Ruler_of_the_Koopas@hotmail.com (Bowser)

Fill out this survey with yer own answers, then send this to all of yer friends (including to the person who sent this to ya!) It's mondo kewl, cuz you'll get ta learn more about yer friends! Sometimes, the stuff will be so funny! XD

What is yer name?: Bowser

Where do you live?: In my Keep on Vista Hill

I can see yer Keep from my bedroom window! =P: I'm not too happy about you defeating me!

What is yer zodiac sign?: Leo

I'm a Taurus! ^_^: Good for you (idiot)

When's yer b-day?: August 22

My b-day's on May 13th!: So what?

Do ya think that I'm Mario? =P: I'LL GET YA FER THIS!!! =(

Do ya use emoticons?: I just did (^See above, ya stupid plumber)

Are ya in love with Princess Peach?: What makes you think that? *Turns slightly red*

Why do you always kidnap her if yer not?: She stole my "Balloon Fight" game once, so I've been kidnapping her to get it back ever since!

I think ya should stop being a villain and turn good.: Hey, that time when we had ta fight Smithy wasn't for real! I was being good so that I can get you to help me get my Keep back!

"Hey" is for horses XD: WHY YOU LITTLE!!! =(

If ya got turned into a Pokémon, what would you be?: Something tough, like a Donphan.

I'd be a Kabigon! ^_^: Never heard of that.

"Kabigon" is Japanese for: For what?

Oops. I accidently hit "Return". Sorry 'bout that!: Ok, now tell me what "Kabigon" means!

Can yer PC show Hyrulian characters?: How should I know?! I never visited a Hyrulian web site!


Did it show?: NO!!!!

Knock-knock!: Who's there?

Itza: Itza who? (Can't believe I'm doing this --')

It's-a me, Mario!: YARGH!!! =(

Like my joke?: Hardy har har (Annoying plumber)

I'm so funny! I even crack myself up! XD: STOP TORMENTING ME!!!

Is that yer final answer?: *Bangs head against the monitor*

Who's zee mole?: YOU ARE!!!

Apple core!: Baltimore!

Who's yer friend?: You! =)

*Throws the apple core at whoever you said was yer friend*: Hahahaha!!! Dumb plumber! XD

Darn! Almost the end of the survey!: It's about time!

By the way, I'm not Mario: Oh? Then who are you?

I'm: TELL ME!!!

Oops. Hit the "Return" key again: TELL ME!!!

It's-a me, Mallow! XD: *Does animé-style faint*

Wasn't that fun?: Argh! X_X I'll get ya fer that!!!